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Thread: contents of each difficulty?

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    contents of each difficulty?

    What are the contents of each difficulty of the event defensive battles?

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    The Bound Manuscript:
    10x Carmella (Witch)
    10x Nano (Soldier)

    A Personal Report:
    10x Jasmine (Artillery)
    8x Carmella (Witch)

    Above All Else, XP:
    8x Dana (Witch)
    10x Shelley (Witch)
    10x Noel (Witch)
    10x Petra (Witch)
    8x Carmella (Witch)

    I haven't done the rest yet, but I'd expect them to be similar. Make sure your defensive units can hit aerial opponents!

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    The second last has a bunch of ninjas that chew up your base long before your defense base launches its troops.
    The last difficulty has a zapper rush, much like the last even that had major balance issues.

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    As has been the case in past defensive battle events, the top level is nearly impossible for even the highest level players to beat.

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    The zapper rush is probably impossible since they'll chew through any defender you can throw at them and carve through high-level walls. The ninja rush is doable with the right setup.

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