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  1. New game announced: Girls Kingdom
  2. Kingdom Overview
  3. Tips for success
  4. What do you think of this game ??
  5. First Event: Battle Feaver - The Legendary Archer
  6. New player created, sole purpose is to lose
  7. Favourite girl
  8. Unlocking romance scenes
  9. Awesome/Hilarious Moments in Battle
  10. Tips for Specific Story Maps
  11. List of titles (ranking)?
  12. Just wondering... how many other women are playing this game (lol)
  13. How to rotate walls
  14. Do I need to win a defense to get stone drops?
  15. [Event] Flirt with Hiiragi 6/11/2015
  16. Skills no longer working after even update on 11-11?
  17. Battlefield Gambler Event
  18. Replay video sharing and discussion
  19. Show off your base!
  20. Poll: Optimal browser for playing Girls Kingdom
  21. Daily quests!
  22. Reacquiring a lost heroine
  23. (Poll) Girls Kingdom: Which heroines' sealed stones do you want the most?
  24. Salome Not Being A Heroine
  25. What's your strategy for taking down dragons?
  26. Versus Mode Opponents Selection
  27. Heroine "Thea?"
  28. Very Basic Tips for Girls Kingdom beginners
  29. When Is It Worthy To "Strengthen Special Move" Of A Heroine?
  30. December 18th 2015 Event
  31. [SPOILER ALERT] X-Mas Event: NEW Heroines
  32. Need some suggestion to get 3 star on the last event challenge stage
  33. Question about Heroines that had events to get H Scenes
  34. Heroines Level 50+?
  35. Help my please
  36. [X-Mas event ongoing!] Notice: Discussion
  37. [New Year, New Event!] 2016 TRIPLE Event: Discussion
  38. Locating defenders: Naming conventions for announcing defenders with walls
  39. What is the rate of getting attack by other player?
  40. News and Speculation
  41. Should they lower the cost for diva?
  42. Logging problems!
  43. Talisman for Production Increase
  44. [Sudden Quests] "A Dangerous Gift" & "Daily Quest Switch" Events: Discussion
  45. Zappers and their impact on metagame
  46. Why I'm (semi-)quitting Girls Kingdom
  47. Seal Gem/Stone Farming Guide?
  48. Valentines Event
  49. Poll: Selling individual heroines in the Girls Kingdom cash shop
  50. "150,000 Players Campaign" & "Daughter of the White Fox" Events discussion
  51. Girls Kingdom Official Chat on Discord
  52. Quest Progress?
  53. Girls Kingdom - Changing item names!
  54. Can someone explain this base to me...
  55. Login Error
  56. Censorship in Girls Kingdom and other Nutaku eroge
  57. Incessant Crashing
  58. New Event - Nine Tailed Witch - What's the scoop?
  59. Log-In Bonus?
  60. The Convoy Commander
  61. Not having any Defensive battles is ruining this for me
  62. Chief Information Officer Event and Premium Summon Sharing
  63. I seem to be missing my log-in bonus today... Just me?
  64. I beat all challenges and got no new heroine?
  65. Updated In-game Help
  66. So they extend the event but not the limited or special ticket expiration date?
  67. So redesigned my base as the event is winding down....
  68. black map
  69. The fortress of the vampire
  70. My unit limit is now 60?!?!?!?
  71. How to get 3 Organization team?
  72. General Battle Knowledge
  73. Battle Points? What is this?
  74. Grrrrr!!! How many times am I going to get Bridget from a Special Roll????
  75. Defense Base
  76. App not installed.
  77. melo stones is it a heroin?
  78. Bigger play window?
  79. Heart on main window?
  80. its been a month but still NO ONE'S TRY TO ATTACK MY BASE! WHY
  81. What Heroines can kill DM's?
  82. Key for papecoma hotel?
  83. How to raise level cap?
  84. Dragon Maids are unhealthy for the game as defensive units
  85. Say goodbye for a while to silver and bronze?
  86. the commander of Military Band (event)
  87. Are "Love" H-scenes removed from the game?
  88. Ex and Es?
  89. Caster units?
  90. A sneak peek at new girls?
  91. Cutie assembled from shards gathered from defensive battles
  92. Reliable way to level up heroines?
  93. So anything new on "Awakening"
  94. Casters?
  95. Defense base suggestions
  96. Afterschool Mercenary" & "The Supreme Conjurer Revisit" event discussion
  97. Your lineup and why?
  98. Laggy and/or crashing
  99. Preferred Fever Base
  100. Share you "Gacha Madness" draws
  101. The Supreme Conjurer Revisited
  102. Did they change quest not to reset daily now?
  103. Crash then Black screen after the Now Loading screen.
  104. How does Immediate Spare Papecoma work?
  105. How to poison?
  106. Game Crash After Update 6/13
  107. Limited Tickets
  108. Game freezes at tutorial
  109. Nutaku (Quietly) Announces that GK is completely broken
  110. Is there any competetive aspect to this game?
  111. Freeze on shylock story??
  112. Impregnable Fortress V
  113. where would one go to make suggestion to them?
  114. Broken rewards?
  116. H-scene collection
  117. Girls Kingdom is under new management
  118. Why is server down?
  119. OMG devs live!
  120. Summer Sale Event
  121. Whim gacha broken (you got X)
  122. Is there a point in playing Girls Kingdom?
  123. New heros?
  124. Where are my heroes?
  125. Girls Kingdom archival attempt
  126. Important, be quick for the h scenes (all accessible now)
  127. How to defend against Thea?
  128. The Lords Fox (Defensive Battle)
  129. Scumtaku, wtf?
  130. Zappers nerf
  131. Is Versus oponent change cost bugged or not?
  132. A fail or intentional flaw?
  133. is Evelyn and Lion in game?
  134. Summoning sucks.
  135. This page is severely lacking.
  136. Bug or hack??? Judge it for yourself!!
  137. New casters get range buff, Sakura's range still nerfed
  138. Gatcha renovated, updated drop tables now available in Help section
  140. Is there japanese wiki for this game?
  141. Halloween is near
  142. Cannot connect to the games
  143. question about limited and special gacha
  144. contents of each difficulty?
  145. New Heroes!
  146. New Heroes!
  147. A dangerous gift (EVENT)
  148. Builders retirement party
  149. Editing Wiki page
  150. What's going on?
  151. Newbie here
  152. Reset account
  153. Knights Are Missing?
  154. Archival Attempt: Girls Kingdom
  155. There is no shop button
  156. Shutdown?