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Thread: Tournament Season 3

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    Tournament Season 3

    Back-to-back tournament. I was not expecting this. My deck is not ready! I wanted to take some time to fill my 7 drop hole and better handle my low end curve...

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    Talking A funny battle xD

    At the start of the match I was sure that I will lost this match... However

    Lost by empty deck :P

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    these event are very unfair to free player give us some time to lv up our cards, some card are broken with unfair skill, and most of battles are lost after that a player pull out 2 o more card with over 1600++ in field or pull out one of these 2800 before the other player

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    I know of several free players who were in the top 30 of the last 2 tournaments. One of them was in the top 10 of the last one. Either you started late or you made mistakes in stam consumption or building and leveling your cards. Or procedural mistakes during matches.

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    There is probably less competition after a tournament with the same prizes just ended. I know I won't be competing in this one.

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    I just lost a battle to a new player because I kept drawing trap after trap right from the start.

    There is something both terrifying and amazing when the game gives you three Ex-Invites, a Banish, a Kira, and a Book, and then follows it up with 2 Invites and 2 Dodges, in that order.

    It's as if the game is taunting me.

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    No I think the game is just saying you have too many non-creatures in your deck. Real taunting is when you never draw something on-curve for 5 turns straight. "Oh a 5 drop that I needed 2 turns ago..."

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    For those John Doe (AKA unregistered users) that are whining about the game balance... Yeah the game is a little bit unbalanced betwen players that use real money and free players, however most of those players have a high RP so you will play against theirs a few match (unless you press play and dont cancel it in a few seconds...). About the 1600++ cards... Of course that players have ultra mega super delicius SSR cards... But you can defeat thouse cards with 2 of your normal cards most of time if your medium cards are leveled... Level a HR or R card is easy... Just dont level only your super cards (like I did xDDDD) and focus on your low and medium card to start the match with advantage, if you can control the game in the turns 2-6, you can win over SR and SSR cards later... Well... Not always, but most of times...

    I started leveling only my super cards, using lots of traps, excluding cards like Okita or Asuka from my deck because I tought that cards were garbage... Then I see the deck of Nostrand and his/her comments in the other post... I changed my whole deck and I started to level my "garbage cards" and by using more atacking cards and less defensive cards, traps, spells... Since then I started to win matches... At the first tournament I only reach the top 1000, and in the second I reached the top 100 only by doing those little changes in my deck.

    PS: Sorry for my poor english :P

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    It costs 40k exp to get a N to max level. 60k exp to get an R there. 80k to get an HR there. 110k to get an SR there. 140k to get an SSR there. For the cost of one level 100 UR beeftank, you can have 4 max level 5/6/7s. 2 of them will take out that SSR unless it's Flora. I started during the first week the game existed, so I took somewhat of a balanced approach to what I was leveling. If you're starting late, you should heavily prioritize finding out which Ns are strong at 4/5/6 and maxing them. For your reference, these are probably where I'd start to catch up:

    4: Minette(1000/1000), Claudia(1050/1100)
    5: Sara(1300/850), Mai(1300/1200)
    6: Jill(1550/1100), Rebecca(1550/1400)

    Of note, there are no bigger 4s than Claudia until HR rarity, where there's 4 1150s. Sara and Mai are only 50 smaller than the rare Chao and 100 smaller than the HR Sabine. Jill and Rebecca are 50 smaller than the rare Okita/Asuka. Bear in mind that you're getting these sizes with a savings of 20k exp over their rare counterparts and at literally half the exp of their HR counterparts. This means you can max 3 girls for the cost of 2. Once you've got a full stable of Ns, you'll be able to beat any new player and a bunch of older players who have built their deck poorly or who draw badly. It's certainly wasteful having to pour exp into girls that you won't be using forever, but you make up for that waste by being driven ahead of the curve for time played and the benefits of winning more earlier.

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    Poet Fiore is a good 4-card too ^^.

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