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Thread: A 2 star Prayer Gatcha Girl

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    A 2 star Prayer Gatcha Girl

    I used my daily Prayer points on the gatcha and I saw the same old copies, when all of a sudden I saw a new girl. When I clicked on her, it said her name was Moora and that she is a two star gatcha girl. Is she meant to be in the Prayer gatcha or am I really lucky? She doesn't even seem to be a listed girl on the wiki. She's a wind type who is holding a grimoire.

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    I have no idea who she is but with you can find her here using her pic
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    They added a lot of 2* degenerates (no hentai scene, no evolution) to prayer gatcha recently.

    Just from two 1,000 point plays I got Riana, Moora, Rebecca, Crosse, Lellouche, and Marissa.

    All of them are useless and would be executed on sight if I was in charge.

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    yeah the wiki is missing a lot of units,
    the "filler" girls they added in game aren't particularly good.
    just horde those pray points
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