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  1. Harem Heroes
  2. What about a HaremHeroes subforum?
  3. Rename Harem Heroes in honor of fallen hero Harambe
  4. Recruiting talents: illustrators, scenarists, colorists... and more ;)
  5. Equipment stats requests
  6. Interest Levels - what future parodies would you be interested in?
  7. Not a native english speaker? Help us translate into your language ;).
  8. Help us solve this mistery ;)
  9. Equipment Ideas
  10. Girls from battles and more
  11. How do you get girl drops from NPC harem battles?
  12. Your Favorite Girl [Spoiler]
  13. Game not have sound in chrome browser.
  14. Can't advance story in "Fight the Evil Troll"
  15. An update monday 05th of september?
  16. Harem Heroes - Good Game or Bust?
  17. what anime girls have you so far seen :P?
  18. Tower of fame > bugs & comments
  19. Tower of Fame
  20. Tower of Fame item bug
  21. Tower of Fame name searching
  22. [Question] About Jennie
  23. Tower of Fame Questions
  24. Is game bugged or working as intended?
  25. [Suggestion] Tips
  26. What do you think of girls "affection quests" visuals ?
  27. cant load the game in chrome
  28. requirements to open lvlv 4
  29. World 4 is cuming
  30. Best Girls [Power Based]
  31. What would you like to see on the wiki?
  32. World 4 Boss
  33. Rebalance girl drops OR exp
  34. Forgotten Strength
  35. great pachinko loot pool
  36. Energy and stamina per level
  37. gruntt from the invaded kingdom drops any girls?
  38. shadow screen
  39. Can't load the game properly
  40. How to close it?
  41. A request of Kinkoid
  42. Probably soon a new member in the team ;)
  43. Suggestion: Making farming the girls more fun
  44. Big update > daily missions, earn more Xp and free kobans ;)
  45. Suggestion: Set girl we want to see in Harem.
  46. Suggestion: Superior H Scenes (Endgame content)
  47. XP bug during Daily Missions.
  48. Suggestion: Boss Battle cost 1 instead of 2
  49. [Event] Halloween
  50. Suggestion: farm money button & more use for energy
  51. Next big update: early november World 5 ;)
  52. Silly question
  53. je n'arrive pas a jouer a harem heroes
  54. Poll: which girls you'd like to see in "special version" for Xmas ?
  55. anyone else notice a weird price typo?
  56. Small suggestions.
  57. A question to Nutaku Team if possible.
  58. Equipment sets
  59. Suggestion: Increase likelihood of Kobans in daily missions
  60. HH's team philosphy, 4months of activity + new member
  61. What manga are you currently reading?
  62. Daily Mission Exploit
  63. Black Friday Promo!
  64. Can girls drop from the bosses before you have cleared the world?
  65. Special Mission: Make Discord great ;)
  66. Player level capped? Or no?
  67. F.A.Q
  68. Christmas release
  69. Your favorite Harem babe?
  70. Bought a 10x normal pachinko and got nothing?
  71. is christmas bunny or regular bunny better?
  72. reviewing scenes
  73. Girl Drop Rates are Waaaayy too Low
  74. Merry Xmas
  75. harem heors
  76. Discord QA Session
  77. Announcements from Discord QA Session
  78. The virgin of the ocean - girl has two mouths
  79. What kind of new events would you like to see?
  80. How do I change "my avatars" picture ?
  81. 2 bugs found
  82. Clans in Harem Heroes
  83. Reservation Certificate Cost
  84. Extra Harem Girl From Ninja Village
  85. Raise lvl cap
  86. Can we get a sell all button or something?