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Thread: Welcome (and some rules!)

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    Welcome (and some rules!)

    Well, here it is. Starting off the forum. Still need to finalize certain settings, so don't worry too much about things like credits/points if you notice these.

    The use of such currencies is still undecided, but there are many possibilities that are not activated right now!

    As of now, the forum is of course quite bare and in need of some TLC to make it look more like a fan forum. Will have to see what I/we can do about things like a header and background images, smilies, etc. etc. over time.

    A few basic rules to start off with:

    1. Images with nudity or extreme sexual references must be hidden behind spoilers when placed within the forum areas.

    2. Avatars should be kept tame, but nudity is allowed. Users may block an avatar they don't want to see by clicking on the user's name and choosing "ignore avatar".

    3. For the wiki, images with nudity do not need to be hidden. But images depicting sexual acts must be hidden behind spoilers.

    4. No cheat engine discussion.

    5. The shoutbox can be used for general discussions unrelated to forum topics, but please refrain from discussing depressing personal life issues in public.

    6. The shoutbox is NOT a tool to express anger or rage, or to start trouble. Users found to be intentionally causing issues will be banned from shoutbox activites. If you are an angry drunk, you should not be using the shoutbox when or after drinking.

    7. Enough with the friend invite code spam (Pertains to OI players). You can place your code in a signature, or post it in these two places ONLY! Unless specifically asked for it. Anywhere else I find it, it will be deleted.
    a: http://harem-battle.club/osawari-isl...vite-list.html
    b: http://harem-battle.club/wiki/Osawar...iscussionid=21
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    If I can put my 2-centa in, an introduction board is necessary for forums. We should add one.

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    Fair enough, I was thinking about that too.

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    Updated the rules.

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