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Thread: Builders retirement party

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    Builders retirement party

    A little over a year ago (11/29/15) I started this game. This morning my builders are both green, with nothing left for them to build except fences. All buildings have been upgraded to the maximum levels. My player lvl has been at 100 for some time now.

    And I'm still waiting for my first non-event defensive battle.

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    fences take much more gold than all the other bulding together
    the thing i have find out is
    if you donĀ“t attack any for a while you rank will drop ( idk if u can call it rank but the base offered to u, will be low lv ones)
    then some people with low lv unit will suicide on your lv 10 towers or try pilage u gold, if u lose with them 2 o 3 times it seen that u get out of his range again and nobody will attack you for a while until you have attack other people
    yeah i been lasy for some time and sometimes i have 4-6 def battle 1 day and so nothing for several days

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    lol I just watch replay sometimes and build stuff.. I get attacked 1-3 times per day, still far from finished tho~

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    Let's be clear here. I'm not saying I "don't get attacked very often" or have dry spells. I'm saying that I've had none at all, as in absolute zero, in over a year. I've been involved in several past discussion threads on this topic and have tried a number of things to attract attackers - setting my treasures and mana storage out where they're easily farmable (which is where they've been most of the last year), having a secretary that people will attack for the chance at a stone drop, and on occasion I've moved my castle out where it would be an easy 1-star. None of it made any difference, and to this day I am still waiting for my very first ever defensive battle. The only reasonable conclusion from this is that the matchmaking algorithm is screwed up such that some players' bases are never offered.

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    i still got to upgrade some buildings to lvl 10.
    Lol, checked defensive rewards and suddenly it collect sufficient stones for story dragon maiden.
    Builders retirement party-screenshot-672.jpg

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