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Thread: Friend Invite List

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    Talking Hitsuji Chronicle: Holy Friends

    Hi all, I have put daily activity into Hitsuji Chronicle over 200+ days, so...

    I'm at a point that I've decided to open my account's 40 friend slots to those interested players who can workout doing Prayer Points everyday (or nearly) and/or those whose new account(s) need both the PP and some heavy hitting girl(s) in their friend slot(s).

    And, I really don't require you to choose who your leaders be day-to-day, just login and send/receive PP etc. often, and have some fun playing HC... Core 2892103 =)

    Update: During events i'll need to restrict my Stamina, so I'm kicking those players that have been inactive for days, and also, those who don't send out PP to friends, which is odd. If you get kicked, please feel free to re-request Holy Friendship anytime, after events i'll re-add you!

    PS Post on Wiki too!
    Comments for Hitsuji Chronicle: Looking for Friends.
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    Priest lvl 26

    Just started playing a few days ago. ive been using the stupid lvl 1 yuuri all this time lol she gets one shot in every quest mission. ive been active everyday since I started and i'm looking for active players. I used to play brave frontier so im familiar with the prayer points and friend gifting.

    my ID 5944692

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    4573611, play daily... Need Friends. Pleeeasee.

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    Update Guest

    need players

    I have a number of inactive players and dropping back to see if anyone need an active player has well


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    Kashell Guest
    just started playing a few days ago looking for friends ID# 6259056

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    Feb 2017
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    Friend Code

    Here is my friend code: 6443986

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    randomgirl Guest

    Red face Friend

    My code - 6586415

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