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Thread: The Grand Templar FAQ and Compendium

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    Post The Hitsuji FAQ and Compendium

    3/28 update is live; more suggestions please!
    This FAQ is a W.I.P. and is in no way complete.

    TABLE OF CONTENTS (ctrl+F to your destination)

    (S.1)Forewarning and JP Wiki
    (S.2)Missing From JP to EN
    (S.3)Beginner Tips
    (S.5)Fruit and Evolution
    (S.6)Girls and Gacha
    (S.7)Awakening and Skills

    (S.1)Forewarning and JP Wiki

    I will not be answering any questions or recommending anything that is based upon RNG luck; only the specifics, strats, numbers and %s
    For example, though I may be able to put together a team of 5*s that all have some sort of Paralysis effect and beat the pants off any boss without them even taking a turn; you may not be able to.

    While reading, simply keep in mind you WILL experience RNG variation; how YOU play is ultimately decided by YOU.

    I can read JP or use a good translator, Why do I need this FAQ?/Wiki
    -Release statuses, strat related to those statuses, localization F'ups and general newbie help; as well many tips on things JP players just
    didn't need to talk about because either they have a full game or because it's a normal gameplay element in JP, but not for anyone else.
    -If that still didn't keep your attention, here's the JP Wiki: http://gwiki.jp/sheep

    (S.2)Missing From JP to EN

    -Girls: Many girls just simply aren't in the game for us to use yet, Rita, Mina, Rifulue and Mikoto are just the beginning
    -Regions: Currently we have a total of 4 maps, while JP has 6.
    -Village: Currently a "Village Upgrade" building is un-implemented, same as JP.
    -Signature Skills: Many 5*s have a skill that only they can have. Not implemented fully

    (S.3)Beginner Tips

    How can I make the game run faster?
    -1. Turn off Sound Effects(SE) in the options menu.
    3. Turn off Effects in the options menu.
    4. Adjust your quality settings(each time you reload, doesn't save.) from the right click menu.
    5. (unconfirmed aside from myself)Make sure your resolution allows you to see the "Recommended Games" to the right of the game.

    Are Healer-class units important?
    -Healer-class units sit on gradual decline of importance; at the beginning of the game, not having a dedicated Healer/After-battle-regenerator(Leader Skill) could be a large problem for you in the longer dungeons and may force you to grind for much longer then you would otherwise.
    Towards the later lvls(50+) however, their importance becomes much more based on your team composition/lvl; If your team is strong enough in proportion to the area you're completing, you may not even need one.

    I didn't get a healer out of my opening rolls, where can I find a Heal?
    -Grab some 1*s through capture or prayer.
    Gina is in 1-3-1 and drop-able if you want a "right-out-of-the-box" heal./Head to the Awakening Camp and try to roll a heal on a girl you like.(ANY girl can roll a healing spell, though very difficult for non-mages. more on this in Awakening.)

    What's "1-3-5"?/-EX?
    -Region-Dungeon-Battle, so no one has to type a paragraph just to tell you where they went.
    All single attribute dungeons end at 4 encounters for Map 1 and 5 encounters for map 2 and above, rainbows at 5 and 6 respectively.
    -EX encompasses anything past an "Extra Dungeon Appears" marker.
    This continues as such for each marker: Ex. 1-7-6-EX's final 4 fights are called 1-7-6-EX5

    Can I sell/identify things quicker?
    -Select All, little checkbox to the top-left of the shop window.

    Why doesn't my Magic affect my Energy-based skills?
    -In Hitsuji, "Energy" is a badly translated way of saying "Physical", so it scales with your Attack stat, not Magic.

    Can I have more then one effect/buff/debuff on myself/an enemy at a time?
    -For buffs/debuffs, yes. for status effects(including Gradual Healing), no.
    Furthermore, a buff/debuff that directly opposes a buff/debuff (Ex. Casting Atk Down on an enemy that is buffed with an Atk Up) will cancel out both causing normal stats with neither being in the status bar.

    How long does each effect/ailment last?
    -All effects, on friend or foe; from a friendly Tatiana Gradual Heal, to a helpful buff, all the way to dreaded Paralysis, lasts 3 of that
    character's turns. Certain effects take priority over others or have the same priority; info on this is lacking however.
    Note: You CAN reset an effect's lifespan while the effect is still active, The only way to verify this is to have an enemy gain a buff/debuff after the effect is gained; the effect will then move towards the right on their status bar if successful.

    Why aren't I selling NEARLY as many items as I obtain?
    -There can be 2 reasons for this, A. You pick up A TONNE of potions. OR B. Check for multiple pages, Select All only selects the current page
    (# of items per page max is 50)

    What do the Metal/C Slimes(Tororin) do?
    -Metal Slimes give 1000 Girl EXP for each kill and C Slimes give 3k coins for each kill.

    How do I use my Consumable items?
    -Not in battle sadly. By adding them to your item slots before a dungeon run you can use them during camp scenes.
    Camp scenes are randomly generated most of the time, however certain boss fights and most event dungeons will be scripted.
    Auto-battle will skip camp scenes.

    Do the login bonuses reset at the end of your card?

    What exactly is on the login bonus card?
    -6 Coins (5k, 10k and 20k)
    6 Prayer Points (200 Each)
    6 Continue Tickets
    6 Revival Meds
    3 2* Gacha Tickets
    3 Stamina Pots

    How do I see a girl's Injured picture?
    -Click on the girl's picture in the plaza. if you've seen the injured picture; it will change to it.

    What are Signature Skills?
    -The used localization would actually be "Characteristic Skills"
    They are skills that are unique to a certain 5* and come in a variety of flavors.
    (such as Heal+Def Up or attacks that hit more then once/have an enormous (800) power stat.)


    What's the point of friends?("Holy Friends" under Settings)/When do daily resets occur?
    -You must take 1 Friend's leader with you per dungeon(Their leader skill is applied), the slot used for this is reserved for Friends, so you'll be
    stuck with a lvl 1 Yuuri in your party forever otherwise. You can also send and receive gifts each day to/from Friends.
    -(Eastern Standard Time, -5 UTC) Dungeon Organization resets at 10-11 AM, Gifts reset at 3-4 PM; depending on Daylight Savings.

    How do I change the girl my friends get from me?
    -The girl your friends get from you will always be the leader of your 1st party.
    Also, try to keep any current event boosters here; you'll be much more likely to make/keep friends this way.

    Should I send gifts? Won't I lose my stuff?
    No, It's well hidden among the game's own help page, but sending gifts has no effect on your inventory.

    Why do people only send Prayer Points?
    -Currently Coins are useless and potions are so common they aren't worth gifting, Prayer Points at least offer an assured future use.
    (Whenever girls get added to Prayer Gacha)

    How many Friends should I have?
    -Up to you; if your list feels good, all the power to you. If some friends are lagging behind/not using the right leader/going offline for days,
    it may be time for a clean-up.

    (S.5)Fruit and Evolution

    Why won't (X type, Y size) fruit drop?
    -Make sure your in the right attribute dungeon. (Rainbow dungeon a.k.a. 7th, doesn't have rams)
    If your looking for regular fruit, Map 1.(Around Nanashi Village)
    For Lord or above, Map 2 or 4.
    In all cases, go for the final mission/EX for maximum farm potential.
    On a side note, Map 3 does not improve appearance rates
    BUT the second last fight of each map 4 dungeon(8/9 for ex.) are an almost guaranteed ram appearance.

    Are the Barometz Special Dungeons Worth it?/Whats the difference between Normal and Intermediate?
    -Not unless you REALLY have stamina to burn. You'll get 1-2 more fruits/run but EXP is extremely low, drops are high-lvl but low quality.
    -Normal has 3 normal Rams; drops and enemies of Map 1.
    Advance has 3 normal Rams and 2 Upgraded Rams as well as drops and enemies of Map 2.

    Should I evolve my girls right away?
    -Yes, there are no benefits to waiting.

    (S.6)Girls and Gacha

    Should I be saving or spending my Gacha Tickets?/How or where do I get more?
    -There's no easy answer to the first part; If you're willing to pay for spins later, go ahead and spend.
    If your F2P, it becomes a hard question of knowing what you want,
    your chances of getting it and how your going to replenish what you spend.
    So far, you can receive a total of 26(+logins) tickets counting Yuuri, from regular content.(A.k.a. non-event)
    3 from login bonuses(Per 30 days),
    6 from visiting Village buildings
    and 5 from finishing each map.
    Afterwards, Logins & Events are your only free chances.

    What * girls can drop?
    -Pending them being drop-able/Prayer-able yet, All 1*(No Evo), 2*(No Evo) and 1*(>2* and >3*) that you encounter will be drop-able.

    Which girls should I level-up?/Which girls are currently implemented?
    The Wiki(http://harem-battle.club/wiki/Hitsuj.../Hitsuji:Units) can tell you which girls are implemented as well as their stat growth.

    Which element is best for X stat?
    Fire Water Wind Thunder Light Dark
    HP 1st 6th 5th 3rd 4th 2nd
    MP 5th 1st 2nd 3rd 6th 4th
    Attack 3rd 6th 5th 2nd 4th 1st
    Magic 3rd 5th 6th 4th 1st 2nd
    Defence 4th 2nd 1st 5th 6th 3rd
    Resist 4th 1st 3rd 5th 2nd 6th
    Agility 5th 4th 2nd 3rd 1st 6th

    (S.7)Awakening and Skills

    Whats Awakening?
    -Awakening is the act of re-rolling 1 or multiple skills of a girl after being fully evolved
    through either Initial Awakening points or through using Awakening Gems
    You can re-roll multiple skills at a time and it will still only cost 1 point/gem.
    The RNG is more then likely broken.
    Feel free to use your gems for Insta-Death/alternate element skills.
    Until it's fixed; don't mind the notes.

    Should I use my Awakening Gems?
    -Roll away! Be aware however of 5*s with missing Signature Skills; whenever they get added, you may want to re-roll/use Golden Wool which could make your previous rolls almost meaningless.
    For most needs right now though; an appropriate and properly lvled 1-3* (with all the free Awakening Count that comes with)
    should do the job.
    What girls can learn by type: (Note, girls only learn attacks of their respective element)

    Melee Fighters/Archers learn:Physical Attacks, Debuffing, Buffing, Curing and Healing magic

    Mages/Healers learn:Magic Attacks, Effect(with no damage) attacks, Debuffing, Buffing, Curing and Healing magic

    There are a few exceptions to these rules; Girls that fit into these 3 categories can learn ANY non-signature (aside from there own) skill:

    Ninja, Magic Swordswoman and Philosopher/Scholar.

    Who are the current exceptions?
    -(Post more if they aren't here)
    Cynthia (Mag-Sword)
    Tatiana (Phil-Schol)
    Rukia&Maria (Phil-Schol)
    Of special note is Eunice(Bow(Special)); she is not technically any of the above but has a VERY small chance to roll magic skills.

    What is the hierarchy for damaging skills?
    -MP Cost and Power scale from left to right.
    For Physicals:
    Claw Fang Divine Blaze
    Claw Fang Divine Ice
    Claw Fang Divine Storm
    Claw Fang Raijin
    Claw Fang Tenjin
    Claw Fang Devil

    For Magicals:
    Fire Flame Blaze
    Ice Freeze Blizzard
    Aero Blast Tornado
    Bolt Thunder Rising
    Light Prophet Celestial
    Dark Noir Calamity

    What are the skill affixes/suffixes? (Effects)
    Poison: Corroding(Phys) Poison(Mag)
    Sleep: Faint(Phys) Sleeping(Mag)
    Blind: Of Darkness(Phys) Gloomy(Mag)
    Confusion(Stun): Chaotic(Phys) Chaotic(Mag)
    Paralysis: Of Apathy(Phys) Paralyzing(Mag)
    Skill-Seal: Binding(Phys) SB(Mag)
    Curse: Cursed(Phys) Curse(Mag)
    Insta-Death: Of Destruction(Phys) Dead(Mag)

    How useful are each of the effects?/What do they do?
    -I'll give a 1-10 score followed by the exact effects
    Poison: 7; Deals damage during each of the character's turns based on their Max HP(Regardless of what they do)
    Sleep: 4(phys)10(Mag); Sleeping chars do nothing,(no moves or defends) Phys attacks will wake up sleepers and deal 1.5X dmg to them, Mag attacks do neither.
    Blind: 5; Reduces accuracy somewhat, exact numbers unknown.
    Confusion(Stun): 1; Causes chars to use heals, defends and buffs. Just don't. it's not worth sitting through and seems to be buggy for many people. (chars using attacks, or just passing their turn as if paralyzed)
    Paralysis: 10; Causes chars to pass their turn.
    Skill-Seal: 5; Causes chars to be unable to use skills (Score is due to this causing some enemies to randomly defend)
    Curse: 8; Deals damage to a char whenever(and however many times over 3 of their turns) they deal damage. Slightly better then Poison in general.
    Insta-Death ?; Instantly kills a char. Not giving this a score, as it's usefulness is completely dependant on the RNG that day(how much it procs).

    What kind of skills should I be keeping around while rolling?
    -I recommend keeping heals and useful buffs on non-Healers, most attacks are easily rolled and will be just as easy to roll after heals and buffs. I recommend the near-opposite on Healers.(Keep useful attack skills and buffs, then focus on healing skills.)
    Also important to note on that are ranges; the more range a skill has, the less MP/Power efficient it will be.

    (S.8)FarmingNever thought you'd be farmin' sheep, huh?

    What is the best way to farm for Templar EXP?
    -Short Answer: 1-7-5-EX til lvl 35~40, 2-7-6-EX afterward.
    Long Answer: 1-7-5&2-7-6-EX have the best Stamina to Templar EXP rates. Much like Rams/Fruit however;
    Maps 3 and above are not better, as their finale EX (and every EX within) has a chance to proc, unlike 1&2, causing wasted stamina.

    Are there better ways to farm for other EXP types?
    -If you have any silver keys, opening up the Locked Meta-tororin Special dungeon is the faster way to go for Girl EXP til their higher lvls.
    Later, Synthesizing will be the strongest lvling method for girls(especially for Drop-ables) as Synthesis EXP gain is a flat % gain
    Girl SKILL EXP gain per run is determined by Templar EXP gain per run.

    Where should I be farming for items?
    -Finale EX's. (even Area 3 and above)
    Most girls drop some sort of unique equipment, though very unlikely to do so in some cases (about 1/200 for some 4*s); said uniques can generally be VERY powerful, even compared to event equipment.
    Ex. Armor of Ortnit(Heavy Armor) can drop from 3 girls (Bianca, Cynthia and Priscilla) in 2-7-6EX and is better stat-wise at lvl 85(4*) then the lvl 100(5*) Feld Armor(Heavy Armor) from the Blazing Fire God event.
    Keep in mind however;
    1. If you are looking for a particular type of weapon,(Ex. you can't find a good hammer for the life of you)
    the best weapon drops for a particular weapon outside events come from girls that wield that type of weapon.
    2. Mimics have a high-probability to drop AGI accessories, often times of high lvl regardless of where you are.

    How should I farm the Metal Slime(Silver Key)Special Dungeons?
    -Lets start with when:
    You'll want to pop a key in with as much stamina as possible and just enough temp EXP to lvl right when you run out.
    (Wont be posting Girl EXP as it ranges wildly with the random size/number of slimes)
    TABLE: Normal; 15 stam, 1.5k temp EXP. Intermediate; 30 stam, 3~3.2k temp EXP. Advanced(King); 50 stam, 3.5~4 temp EXP.
    -On to how;
    A. Having your own/bringing a friend's "Chance to ignore armor" Leader is the generally accepted route to mowing down metal slimes.
    If you have none, your best bet would be a well planned combo of Curse or Poison along with Confusion(Stun) or Paralysis.
    B. All 3 dungeons are only 5 floors, Tati's and Alexia's aren't heavily in demand; however Heals are.
    C. Go for the King!
    -All in all, you should be able run at least 5-12 Dungeons within the hour allotted,
    depending on connection and how many stam pots you can use. (0~3)
    -It's also very easy to time up the end of your Slime runs to farm straight into another temp lvl (at low lvls),
    as leftover stam carries through pots.

    Stickied! Please feel free to post any questions, additions or comments
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    Good info. Did not know about the templar lvl impacting girl's skills.

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    Unregistered Guest
    Are the Daily Ram dungeons useful or are they a waste of time? Does Intermediate/Normal make a difference?

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    added to the list

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Arcia View Post
    Good info. Did not know about the templar lvl impacting girl's skills.
    Clarifying, here and in the post; I meant the amount of Girl's Skill EXP you gain in a run is based off how much Temp EXP you gained in that particular run, not your total.
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    Thanks for this, Lus! Should probably be pinned to the top of the forum, if possible - good info in here, but I don't think it'll stick around on the front page since it won't generate many replies.

    A couple things to possibly add:

    -link to the JP wiki

    -ranking/explanation of skills (this would actually be better in the Wiki but I'm not going to hold my breath for that)
    >i.e. from what i've noticed skills have the following characteristics
    >>> 1) Base skill/skill name (i.e. Prophet, Celestial, Fang, whatever)
    >>> 2) Status attribute (Chaotic, Apathy, Slumber, no attribute, etc)
    >>> 3) Skill type (Magical or Energy)
    >>> 4) Radius(?) - single target, front/back line, linear, flash

    I think [what i'm calling the "base skills/skill names"] are ranked (i.e. Prophet and Celestial are both Magic damage, but Prophet seems to have a lower base power and lower mp cost whereas a Celestial of the same lvl will have a higher base power and higher mp cost)

    Something like that could be helpful when trying to quickly assess what skills to keep/remove/aim for when awakening.

    I cringe at the thought of trying to put all that info together, but maybe as a community we can make some progress.
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    Thanks for the reply Nutakum, def noted.
    Internet's been giving trouble last couple days so I haven't been able to update.
    Will be doing so tonight with good bit of info. (including those 2 points)
    Expect this to grow to 2x it's current size by morning. (pending connection stays stable)
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    Best FAQ ever
    Could you please add the answer in my Silver Key Dungeon topic in this FAQ ?
    I thought it very very useful.
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    good FAQ
    also please note that instant death skills are obtainable on player units
    The Grand Templar FAQ and Compendium-screenshot-31-.jpg

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    @Denate: TY, will do; was thinking of adding a couple things as well, such as farming that 1 hour fully and running some numbers.

    @HeavensFall: Good to know. XD Seems our awakenings are broken right now.
    The Grand Templar FAQ and Compendium-wtf-cecille.jpg
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    OK stupid question... How do I use the potions in battle? I cant seem to find it whenever im on quests and I already equipped it in their respective slots.

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