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Thread: Idol Wars Z

  1. In DMM I have one promo SSR and is the girl that appeared on the convention banner (I think it was in that banner?) and it was the orange hair mounted in that thing. Nothing more, and I entered the first week it was released on DMM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Profile4 View Post
    Anyone know which of the SSR are best? I pulled Momeo, the jailbait yellow card, but I don't want to have the same thing that happened in Shooting Girls to happen here. -The SSR from Shooting Girls ended up being the first weeks login reward T_T-
    Is this pre-registration like the Shooting Girls?If yes then it would indeed be good to know how the game works before choosing which SSR is the best, i got Yuria Kisaragi at my 3rd draw so for now i'm fine but it would be nice to know how good she in comparison with the others.
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    Need yuria...

    Got SR Miyu for the moment, not bad

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    Just got Yuria, wanted her

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    Got Miharu Ozora on second roll. We can ony keep one, right?

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    Hah, got her today.

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    Did a quick search and found a DMM Idol Wars Z wiki site


    According to the info the cards we have to choose from are
    [SSR] Yuria Kisaragi = Lovely Type - 15 Cost
    [SSR] Miharu Ozora = Lovely Type - 17 Cost
    [SSR] Megu Momose = Passion Type - 16 Cost

    It may be important to consider that the SR we are getting multiple copies of from the Spin Count is also a Lovely Type. I'm still looking to work out if it would be better to have a range of cards of different types or focus on one type but I think I will be picking Miharu or Megu as the higher cost cards. On the basis that High Cost usually equates to better Power.

    You can also look up the cards to get their exact stats as well as what their special abilites are, seems that they vary depending on what position you deploy the idol in your team. [Front, Back or Support]

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    1 SR, 9 R from 10 draws.

    Never got better than 3* from shooting girl prereg either, although I missed a week of draws when it put me in the early start.

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    Is the tweet for more rolls bugged? Keep hitting tweet but nothing happens. Worked fine earlier today. Did the 5 base ones, the tweet option came up but nothing after that, it just updates the tweet with the new current draw numbers.

    Edit: Nevermind, changed browser and it worked fine.
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    I don't know why but i think my tweet button is broken when it worked fine earlier, i even tried switching browsers and logging in again as well as rebooting pc, it seems the button is broken because i don't see any new tweets on my twitter feed even though i clicked the button like 100 times, any fixes?

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