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Thread: Tapping games

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    Tapping games

    So what is it with these?
    Sometimes I can be extremely rapid, and it won't 'upgrade' the door, while other times, I barely try, and it works just fine.
    Seems a bit random, if you ask me.

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    I "skip" it, seems just for fun? :x

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    i tried an auto clicker set to 1 milli second it did nothing

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    I think it is only an animation which doesn't really affect the outcome so I just skip it.

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    Usually the dialogue box frame will tell you what rarity you'll get. At first I was tapping like hell that it may look like that it will break my phone but nowadays I just skip the animation . Tho sometimes it only shows a blue frame but you still get high rarity cards.
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    Yeah, tried auto clickers as well, looks like it really doesn't affect the outcome much. Welp, thanks for the clarification, guys.

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