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Thread: Harem Power Ratings (aka The Harem Guesser) by Cor'e =)

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    Harem Power Ratings (aka The Harem Guesser) by Cor'e =)

    Hi all, v 1.0.0 12/17/2016 by Cor'e =)

    I'm now presenting to this forum's community one of my self-created Hitsuji Chronicles Harem MS Excel WorkBooks, or as I like to call this: The Harem Guesser.

    It will sort and give projections of the best choice of Girls to use in various types of Quests, completely based on your data that you can enter in the included 'Blank' worksheet columns - see how in 'Example' worksheet included (contains ~180 Girls).

    Please find three worksheets contained in this workbook, one labelled "Blank", one labelled "Example", and instructions & help in the one labelled "Comments".

    Note: You will need Excel Macros 'enabled' to use the sort table feature that executes by double-clicking on column headers. (To do this: Go to the Office Button>Excel Options>Trust Center>Trust Center Options>Macro Settings>Enable All Macros.)
    v1.0.0 Cheers,
    Cor'e =)

    Harem Power Ratings (aka The Harem Guesser) by Cor'e  =)-example.png

    PS The zip is split into two parts because this forum has a file upload restriction of super tiny. ! And, i recommend using 7-zip if your Windows OS cannot unzip it easily.
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    it say archive damaged, cannot unzip even with 7-z

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    Thank you Gigantosaurus, try now! =)
    Checkout the Harem Guesser! =)
    Checkout the Harem Girls Best Dressed Contest! =)

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    Work Flawlessy now

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