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Thread: "failed to initialize the screen" chen clicking "quest"

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    "failed to initialize the screen" chen clicking "quest"

    since yesterday i cant do any quests, cause in get this error everytime. i reloaded the page several times, nothing helped. i just wanna do the event tho :/

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    I had that problem too, for a bit. Clear your browser's cache. You might have to close the browser window afterwards in order to clear out the cache entirely.

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    Had the same problem. As soon as I sent a ticket, I noticed in the news tab an explanation of what to do. So if clearing your cache doesn't work, contact nutaku, and let them know.
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    I contacted them and explained in great detail everything that I did to try to resolve the issue. They replied with exactly the steps I already told them I tried. What finally worked for me is switching to an entirely new browser. Not what I'd consider a permanent solution, because we all have our favorite browsers for perfectly valid reasons. I'm not going to miss an event just to stand on principle, though.

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