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Thread: The Grand Templar FAQ and Compendium

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    Question : how can you reach the area 7 of the map? I only see 4 and no scrolling whatsoever.Tks
    thanks for reminding me I forgot to name those correctly
    there are only 4 regions, I may have had you confused by my incorrect naming of "World-Area-Encounter"
    I've updated this to the correct "Region-Dungeon-Battle"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lus75 View Post
    Sleep: 4(phys)10(Mag); Sleeping chars do nothing,(no moves or defends) Phys attacks will wake up sleepers and deal 1.5X dmg to them, Mag attacks do neither.
    This isn't entirely accurate. Sleeping targets take 50% more damage from all sources, including magic, and magic doesn't wake them up. Which on your scale of usefulness would put Sleep at about a 15 for magic based parties instead of 10, since it's basically like paralyze but with much more damage done.

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    Thank you for the FAQ! I'm sure it has helped many players. I wanted to add two things:

    1) That you cannot re-buff your own party's effects until they expire, specifically Gradual Heal and Attack Up I know for sure. The only exception I can think of is it may work if the re-buff is a higher level than the current buff.

    2) Similar to the possible exception I stated in 1), a stronger effect will replace a weaker one, but I have not witnessed the reverse (which is good), so not all effects are the same strength or cause the same % of damage per turn as each other, for example Poison attack skills verses Poison attack weapons.

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