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Thread: Team help

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    Team help

    Heya~ I'm new to the game{lvl26} and need some help with a for now team{mono element etc. is imposible atm so yea}

    Atm I'm rolling with: Eve{Lead}, Cassis, Lyric, Mio, Keane

    My note worthy girls:



    If more information is needed let me know~
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    Not familiar with Amellia or Lyric, and if I'm remembering right, Misty is that noblewoman archer (Thunder) and Nabari is a ninja (Wind)

    With those in mind, I would utilize
    Mio: one of the highest magic stats in the game, and IIRC she has a hit-all skill
    Nabari: super fast means she'll go first + skills that hit multiple targets and she can save your team a lot of MP by killing the weak trash mobs in one go (granted her damage may take a while to get to that point)
    Eve: Physical powerhouse, primarily single target damage, may want to use Awakening to change one of her single-target skills to a hit-all or hit-front-line

    Need more info on Lyric and Amellia to determine whether they're worth using over Cassis and the 4*s. Keane is a fire type and rather mediocre for a 5* IIRC, wouldn't use unless both Amellia and Lyric are fire as well. Yuuri take a pass on as well, she's weak and her skill set isn't great.

    right now, under the assumption Lyric and Amellia aren't great, I'd use Cassis and Miyuna as 4th and 5th, use Misty as your lead (to buff herself and Miyuna, Eve would only buff herself since Cassis is magic-based and Eve only boosts physical damage). Give me more info on Lyric and Amellia and I might change my mind on this

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    Thanks for the help~
    I went with a more Dark oriented team, I just pulled a Jill and I use Eve Friends.

    Lyric seems to be quite good, she has a Super Boost single ally's energy attack skill.
    Japanese wiki: https://translate.googleusercontent....Ix_Y-5SLl3Xfkg

    Miyuna has a Def and Atk raise Line 1 and a Front line attack

    My Cassis has a front and Back line ''energy'' attack, and a Boost resist All buff skill

    But yea Cassis is a physical dark so thats pretty neat hence why I'm rolling a partly Dark team right now sinds Eve, Cassis, Jill +Friend Eve.

    Maybe run Lyric{energy Super boost} and Miyuna{atk/def buff} with those?
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    If you're looking for a Dark-based team, then Eve, Cassis and Jill are no-brainers, as you already said. With them I'd probably use Lyric and Mio, because Mio's nuking is better for wave-clearing than Miyuna's buffing. Buffs aren't that great from my experience, they generally are useful only against bosses and wave-nuking to get to those bosses saves you more continue tickets/monitoring to heal than buffing against said bosses, plus Mio is one of the strongest nukers while Miyuna is weaker (4* vs one of the strongest magic 5*s)

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