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Thread: Kanpani Girls Resource and Details Guide

  1. Kanpani Girls Mega Resource/Reference Guide

    The Great Wall of Text
    Will Update as time goes on. Some of the Himueta links have been moved.
    REMINDER: Please Bookmark the Guide if you are new.

    This guide tells you what to expect at later stages of the game so READ IT

    credit to bamboo for making the gif

    This is a guide I will link for ease of use whenever I meet a new player in kanpani chat. This guide combines all that I know and relevant sources I have gathered throughout. I do not take all credit for the sources. Sources should be given credit where due.

    [COMPLETE] Statistics of boosted rates.

    Statistics of boosted rates during event: 67 total pulls everyday. Day 10.
    Svea: 102
    Klara: 5
    Judita: 4

    41 Black resumes pulled. So roughly 21%+ chance. I estimated a 30-40% boost to the rates using Day 1 and Day 6 data

    Renbell200: To all the new players.

    Nutaku advertising (Things I question)

    -Where are these unreleased girls in the red circles?
    -I have not seen the circled purple haired girl as of 26th April 2016 where is she? I do not think she is in the event at all.
    - What secrets? Here I am finding out as much as I can about the game and apparently there are secrets...

    When you see the people around you getting black resumes like its nothing on boosted weeks and complain rates OP OP OP. Did a test with my alts to actually test the rates.

    If you have Monique and Azamino as your front with no soldier. Then please read this ASAP

    Monique Explained
    Now the reason why it is possibly wrong is because fighters [as of now] are the jack of trades, they do not excel in tanking compared to a soldier, nor attacking either compared to an archer.

    The positive side to using Monique is that she can *possibly* make for an offensive tank postgame and her cute personality.
    The negative side to using Monique however is that she does next to nothing except take damage to the face for the entire story clear and takes months to gear in order for her to achieve something.

    If you want tanking done, grab a soldier. Tea or Romina are popular because ease of awakening and strategy. You are saving yourself huge amounts of time in clearing the story if you grab a soldier to prevent your team from getting wiped in Chapter 10. After you cleared the story, go whatever you like. Even Monique is permitted.

    Keep in mind this post was made a long time ago. The user likes his monique very much.

    Source: http://harem-battle.club/kanpani-gir...ness-list.html
    Why did I even bother to censor? Because I am weird like that.

    This guide can be treated as a Resource/Reference Guide. Search and Destroy your terms. Have a question? CTRL + F and use a keyword. It just might be in here.

    Welcome to Kanpani Girls. This is a game that features mostly automatic gameplay and strategy. This game DOES
    feature a bit of grinding so if this game is not for you then stop reading here.
    If you are reading this, congratulations and welcome onboard. This guide will have mostly all the useful things
    you need to know about the game. It contains both TL;DR and detailed guide. This guide has well and truly
    broken 9000 words(10579 without spoiler tagged content), but it contains all the wealth of Kanpani Girls. I actually do not expect you to read the guide sequentially nor its entirety, treat it as a collection of all the data scattered with some comment tags. So Dart around as much as you like. As for who I am, I am a player that juggles four accounts and focuses mostly on the game clearing and game grinding elements of the game. I do not have battlefield information here.

    My personal account status


    1* = means One Star
    3-5 = means chapter 3 map 5
    2-1-1 = means part 2 chapter 1 map 1
    CQ = Character Quest
    CW = Character Weapon

    How to use this guide? CTRL + F and search terms or look at a section you do not know much about.

    Red Text- Means take extra caution
    Green Text- Key Words that may be searched with CTRL + F as they have been mentioned more than once.
    Blue Text- Simply for Title separation and that.

    1. Quick Links
    2. TL;DR Speed Clear
    3. Starting Out
    4. Stats and status
    5. Classes
    6. Equipment and Items
    7. Formation
    8. Strategy
    9. Facilities
    10. Employee Menu
    11. Evolve
    12. Character Story and Labyrinth
    13. Tips and Tricks
    14. FAQ
    15. Credit and Sources.

    Battlefield [ABSENT]

    When people in discord ask questions that were already answered in the guide

    SAO Abridged Episode 02: This scene

    1. Quick Links

    Kanpani Chat Link

    Can be found be clicking the chat button below your game

    By the way the Chat community is RUTHLESS to those that do not read the guide, so prepare ur butts, it will be on the pop quiz.

    2. TL;DR Speed Clear
    Note: Do make sure you clear as many maps as you can. Read 8 in particular.

    1. Obtain premade account from one of the famous account holders in chatango for easiest start with OP units.
    They hold 40-90 accounts. Each have their own rules and terms. These accounts should be given for free and not sold for money! My account list is found here (Open)
    2. Use this Formation or something close to it. Exceptions apply to 4*/5* additions.
    3. Rush Chapter 3-5, grind at 2-6 (red route) if you still cant. Alternate between 3-5 (red route) and Class Quest (Intermediate) until you have performed
    Class Up on your whole team (so they can earn exp beyond 30) May take up to 2 days depending on your luck with
    drops. You need around 300k+ gold average to class up a team of 5. Sell jewels like turquoise, onyx, crystal but sell only in portions, not all.
    4. Exp Hall Beginner Ticket with Full Bread and Mission Bread stored. Estimated around level 40 after you are
    5. Do Labyrinth when empty on bread. Do not go out of your way to search for labyrinth weapons. Labyrinth spear
    CAN be skipped!
    6. Grind Hilde CQ and +2 her CW. Alternate 5-4 when lacking maple branch for additional soldier recipes. Craft
    other recipes if appropriate, but imo you only need soldier recipes at 5-4 and Hilde CW +2. Once you have those you can tackle chap6/7.
    7. When Soldier has 500pdef around, attempt Ann CQ for base weapon. Use CEO if you have to. Equip base Ann CW.
    8. Bum rush chapter 8-4 no matter what the cost. Burn Ceo points on maps that give you trouble. BURN THEM AS
    Do not leave them full for long. Some maps I burned Ceo to speed through, 3-4, 4-2,
    4-8, 5-7, 6-6, use Anti-Soldier Formation for 6-7 to conserve, 7-6, 7-7, 7-8.
    9. Once you reach 8-4. Replace archer/mage with rogue that has Shadow Snake Punch. Do 8-4 red until you get Gae bolg
    and Purgatory Helmet recipe. Crystal Helmet is a plus. At this point your team should be at least level 50+.
    10. Craft Gae Bolg +2. Chimera horn from 7-6. Gold Ore from Ann CQ. Garnet from misc(8-4 pray hard).
    11. With Gae Bolg minimum +1, progress with maps until you have to burn your ceo points. 8-8, 9-2, use Anti-
    Soldier Formation
    for 9-6 and perhaps 9-7(Can overwhelm with normal party if strong enough).
    12. Grind 9-1 for titanic bracelet. Craft +2. Soldier should have 650-700 pdef.
    13. Chapter 10 breakdown.
    10-1 use CEO Abuse [See under Tips and Tricks] for Hard Fights.
    10-2 Burst down the rogue, if having difficulty, CEO abuse.
    10-3 (blue) use Anti-Soldier Formation.
    10-4 place archer behind soldier and CEO Abuse when needed. Archer and Soldier (Guren Spear) will kill the Alraunes. Hilde ice is resisted here.
    10-5 place mage behind soldier and CEO Abuse. Archer will be resisted by banshee pdef. Mage will be your main dps, keep her alive.
    10-6, use Anti-Soldier Formation for surefire win, it helps if cleric has fire resistant veil.
    10-7 Replace Mage for Rogue with Poison, replace second frontline with someone(even level 1) that has good strategy [Aim Peppy/Leader]. Soldier should equip Purgatory Helmet to reduce damage from 600 to 200. If you cannot survive, CEO revive as many as it takes for the poison to kill. You WILL progress.
    14. Clear Part 2. 2-1-6 choose red route instead of blue and use Anti-Soldier Formation.
    15. Congratulations, you have cleared the game, now grind, craft do what you will.

    Expected party level average to clear story: Lv55-65. Different experience may largely be a result from some units(OP/lackluster) or use of event gear (good/bad).

    If that appeared long (It only appears as 4 steps to me), imagine the rest of the guide.

    3. Starting Out
    TL;DR Pick the Black resume. Always pick the black resume.

    When you first start the game, you will do a quick tutorial. Do please pay attention to the tutorial. You will
    then be directed to a screen similar to this.

    This is the resume drawing screen.
    Yellow resumes hold 1* and 2* Employees.
    Black Resumes on the other hand, contain 3*, 4* and elusive 5*.
    HOWEVER. This is a fixed tutorial resume Draw. It will ALWAYS contain at least one 3* Employee, you cannot get
    4* and 5*
    So pick the black resume, yellows are always easy to obtain. Black resumes however appear very rarely. See Extra Notes on how to reset your draw

    Quick Employee Star explanation
    Higher star = More Powerful
    1-3* Employees have little difference in stats. Max level 90. Have the same class sprites. Except kemomin and
    dark elves, special races etc.
    4* Employees have considerably better stats than 3*, but the stat gap is later closed endgame. Cap level is 90. Have same sprites unless special race.
    5* Employees have much more stats, HP growth, Can go to level 99. Have unique sprites at level 90. Cannot be dropped from quests, only as resume draw!

    You get employees from resume draws, employee stone draws and 1*-4* can be obtained as possible quest drops. 4* may drop after chapter 5-1.
    You can increase chances of scoring good employees by using postbox and PR Facility. See appropiate sections further on in the guide.

    Employee Stone Usage
    -Purchase 5 Aprons. [10 Stones Each] [High Priority]
    -Unlock Employee Slots in Resource and Weapons Lab. [1 Stone Each]
    -DO NOT use to revive your team when dead. You only lose bread anyway. SAVE !
    -Do not use Employee Stones for drawing more employees unless you have Lv20 PR and gold mailbox! (I cannot stress this enough, someone used my account to do that......)
    -Imo do not use for expanding employee limit. I reckon all 2* can be layed off except Romina/Tina because <3
    -Save your fairy envelopes! PR DOES affect Fairy Envelopes. Mailbox does not.
    - CEO glasses and CEO badge are luxuries. Only purchase them if you really must.
    - DO NOT BUY Fighter/Ronin/Warrior/Cleric/Soldier/Archer/Rogue/Magician Crystals. It is not worth it.
    - DO NOT BUY the Class Up Bundle. You can easily obtain this by doing a few runs of Class Quest Intermediate/Expert.
    - DO NOT BUY Hammers either, they can be easily obtained by grinding class quests.
    - DO NOT BUY the 1,000,000 Gold. You can easily obtain 300,000 gold by just using all your bread at 3-5 red once. You may also additionally earn up to 600k per run in part 2-1-1 (endgame map). Gold is easily obtained in this game later on.
    - DO NOT BUY the EXP Hall Invitation. If you earn x3 Employee Stones per week and it costs you x50 Employee Stones for this ticket. It will take you around 4 months of saving up. Also 600-700k exp is easily earned if you constantly grind. On average, you can gain up to 1-1.5m exp in 3 days.

    FREE Codes and Timers

    There are additionally Serial codes that you can put in, you may find them here (Credit: Terejima)
    Soranokira compilation of codes
    Original source for Lori Codes are found here
    Find some Ann codes from MMOsite giveaway, I wont link here since I wouldnt know too much about it.

    Place the codes in the Serial Codes section below your Kanpani game

    The codes may not work. Some have expired.

    The Timers are useful as they show when the EXP events are up. As well as Daily resume reset and Daily Event Quest change.

    BUT DO NOT USE LORI! She is somewhat useless

    Timer (Credit: Esprit Orgue)

    Extra Notes
    While still in the immediate post-tutorial phase of the game, you may refresh the game at this point to reset the draw for different Employees as many times as you like (Credit: LoyalBlue). Keep in mind you can only reach a maximum of 3* within this tutorial draw pool and you have to go through the tutorial battle again. This also does not work for regular draws.
    Suggestion on which is the best 3* to aim for? Well some users in chatango like Elmi[Arcade], Signe[Desperado],
    Lilija[Future CW 1.9 Def Debuff. Attacks twice since front] and Elin [JP New Year 2015: Curse]. I myself prefer 3* Soldiers for the typical newbie as it saves them the trouble of finding a soldier early on. 3* Clerics are generally the worst to pick as you get Ann the 3* cleric relatively easy
    -Bread is like energy for this game (in case you do not know that). Therefore increasing bread production is vital, see Facilities section-Resource Building on how to.
    - Mission Rewards for each chapter.

    -If you are starting on a day where they are handing out Black Fairy Envelopes and considering to delete your own account to constantly reset, use this: https://www.nutaku.com/profile/delete/. Deleted data is permanent so you cannot go back. Synergize with facebook to quicken re-sign up process.

    4. Stats and Status

    TL;DR This is for those that want to research and juice the knowledge. Skip.

    Each class gets their own ratio of how much HP/PATK/MATK/PDEF/MDEF/Evasion from their stat. Example: Clerics
    gain both MATK and MDEF from PIE compared to others. Agile Classes use DEX instead for PATK.

    Stat average Tiers
    Stat gains

    STR= Physical attack. Varying levels.
    VIT= Hp and Physical defence
    AGI= Determines the turn the character goes. Guide says it affects evasion*.
    DEX= Physical attack. Varying levels. Guide says it affects critical, accuracy and damage stability*.
    INT= Magical attack/defence for mage.
    PIE= Magical attack/defence for cleric.
    LUK= MISC Stat. Wiki says it has minor effect on critical and evasion.

    Evasion= Chance to Evade.
    Direct Hit= Chance to Hit. Accuracy
    Critical= Chance to critically hit for x2 damage. In order for crits to proc, the hit must first land, hence it appears why crits never miss. CEO Critical Buff however works in a unique way, I believe additionally, it adds hit rate, much like ronin class buff. Altrius888 states that critical hits additionally ignore a portion of defense. E.g. Wolf hits my soldier for 1 damage. Wolf crits my soldier for 700 damage. Wolf crits my non-soldier for 1400 damage.

    *- Reported in JP version, these stats do not show effect on stat UI Evasion/Critical. However wiki says these
    are not shown in the numbers on the stat UI.

    Extra Note: Although PIE and INT both give mdef. Only the highest of the two is used to provide MDEF. This is because if it did, priests would be mdef beefcakes. (Credit: Altrius888)

    Poison= Inflicts 20% of max HP per turn. Lasts 3 turns. Not affected by defence and magical defence.
    Paralyze= Chance to be paralyzed and cannot attack. (Need to test if Paralysis disables evasion)
    Curse= Units with curse, have 80% of their damage inflicted, reflected back at themselves.
    Charm- Units do not attack opposing team. Healers happen to heal opposing team.
    Def/mdef/matk down= As it implies, reduces stats.
    Darkness= Afflicted units have reduced hit rate.

    5. Classes

    TL;DR Frontline= Fighter, Ronin, Warrior and Soldier. Backline= Magician and Archer. Both= Rogue and Cleric.
    (Credit: Skyleo)

    Extra Note: If a backline unit has ANY unit in front of them, they will take only 70% of the damage. A soldier does more, see below.

    A balanced class that uses sword and shields, has a medium amount of hp, physical defence, magic
    defence and attack. Because it has balanced magic defence out of all the front-based classes, Fighter is
    considered a good magic defence tank. This class however lacks overwhelming defences, hp or attack (5* is an
    Class Skill- Stuns enemy the character hits. Does not stun all targets if the skill is aoe, not guaranteed

    Monique- Free unit. Existing CW. Explained in detail above. The only thing going for Monique is her additional chance to stun, which is low anyways.
    Noemie- Future CW. Her CW +3 strikes column with an attack power of 1.2x twice. Fire element. Additional chance to reduce ATK.
    Leona- Future CW. Her CW +3 hits a single enemy with an attack of 2.8x once. Light element. Never misses. Preview (Credit: Excelence01)
    Rose- Existing CW. Her CW+3 deals column damage of 1.5x roughly, (after buff patch: 2.8x) hits once. Light element. Additional chance to stun. 5* allows her to have high hp so she can tank a fair bit. Preview (Credit: Excelence01)
    Elsa- Future CW. Her CW +3 hits an area of 2x2, dealing 1.3x twice. Dark element. Additional chance to inflict darkness. Elsa is like, a warrior in a way.

    A class that uses the katana, they are agile and use mostly criticals to take down enemies. Ronins also
    boast a dodge rate second to Rogue. Because Ronins can deal criticals, they can easily take down enemies that
    have high physical defence. They are however squishy as a damage class and are heavily reliant on end game. In my opinion, you should only consider ronin if you have Rei or Sion.
    gear. Recommend Ring to ensure critical.
    Class Skill- Increases hit rate and critical rate of party by 50%.

    Azamino- Free unit awarded for completing chapter 1. CW +3 Hits one enemy twice with attack power of 1.5x. Additionally chance to reduce defense.
    Tsukiyo- Future CW. CW +3 hits one enemy once with attack power of 2.9x. Additionally chance to paralyze. Better as it is a single hit, less reduction from enemy defense compared to multi hit.
    Rei- Existing CW. Currently the strongest Ronin offensively. Her CW +3 hits one enemy once with a huge attack power of 3.6x. No additional effects.
    Sion- 5* Ronin. No existing CW. Only thing going for Sion is the 5* natural stats.

    Using different kinds of bows, this class can excel at both single target damage and area damage. They
    do boast some amount of evasion but like most evasion based units, they will always be hit by magic. Focus on
    Single Target role for Story Clear. Recommend Bracelet to boost their Class skill damage. Ring if using
    Futility Bow.
    Class Skill- Deals x2 damage to flying-type units. Banshees and Dragons.

    Eva/Dagmar- Easy to obtain. CW at all levels have access to the amazing Triple Shot Skill, one enemy with 3 hits of 0.8x.
    Alenka- Existing CW. CW at +3 has a better skill than Charge Shot(1.7x). Hits one enemy once for 1.8x. Wind element. The weapon has 50 crit. +2 weapon has charge shot and still decent crit stat. One of the top tier archers for single-target damage.
    Liliana- Future CW. CW at +3 hits a single enemy for 1.7x. Has 45 crit. Never misses.
    Viola- Existing CW. CW at +2 hits the whole enemy team twice for 0.6x attack. Clears maps fast. Preview (Credit: Excelence01)
    Judita- Future CW. 5* unit whose CW at +2 can hit the whole enemy team once for 0.9x attack. CW at +3 hits a row once for 1.5x with additional chance to charm
    Elie- 5* archer with no CW.

    The tank class in the game that uses a spear and shield. They boast high hp growth and have access to
    weapons that boost their physical defences to extremely high levels. This comes at the cost of their lack of
    but some skills such as Guren Spear, can still do a considerable amount of damage on certain elemental
    enemies. Recommend Bracelet.
    Class Skill- Passively shares (around 58%) damage taken by the unit behind the Soldier. Shared damage is not reduced by
    Soldier defensive stats. This CAN kill your Soldier quicker. Because a backline unit is behind a frontline unit, they take only 70% of the damage, meaning, of that 70% damage, the Soldier will share and take 41% of that damage whilst the backline will only receive 29% of the damage (49% + 21%= 70%) (Credit: Altrius888)

    All soldiers except Violetta and Aderina have pretty bad CW. I recommend to not farm for recipes other than those two.
    Romina- 2* Soldier. Easy to max awaken. Has crush the weaklings strategy.
    Tea- 2* Soldier. Easy to max awaken. Has Wounded strategy. Sort of unbearable voice.
    Aderina- 5* Soldier. 5* stats gives her superior HP and physical defence. Has future CW. CW +3 can hit entire enemy team with chance to stun.
    Elmina- 5* Soldier. Same as above. A tiny bit more offensive stats. No existing CW.

    A class that uses the axe/hammer and has a decent amount of physical attack, HP and LUK but has
    severely low defences and hit rate. Probably the most redeeming attribute of this class is that one of their
    skills, Grand Down can inflict physical area damage and their useful class buff. Because of this, they make a great endgame class that can farm well but takes time to develop enough hp to survive the frontline. Recommend Ring accessory for hit/evade/critical.
    Give up on their defence anyway.
    Class Skill- Raises party attack power to 150% (1.5x) (Credit: Schverika). Includes magic-based attacks.

    Anna- 3* Warrior you get from clearing chapter 9-4. Existing CW. Her CW +3 skill hits a single enemy for 3 hits of 1.09x.
    Julia- Existing CW. Her +3 CW hits the whole enemy team for 0.8x damage once. Light element.
    Eline- Future CW. Her +3 CW hits a row once for 1.5x damage. Fire Element.
    Ottilie- Future CW. Her +3 CW hits a column once for 1.5x damage. Dark element. Additional chance to inflict curse.
    Siegrid- 5* with Future CW. Her +3 CW hits a single enemy once for 5.2x damage. Fire element. Preview (Credit: Excelence01)
    Nhano- 5* warrior with no CW. 5* natural stats boost her HP.

    Healer class that uses a mace and shield. Piety is their main stat, they get most of their magical
    attack and defence from this stat. They have higher survivability compared to Mage but still lack physical
    . They can both heal single target, party as well as remove debuffs. With the Morgenstein weapon, they
    can also act as frontline battle clerics. Recommend Necklace. Bracelet if enemy is focusing Healers. NOTE: If Cleric has debuff removing skill equipped, they WILL prioritize debuffed allies first over HP (Credit: Soranokira)
    Class Skill- Upon their death, they heal the party.

    Ann- 3* unit that is awarded by clearing 4-5. Her CW +3 heals 2.0x to one ally instead of the usual 1.5x heal. Removes abnormal status. Recommend to not +3 as debuff removal may ruin your heal priority.
    Noreen- Existing CW. CW +3 Heals 2x2 area for 0.5x. 0.1x more than Sanc Hadal. Removes abnormal status.
    Eunice- Future CW. CW +3 heals one ally for 2.1x magic damage. Additionally revives ko members once per battle. Works multiple times for Battlefield. Preview (Credit: Excelence01)
    Holly- 5* cleric with existing CW. Heals entire ally team for 0.93x magic damage. Additionally removes debuff.
    Eva- 5* cleric without CW. Considered the more offensive counterpart to Holly.

    An Agile class that boasts a lot of utility. They use both DEX and AGI but lack defences and are weak to
    . If placed on the front, they can attack two times per round. In the back, they can throw knives or
    poison the enemy, which is one of their signature uses. They also have skills that reduce physical defence,
    poison and reduce magic attack, definitely a lot of utility here to suit different occasions. Like all evasion
    classes, they die easily if they do get hit and they cannot evade magic attacks. They are heavily reliant on
    endgame gear. Recommend Ring.
    Class Skill- Rogues skill can activate only on the first round of the battle, allowing all your employees to act before the enemy

    Keep in mind rogues attack twice per round if they are placed on the front.
    Oili- 1* with existing CW. CW +2/3 hits a single enemy twice for 0.9x damage. Additional chance to poison.
    Signe- Existing CW. CW at +3 hits a 2x2 area for 1.14x damage. Dark element.
    Elmi- Existing CW. CW at +3 hits entire row for 0.7x damage twice. Additional chance to poison.
    Lilija- Future CW. CW at +3 hits a single enemy for 1.9x damage once. Additional chance to reduce DEF.
    Saimi- 5* with future CW. CW at +3 hits a single enemy for 3.12x damage once. Long range, it can hit enemy backline. Additional chance to poison and paralyze.
    Camille- 5* with no CW.

    The spell caster class that uses mostly Int. Very straightforward here. They may have lower offensive
    but they will ALWAYS hit. They are most notable for their area damage spells as well as one of the
    only classes to combat banshee-type enemies. They however, do weak damage against dragon and some mimic type
    enemies. Recommend Necklace. 1
    Class Skill- The mage focuses their magical power, taking their turn last in order to inflict huge damage(x2
    modifier?) when they cast.

    Hilde- 2* mage that is awarded for completing chapter 2. CW at +2/3 hits entire enemy team for 0.7x damage once. Water element. Easy to obtain magic aoe spell earlygame.
    Annalina- Existing CW. CW +3 skill hits entire enemy team for 0.7x(1.6x after buff) damage once. Light element. Additional chance to inflict darkness.
    Ann-Marie- Future CW. CW at +3 hits entire enemy team for 1.2x(1.9x after buff) damage once. Null element??
    Sytry- 5* mage without CW.

    1 Chatango User Hide2703 uses Ring of Resounding Quake for Critical. Unsure about the theory here, but unorthodox. Proof that for different situations, you can mix/match gear a bit. Still not recommended however (Credit: Dalewyn)

    Will later recheck darkness terms to see if they inflict darkness ailment.

    6. Equipment and Items

    I will list notable weapons and items that can be sold or should not be sold as well as what some are used for.


    Exp Hall Ticket (Beginner)- Do not use unprepared. Use only when you have full bread and still have bread from
    daily missions available. Have party level 30 and have performed their Class up. Exp Hall ticket levels your
    party fast!. Should get level 30->40.
    Silver mailbox- Grants a tiny chance of getting better resumes from resume draws. Daily and Employee stone draws are affected. Fairy is not. Also guarantees 2* lowest from draws (Credit: Altrius888)
    Gold mailbox- Grants a slight chance of getting better resumes from resume draws. Daily and Employee stone draws are affected. Fairy is not. Also I think 2* is lowest you can score, not 1*.
    Scientific Thaumaturgy Forge- Halves resource cost (Wood, Iron and Stone) when crafting equipment.
    [Any] Hammer- Boosts craft results of equipment by +1. So if you were meant to craft a +1, it gets boosted to
    +2. Chances of +3 are still pretty bad and I am almost convinced it is unaffected by hammer.... RIOT Does not stack with other hammers.

    Coin type- Main purpose is only for selling.
    [Class] shard/ore/crystal- Consumed to perform Class Up.
    Jewel type- Main purpose is for crafting. Turquoise/Onyx (2-6) Ruby/Aquamarine/Onyx/Topaz (3-5) Black Pearl
    (Ann CQ/Anna CQ). Crystal/Garnet/Emerald/Diamond (2-1-1)
    Ore type- Main purpose is for crafting. Do not sell. Gold Ore (Ann CQ) Mithril Ore (Rose/Holly CQ). Unless you
    have 1000+ Silver Ore, no need to sell.
    Fragment type- Main purpose is for crafting. Full Moon fragment (7-5, 8-1, 9-6) Half Moon fragment (5-1, Hilde/Felicia CQ)
    Branch type- Main purpose is for crafting. Usually wands, bows, spears and axe. Maple Branch (5-4) Ebony Branch
    Horn type- Main purpose is for crafting. Usually spears. Chimera Horn (7-6, Anna CQ, 2-1-5)
    Water type- Main purpose is for crafting. Magical Water (9-4) Holy Water (Rose/Holly CQ)
    Cloth type- Main purpose is for crafting. Ominous Cloth (8-5, 2-1-1).
    Leather type- Main purpose is for crafting. Easily mistaken with Cloth. Luxurious leather (8-3, 2-1-3)

    More personal material locations by havenclaw. Locations were picked based on shared drop pools

    Bronze boxes

    Gold Ore = 8-4 red route
    Ebony Branch = 7-3 red route
    Ominous Cloth = 7-1 red route
    Luxurious Leather = 9-3 red route
    Full Moon Fragments = 7-5 red route
    Chimera Horns = 8-6 red route
    Magical Water = 10-3 red route

    Silver Boxes

    Black pearl = 7-1 red route


    Brief Explanation on how weapons affect skills. Different weapons at different + enhancements have different
    skills. For example, Bardiche only has Grand Down skill at enhance levels of +1 and +2. Use the links to find
    out the specific damage ratios of skills.

    Here I will only list notable equipment for each class (imo), where to find recipes. Use this section to see
    which materials you will need to keep in advance. Keep in mind I do post maps that drop above tier, as I
    believe it has greater chance. Some equipment I simply post (Recipe Quest: Hard) as the weapon is either too hard to get or I stuck with low gear until I cleared the story.
    Weapon List

    (Credit: Harem Battle Wiki Contributors)

    Note: If it is not known already, labyrinth armors are among the top in terms of defensive capabilities. Farm for them! (Credit: NaclMirage)

    Labyrinth Blade (Labyrinth)- 2x Labyrinth Fragment Cheap Alternative to Pelgrande but optional (Credit: Soranokira)
    Greatsword Pelgrande (9-2) - 2x Gold Ore, 1x Rose Quartz, 1x Magical Water. Offensive Sword Option.
    Phantom Mail (7-2)- 1x Turquoise, 2x Half Moon Fragment, 2x Maple Branch. Physical Def.
    Recommended accessory: Titanic Bracelet (To cover their medium defense). Ring of Resounding Quake (once you are confident and want crits)

    Meikyuyoha (Labyrinth)- 2x Labyrinth Fragment. 0.9x in 3 hits. Easy craft due to only needing Laby fragments.
    Golden Armor (2-1-7)- 1x Lapis Lazuli, 3x Shimmering Water.
    Recommended accessory: Ring of Resounding Quake (Best compliments their role, critting)

    Crossboow (1-3)- 1x Tree Branch
    Irvines Bow (5-3/6-4 is easier)- 1x Luxurious Cloth, 1x Topaz, 1x Maple Branch. Triple Shot at +0 and +1 for non Dagmar/Eva users (Credit: NaclMirage)
    Moment Arrow (9-1)- 2x Ominous Cloth, 2x Crystal, 1x Ebony Branch. Triple Shot at +3
    Legendary Bow Gandiva (Recipe Quest: Hard)- 1x Ominous Cloth, 1x Emerald, 2x Ebony Branch. Effective against Armored Targets.
    Bow of Futility (Recipe Quest: Hard)- 3x Ominous Cloth, 4x Ebony Branch. 0.6x two hits, whole aoe at +3
    Royal Plate (2-1-1)- 3x Luxurious Cloth, 1x Emerald.
    Recommended accessory: Ring of Resounding Quake for general purpose. Titanic if you are farming a fly-heavy map (boosts damage on class skill and reduces damage from bats)

    Labyrinth Halberd (Labyrinth)- 2x Labyrinth Fragment. Early Tank Spear
    Magic Spear Gae Bolg (8-4)- 1x Gold Ore, 2x Chimera Horn, 1X Garnet.
    Royal Pike (2-1-2)- 3x Gold Ore, 2x Crystal. Less PDEF than Gae Bolg, Less Offensive Power but has MDEF
    Crystal Helm (7-6)- 2x Silver Ore, 1x Turquoise, 2x Shimmering Water.
    Purgatory Helmet (7-6, 8-4)- 1x Gold Ore, 1x Black Pearl, 1x Magical Water. 10-7
    Royal Helm (2-1-2)- 3x Silver Ore, 1x Garnet Easy Materials and offers much needed MDEF (Credit: Soranokira)
    Recommended accessory: Titanic Bracelet

    Labyrinth Axe (Labyrinth)- 1x Labyrinth Fragment Cheap, early option for Grand Down at +2 (Credit: Soranokira)
    Bardiche (7-1, 8-3)- 1x Chimera Horn, 1x Black Pearl, 2x Ebony Branch. 0.7x two hits in 2x2 area damage at +1/2, earth elemental damage so they can still damage banshees.
    Ultimate Axe- 1x Unicorn horn, 1x Turquoise, 1x Maple Branch. Stronger than Bardiche only at +3! (Credit: Deityikaros)
    Royal Belt (2-1-3)- 3x Unicorn Horn, 1x Diamond.
    Recommended Accessory: Ring of Resounding Quake (to best compliment Grand Down hit and crit rate)

    Morgenstern (8-8)- 2x Gold Ore, 1x Chimera Horn, 1x Emerald. Can be used to heal and attack
    Necrolidac (10-2/Recipe Quest: Hard)- 4x Gold Ore 3x, Chimera Horn Heals all allies (0.35x) and removes abnormal effects. Sanc Hidal has 0.05x more modifier but only heals 2x2 zone. (Credit: Soranokira)
    Royal Mace (2-1-6)- x3 Chimera Horn, x2 Ruby. Heals just a bit more than Ann +3 CW. Hard to obtain recipe however. A option for non-Ann users (Credit: NaclMirage)
    Royal Veil (2-1-6)- 3x Unicorn Horn, 1x Emerald.
    Recommended accessory: Holy Pendant (for matk boost). Titanic Bracelet (To reduce damage from their main weakness, physical attacks)

    Labyrinth Dualblades (Labyrinth)- 2x Labyrinth Fragment. Offers useful Crouching Tiger Skill at +1/2
    Punishment (8-1, 9-4)- 1x Diamond, 1x Luxurious Leather, 2x Full Moon Fragment. Poison Frontline Skill
    Fernat Dagger (9-4)- 2x Ruby, 2x Luxurious Leather, 1x Full Moon Fragment. Best Evasion + Def Debuff
    Timonia (Recipe Quest: Hard)- 3x Luxurious Leather, 4x Full Moon Fragment. 0.9x two hits in column at +3
    Royal Gauntlets (2-1-4)- 1x Diamond, 3x Hard Leather.
    Recommended Accessory: Ring of Resounding Quake (better hit rate on Crouching Tiger). Goddess Ring if you have +3, if not, Ring of Resounding Quake +2 is better.

    Rod of Terrus (Recipe Quest: Hard)- 1x Black Pearl, 2x Full Moon Fragment, 1x Ebony Branch. Earth is not resisted
    Wagner Rod (Hilde CW)- 1x Turquoise, 2x Half Moon Fragment, 2x Maple Branch. Easy whole map aoe wand
    Gridarvol (9-5)- 1x Emerald 1x Full Moon Fragment x2 Ebony Branch Higher Matk but wind may be resisted in some maps. (Credit: Soranokira)
    Recommended Accessory: Holy Pendant (to boost magic attack).

    Ring of Resounding Quake (8-2 Edited* Teehee <3)- 2x Crystal, 1x Turquoise. Best Critical/Hit
    Goddess Ring (9-1)- 3x Crystal, 1x Diamond, 1x Black Pearl. Best Evasion at +3
    Rumbling Necklace- 2x Ruby Only has 5 less stats than Holy Pendant, Holy Pendant has +10 more stats at +3
    Holy Pendant (2-1-6)- 2x Crystal, 2x Emerald. Provides MATK/MDEF
    Ignis Bracelet (3-5)- 2x Ruby, 2x Turquoise.
    Titanic Bracelet (9-1)- 1x Rose Quartz, 2x Black Pearl. Provides PATK/PDEF

    7. Formation

    When you start out, the most standard setup lies in the image below

    Archer(Dagmar/Eva) - Cleric(Ann) - Mage(Hilde)

    Soldier- Most will do, but higher star= saves gold from class up. If you want, you can stick to 2* for easy awakenings.
    stats. Tea for strategy, Romina for hot waifu. Additionally Licia 3* is available from a code.
    Mage- Get Hilde from Chapter 2 Reward. Mages are a MUST to kill Banshees later.
    Cleric- Get Ann from codes . If not possible, you may use Tina, she is
    cute. Keep doing Chapter 1 map 1 for more clerics.
    Archer- Dagmar/Eva. Obtained commonly from quest reward and resume draws.
    Second Frontline- 3* if possible. Rogue for easy story clear but crap endgame, Ronin if you have Rei/Sion ONLYY, Warrior for squishy earlygame but strong endgame, Second Soldier if you want to feel secure for story clear.

    Anti-Soldier Formation

    This formation prevents piercing damage as there is no target in front of backline. There is also no target behind Soldier. Rogue is there to apply Rogue Poison. May need to switch Cleric to middle if there is magic aoe involved. KEEP CLERIC ON THE OPPOSITE END, grand down kills clerics.
    For maps 6-7, 9-6, 9-7(rogue poison is needed here), 10-3, 10-6 and part 2 1-6 (red route)

    Extra Notes
    Mage- Felicia is not recommended for your first speed clear due to Holy Banshees(Healer) being holy element, it
    is somewhat irritating to aoe the whole enemy team, only for holy banshees to heal themselves or the boss. 3*
    Mages are not recommended due to how hard it is to score a easy aoe spell that's decent.
    Cleric- Ann is recommended due to her CQ. I personally do not expect anyone to get her +3 before clearing the
    game. Its just her cw +0 is a decent placeholder and her CQ is a great place for exp and leeching lower levels
    in the backline.
    Archer- Dagmar/Eva are just too powerful with their CW +0s. It can be argued that Alice may be viable, but her
    Triple Shot changes on further enhance levels. Dagmar/Eva cw +0 is enough to clear the game without the need to
    ever update your bow. You may use 2/3* later, just be prepared to burn a few branches, hence the suggestion to
    clear the game as fast as possible to get access to 2-1-4 for branches.
    Second Frontline- Warriors and Fighters die too fast in Chapter 10 before they offer anything to the table.
    Second Soldier is super slow, the only reason you do this is because of extra precaution/you want to troll in
    Battlefield. Rogues just offer so much for me before they die, mostly pdef down and poison. Cleared game six
    times, warrior and Monique(fighter) took twice as long in chapter 10 fights compared to my rogues. Ronin have
    yet to test as of now but its the second best bet thats accessible to newbies, considering free Azamino.

    8. Strategy

    TL;DR Use Strategy to win untouched mostly. Aim for the Wounded/Stop the Spells is the best.

    Your team fights automatically, they run by priorities or strategies set by your assigned leader, make sure you
    set your team leader with the right strategy by selecting them and clicking change leader. A leader is shown by the silver crown icon.


    Aim for the Wounded/Crush the weak- Best strategy for main story clear purposes. Takes down low hp, close to
    death mobs. This is important as you want to take them down before they can do anymore damage.
    Stop The Spells- Your team will focus down spell casters whenever possible. Archers/Mages make the best use of
    this strategy. Useful for chapters 7, 8 and maps 9-2 and 10-6.
    Stop the AoE- Mostly same as the above as most magic is aoe. Except you also aim physical aoe users as well.
    Go for the Leader- What it says, brings down the enemy leader, after that, they do their own thing and aim at
    other targets randomly. They tend to focus one.
    Put down the Healer- Limited for Story Clear purposes. A different story however in battlefield or labyrinth.
    Just Go Get Em- Random priority. Just use Stop The Spells as default if you want to be neutral.
    Take down the Tough One!- [???] Targets highest enemy rank [???]
    Aim for the Peppy one- One of the lesser liked Strategies. On the contrary, it is a godsend for poison users.
    This tactic aims for the one with the highest HP. If you have a poison user in the back, with this strategy
    combined, they will most likely tag everyone with poison efficiently. Exceptions apply, character bosses with
    massive hp like Siegrid, Rose, Anna etc.

    Enemy Strategy

    More often or not, you may find enemies that target your units in a peculiar fashion. Bats aiming for your
    healers, or warriors knowing where to hit you. Enemies can use strategies too!

    However one unexplained strategy is when they target the lowest ranked member of your team.
    Basic Explanation: They target whomever has the lowest rank on the frontline. For example in the image below, Rose will surely be targeted due to lower star rank than Saimi.

    In order to get the enemy to target Saimi instead, I must first get Rose on the same/higher star rank as Saimi. Like this.

    Then you need to give Rose leadership so that her rank has +1. The enemies will target Saimi instead. Without that +1, we would have to delve in class ranks, which fighter has the lowest and a whole multitude of factors but just make sure you use leadership to manipulate your ranks for the most part. If you are still getting targeted, Altrius888 mentions that there is a order that enemies check [ basically the 1st enemy check is the star rank yes..... 2nd check is leader...... 3rd check is class and so on ] To read more on these factors, click this [ link ] (Credit: Renbell200 on checking for me]

    Do keep in mind, the enemy strategy differs from one battle to
    another. Common enemy strategies I have seen are: Target the leader, the lowest rank, the highest hp.

    Knowing your enemy strategy is the key to victory, no quotes intended. Use these links to research your enemy
    strategies well.
    Bare with the translation. Fight to the tekito = Just go get Em (Credit: Dalewyn)
    Story Maps
    Character Story Maps

    Extra Notes

    When using Crush the Weak, it has been observed that the AI does derp a bit. Example, Rogue applies def down on
    Wolf A, after however, rest of the party switches targets to the Healthy Wolf B. Also in 10-1, they might
    decide to focus on Luna instead of Lilija is Lilija is low enough.

    9. Facilities

    TL;DR version, Level up Resource/PR Division whenever possible. Level weapons lab before you go to sleep. Level
    CEO HQ to at least 10, level it up afterwards when weapons lab is under construction to not waste resources.

    Level Order: Resource -> PR -> Weapons -> HQ

    It is advised to construct HQ to level 10 ASAP for Ceo Revive.
    Upgrade HQ when you are upgrading Weapons Lab. This is due to the fact that you cannot use weapons lab when it is under construction, resulting in unspent resources. You also cannot take out employees when their assigned building is under construction, think before you upgrade.

    Max Level for Weapons Lab, Headquarters and PR Division is 20
    Max Level for Resource Building is 50

    Headquarters- This building doesn't do much other than allow you to have more employees, increase party slots
    and learn CEO skills. Get this Building to level 5 by the end of chapter 4. Get this Building to Level 10
    ASAP....then you can forget about it. Upgrading this building also updates your lobby screen. From rags to
    CEO Skill Unlock:
    Level 5 Unlocks CEO Defence Buff
    Level 10 Unlocks CEO Revive
    Level 20 Unlocks CEO Critical Buff (Credit: tv1990)

    Weapons Lab- Placing Employees in this building affects the bonus stats for your crafted equipment. Obviously
    the more stats you pump, the better chance for good bonus stats on your crafted equipment.
    Weapons= Dex (archers)
    Armor/Accessories= Luk (Warriors)
    Slot Rogues for a bit of both
    Upgrading this building apparently increases weapon enhance chance for +1/2/3. But personally, I find it non-
    existent or too small of an effect, much like PR. E.g. more people reporting crafting +3 from weapon lab 10-19. Extra Notes: Lower Tier Weapons are easy to enhance to +3. However, Higher Tier weapons are more difficult to enhance. 150+ Crafts on average for +3 High Tier.

    PR Division- Place high level employees in this building to increase the effect of the advertisement. This
    whole building, max level with Level 70 employees will NOT guarantee you a black resume. Keep that in mind.
    For advertisements. This is my biased opinion using six accounts with PR maxed. Looking for Experts gives
    better chance of black resume containing higher star than 3. Looking for a specific class however, does indeed
    work, but still harder than Expert option to obtain a 5*. So if you want 5* no matter what class they are, just
    leave it on Expert. The chance for 5* is still incredibly low. Statistics, 14/3140 draws were 5*. Though that
    test was done 80 times Lvl0 PR and in quick chain succession. This building takes the longest to upgrade. Final
    levels have construction time of up to 72 Hours! So get started on this whenever you can.

    Resource Building- The only thing you need to know about here is that you should place as much INT in this
    building as possible. INT= more bread production. So following that logic, place your mages here. Level them up whenever possible and equip them with aprons from the shops, they cost 10 employee stones each but having 5 of
    them adds 15 bread production per 3 min. Take example, 50 total bread production per 3 minutes, times that by ten (30min) for 500 bread, times that twice (1 hour) for 1000 bread per hour. However pumping more INT will diminish its ratio. You will notice this around 60 bread production. Apron Accessory is unaffected by the diminishing ratio as it is a static amount. It is suggested by Altrius888 that once you obtain high bread production, it might be worth sacrificing one bread worker for a warrior to help speed up the production of other resources.

    10. Employee Screen

    TL;DR Click the glowing Class Up button whenever its ready to rank up your unit so they can receive exp. Click
    either shards/ore/crystals to be consumed when ranking up, the lower grade, the better.

    In this screen, you can sort out your employees as well as equip equipment, layoff employees and performing
    class up.
    I personally sort my Employees using Sort by Assignment. It works wonders.

    Class Up
    This system allows your unit to increase its cap level so it can receive more exp and stats. Class Up
    occurs at levels 10-20-30-50-70. 5*s exclusively get to class up to 90 and reach level 99 as cap. Employees are
    pretty much divided amongst these ranks. For instance, a 1* Employee has to class up at level 10, where as a 2*
    Employee does not need to class up at level 10. To make a Class Up, click the big Class Up Button, it glows
    yellow when the unit is ready to make a class up.

    (In order to Class Up here, I need to be level 90, have 170,000 gold and pick one of the Class Materials. As you can see, I already have the gold and Ore. I just need the level)

    Here is the screen for making a Class Up. To perform a Class up you need two things, money and class up material. Money is self explanatory and can be obtained from selling coin-type material or Jewels. For newbies, do maps 2-6 and 3-5 red routes to farm gold. Class material is found in the Class Quest under Events tab on Quest screen, Class material comes in three varieties, shards, ores and crystals. ONLY ONE OPTION is used to make a class up. you DO NOT need all three to make a class up. It is advised to use lower grade materials so you can save the higher grade for future class up.
    Example, you have 50 shards and 5 ores and 1 crystal. The best option here would be to use the 50 shards.
    You can obtain class up materials easily from the class quest dungeon under Quests -> Event tab.

    Extra Notes
    The type of Class material has been tested if it affects stats, the thread here has claimed that
    stats remain the same no matter what class material has been used. (Credit: Skyehmm for link fix)

    Is basically firing your excess employees. Do this with the Collective Layoff button.

    You then enter a select mode. Select up to 16 employees to fire. Be Warned, when you fire employees with
    equipment such as aprons, they will also be deleted. You get shards and ores for firing employees, based on

    1* = 1 shard
    2* = 3 shards
    3* = 1 ore
    4* = 2 ore
    5* = 1 crystal
    6* = 2 crystals
    7* =

    If you are struggling early game with ores. Level a 1/2* to level 20. Make the Class up to 3* using 3 shards
    and then layoff for 1 ore as it is now a 3*.

    11. Evolve

    TL;DR Use this function only for awakening. Awakening slots are added at levels 30-50-70. 90 for 5*s.

    Evolve is like, consuming employees for exp. If the fodder employee is the same type of employee, they will gain a awakening rank, identified by an orange dot. However, the amount of awakenings you can perform is determined by the amount of times they have made a class up. E.g. you gain a second awaken slot at level 30 class up.

    Awakening Ranks
    1: Initially available. 5 patk/matk/pie
    2: Level 30 Class Up. 50 Hp
    3: Level 50 Class Up. 10 patk/matk/pie
    4: Level 70 Class Up. 100 Hp
    5: Level 90 Class up (Only 5* Employees). 30 patk/matk/pie

    The image below shows the process of awakening a unit. I want to awaken my main Hilde so I slot in a spare
    fodder Hilde to gain a awakening. Oh how the orange dots and name remind me of FF12.

    Also you gain some exp based on the fodder employees used, their levels mostly. But the exp that gets
    transferred over is HEAVILY reduced to the point that the ratio is not worth it, the cost is also ungodly high so not worth for exp food. Use Evolve purely for awakening (or to get rid of employees if ur a collector)

    12. Character Story and Labyrinth

    As seen in the image above. Shows where you can access these two special places.
    -Character Story unlocks at chapter 2 completion
    -Labyrinth unlocks at chapter 3 completion

    Use this link to find your missing employee numbers

    Character story

    A unique mode where you can do quests based around the theme of that character. Only SOME
    characters have character stories available to them. Because character story is so long, CQ is used as the term
    for Character Quest
    . CQs are important because of the rewards, namely the character weapons CW. CW can only be equipped to that character but have a edge above some of the normal weapons due to unique skills and stats.
    For example, Rei CW at +3 gains the Unique Skill Soul Slicer that deals 3.6x her patk once on a single enemy!
    Others are Rose CW +3 column light damage with stun (around 0.9-1.5x) and Holly AoE Heal of 0.93 and removes debuffs.

    This explains why Dagmar/Eva, 1* archers, are a popular choice for newbies as they gain access to the Triple
    Shot skill on their cw +0, 3 hits of 0.8 patk as well as decent bow stats. Because the first completion bonus
    is a free cw +0 for that character
    , this makes Dagmar/Eva incredibly accessible. However, in order to actually craft a CW and gain enhance levels beyond +0, you need the recipe, which drops at a lower rate compared to normal recipes. Be prepared to do around 100 runs. Also there are CW recipes not worth farming, for example, Marica
    and her offensive based spear. CQs also have varying difficulties based on the employee rank.

    Recommended Levels to Clear
    1*= Level 20 average team
    2*= Level 30 average team
    3*= Level 50-55 average team
    4*= Level 50-60 average team. This one varies, Rei is incredibly easy due to enemy all ronin enemy compared to
    5*= Level 70 average team. This one as well, you only need a 700pdef soldier and cleric with decent
    survivability to clear Rose CQ, just pray the wolves dont crit (which they often do).

    Extra Notes
    Oili CW, has 500 matk.
    Ann CQ, you only need to have a soldier with 500pdef and a cleric that can heal decently in order to clear this
    CQ, which only contains wolves, making it great for leeching backline.
    Anna CQ, drops black-type material such as chimera horn, crystal, ebony branch and etc
    Hilde CQ, do it for the recipe, enhance cw to +2.
    Rose CQ has one of the higher exp:bread ratios in the game with around 8.7 ratio
    Rose CQ, in order to beat it, you need soldier with 700 pdef, equip cleric with titanic bracelet and place behind soldier. Long as Wolf does not crit Soldier, you shall pass. Bats aim for healer, so your entire
    backline is safe if non-healer. Advised to raise second cleric for BF purposes anyway or use Sara 2* archer
    with Cover the rear strategy. Second Frontline can be Rose if she has 500PDEF and using a second cleric for
    extra measure.
    Monique CQ Contains a varying range of gold chest rewards, may take a while to score recipe. Alraune is also
    weak to fire, Guren Spear is useful here.
    Future Eunice CW, defeats Ann CW in terms of single heal and also additionally resurrects ko party members once
    for that battle. Works multiple times for Battlefield.
    Future Saimi CW, can target backline, inflicts poison/paralyze and hits once for 3.12x patk. Since rogues attack two times if they are on the front, its like 2 hits of 3.12x, 6.24...
    Leona and lilliana share a CW skill that always hits.
    Character Armor, CA is coming and is not here by the time this was created.

    Note: I actually am inexperienced with Labyrinth. I really only do 1-1-1-1 for the bare minimum food.

    Labyrinth is a special map, with an entrance fee of 10k gold, it rewards you 200 bread, some materials and
    notably the labyrinth recipes.

    Upon entry, you are met with three choices. These choices determine the difficulty of the route you will take. For simplicity, we will label routes from top to below in this fashion. 1-1-1-1 means always the top option, 1
    -2-3-1 means choose option 1, 2, 3, 1 in that order. Also more battles means more chances for chests to drop.
    Also the final boss at the end of the route, there is a rumor that they are more likely to drop their class
    should a gold chest be dropped from them. Gold chests usually contain Labyrinth weapons which are a
    great boon at early levels. Do consider labyrinth daggers, spear, axe if you are not speeding through the content.
    Labyrinth does not give much exp. So only go here once you have emptied your bread.

    Standard clears reward 200 bread.
    Additional bread may drop from some of the more advanced routes.
    The harder routes for armor are recommended for Lvl70.
    Boss rush (3rd option at the start) does not drop lab armor.

    Extra notes by Skyleo on harder parts of lab

    - You can drop any lab weapon recipe in any route (even boss rush).
    - Lab armors drop from "advanced lab" : when you choose the red path instead of "Go straight". In advanced lab, you will face powerful mid-boss, don't go if you're under lvl 70.
    - Boss rush consists of 17 fights : 2 waves of 8 battles (all the "blue" boss, then all the "red" ones) + 1 final battle against 5 red boss (Fighter + Archer + Soldier + Rogue + Magician). The last fight is really tricky, don't expect to pass it without using CEO skills, even with 70+ party with good stuff.
    If you manage to clear it, all battles drop a silver or a gold chest, containing lab fragments. And the last fight always gives you a gold chest, that may contain the lab ring recipe.
    - 2-2-2-3 ("You found a hidden door in the darkness") is only available if you have a rogue alive in your party.

    Without a rogue

    With a live rogue

    Level 30 around
    Easiest route= 1-1-1-1 (Rival Ceo)
    Easy route with more battles= 1-1-2-1 (Soldier Boss Aderina) or 1-1-2-2 (Rival Ceo)

    Armor routes (Level 50-70+)= 2-1-2-1 (Credit: Dalewyn & Darker)

    Boss Rush= 3-(Test your strength) Fight against blue->red phantoms of 5* units. Rose, Siegrid, Aderina, Judita, Saimi, Ann-Marie, Holly.

    Player NaclMirage personal notes: here's my route 1-3-2-2 (No Mage in party) and 2-1-2-2 (Mage in party)

    Extra Notes
    If you want a full layout of all the routes, the number of battles as well as the bosses, use this
    Map of Labyrinth.
    Not created by me.
    English version by Skyleo found here

    13. Tips and Tricks

    CEO Abuse
    CEO power allows you to buff your party with double attack, defence, revive + heal and 100% critical. CEO
    Attack, CEO defense and CEO critical last two turns. Points regenerate at 1 point= 1 minute. However, buffs use
    50-100 of your points in battle. CEO Abuse is a method that allows you to use more buffs in a single battle,
    you still have to wait for the points to regenerate though.

    The method is this, use your ceo power, close your game after loading finishes. Keep in mind, closing the game
    will finish the current turn automatically for you, both dealing and receiving damage,so do plan ahead (Buffs
    like CEO attack will automatically be included). Wait 100 minutes, use a timer. Re-enter the game and resume
    progress. You now have 100 CEO points back and you can use a buff.

    Situation 1: You realize your party is slowly dying and you are at 0 CEO points. You close the game. CEO Abuse.
    Re-enter fight and use CEO Revive to get back in the game, literally. Be warned, waiting too long on the right
    time to close the game MAY result in the game welcoming you with a defeat screen.

    CEO Abuse Tactic

    TL;DR Version: Near Battle 2 end, use CEO revive. Close game, wait 100mins. Enter Battle 3, use CEO defence
    then CEO attack. CEO revive afterwards if necessary. This tactic uses 200 CEO!

    This tactic is a more efficient use of the CEO abuse in the later chapters, especially ones in chapter 10. The
    third battle is usually the boss battle. So get to battle two, using whatever it takes, even CEO revive. Now
    for the most important part, use CEO revive right before the last enemy of battle two dies. What this does is that it ensures your team enters the boss battle with all party members alive and at full HP. Close the Game. Wait 100 minutes as usual. Re-enter the battle, you should automatically finish battle 2 and enter boss battle.
    Now use CEO defence at the start of boss battle, followed by CEO attack in the next turn. This specific
    sequence allows you to survive the first few turns, enough to allow you to deal heavy damage with CEO attack.
    Hopefully this takes most of the enemies down, if it doesn't, at least you have achieved far more damage than what a normal CEO revive could achieve. Use CEO revive if necessary.

    Rogue Backline Poison

    Rogues are unique from the rest of the classes. Most of their weapons at +2 enhancement, have the skill called
    Shadow Snake Punch. It has a chance to inflict Poison status which deals 20% max HP damage no matter their defence stats. This is used to take down hard bosses such as Siegrid. Let us say she has 6,000 HP. Poison will deal 1200 per turn.

    How to obtain Shadow Snake Punch: TO obtain this Rogue Poison, simply craft the starter dagger [Twin Daggers] You will easily score a +2/+3. Equip to Rogue, Attack does not matter here (Though hit/evasion does). Place Rogue safely in the back and let it apply poison. For best effect against non-boss maps such as mimic maps (8-4
    red) use alongside Aim for the Peppy Strategy so that rogue will apply poison more efficiently.

    Double Draw Resume Method

    TL;DR Sorry you are probably going to have to read it.

    This method allows you to draw two daily resumes whilst under the effects of a mailbox 15 minutes. Mailboxes
    only last for 15 minutes which does pose a problem since you can only do a daily draw once. However, with this
    method, you can draw two within 15 minutes.
    Daily Draw Reset can be found by asking someone in discord chat or looking for a timetable If they are in the mood that is.

    Simply do not do your daily draw for the day.
    Wait until the next day, 5-10 minutes before the Daily draw resets, use a mailbox.
    Do your draw, manually click Hire Employee if you have to.
    Once done. Wait for daily draw reset to happen.
    Refresh your game and do your draw. That is how you do the double draw method.

    Additionally, there is a delay that you can take advantage of, if you cannot be on for the reset but still want to do a double draw, leave your kanpani client logged on. The battlefield/resume draw will refresh the moment you refresh. Say you had to go to sleep 6 hours before reset but leave your comp on. You sleep for 8 hours and it is 2 hours after reset. You do your draw, refresh the page and draw again.

    User: Automedic mentions, you can leave your comp on and logged in for a day, use postbox, draw, refresh 5 mins before reset, do a draw and then after reset draw again. This will result in three draws but I personally recommend to save power and care for your computer.

    Special Day Events
    For Hammers, will only list by Hard difficulty. Nikonana says even a warrior hammer can be obtained on a non-warrior hammer day, most likely Friday(Credit: hentaisupreme)/Saturday/Sunday are exceptions that may drop all hammers.
    (Credit: Skyleo)

    Monday: Soldier, Mage.
    Tuesday: Fighter, Warrior.
    Wednesday: Cleric, Rogue
    Thursday: Ronin, Archer.
    Friday: Resource Day (Wood, Stone, Iron). All class hammers. (Credit: bamboo3250)
    Saturday: Recipe Day (Weapon, Armor, Accessories)*
    Sunday: Material Day (Branch, Ore, Water, Fragment, Leather, Cloth, Horn)

    *Recipe. Easy is unlocked
    Intermediate unlocks after finishing Chapter 5-7
    Hard unlocks after finishing Chapter 10. Costs a whopping 1500 bread.

    EXP Dungeon

    Easy: Level 10 600 Bread
    Intermediate: Level 40-50. Requires 900 Bread. Drop Coin Material. Chance for Gold Slime (32k exp average)

    Jewel Dungeon

    Do not do it. Do 3-5 instead. Stay there. Love it.
    I stayed there myself from level 30-50 and ended up with 800k gold. 400 Onyx OP.

    Grinding Maps
    These are ones I used personally. It also tracks my progress. Exp Dungeon is good, until you can clear 8-8
    easily. Then the material and resource gain start to become tastier than Exp Dungeon.

    Bread:EXP ratio

    TL;DR: 2-6 -> 3-5 - > 8-4 -> Game Clear!

    Level 15-30 2-6 (Red Route, backline leech safe if can kill banshees)
    Level 30-50 3-5 (Red Route, backline leech safe) Hilde CQ
    Level 40-50 5-1, 5-4 (5-1= Half Moon fragments, 5-4= Soldier recipes/maple branch)
    Level 50-65 8-3 (Ring of Resounding Quake) 8-4 (Red Route, Rogue Backline Poison) 9-1 (Titanic Bracelet,
    Goddess Ring) Ann CQ (Ann CW, Fast Filler EXP, Backline leech safe)
    Level 60+ 8-8 (Best Easy Exp Non-Rose), 2-1-1 (Money farm + backline leech safe) 2-1-3*, 2-1-4**, 2-1-7***, 10
    -7 (Good Exp). Rose CQ (Best Exp, needs Rose )
    DeityIkaros recommends 10-5 if you are pro enough for best story exp! If you die, blame him. Level 80+

    * 2-1-3: Enemy only targets highest HP. Means you can leech low level units in back and front long as your
    Soldier stays healthy. 5* leechers may jeopardize this with their absurd HP growth.
    ** 2-1-4: First battle targets low rank, afterwards they only target high HP. Simply assign second frontliner
    leadership if same star rank.
    *** 2-1-7: Contains only ronin. Backline safe. Last Battle targets low rank.

    Understanding your Soldier
    Class skill shares damage with person behind your soldier. This is a double-edged sword.

    Magician behind Soldier: Less natural pdef means mage will take huge damage from physical damage. Spear enemies
    will deal more damage against mage, hence more damage against soldier. (Daleywyn translation: if you put a Mage behind a Soldier, the Mage's def is used to calculate damage taken instead of the Soldier's and thus the Soldier will take more physical damage than if the Soldier had taken it directly.)
    Archer behind Soldier: The same concept as above except MDEF weak. Can dodge physical attacks so not as bad.
    Archer makes Soldier receive even more magical damage.

    If you are ever stuck at a map and you need Mage/Archer/Cleric in particular, place them behind Soldier! But
    understand the risk involved.

    14. Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. Your guide is too messy/long! How do you use it?!
    A. Use Control + F to find key terms, I have highlighted key terms in Green. Or read the TL;DR parts at the
    start of every topic. This guide is meant to be accessible for both that want to know surface information AND
    detailed information gathered from a range of sources I have gathered in one spot.

    Q. Is there any H content in this game?
    A. No. Ko images, ripped clothing, is at the very edge at best. Ann has interesting dialogue, as does Noreen.

    Q. I have a white screen and game keeps reloading but also keeps restarting.
    A. Enter the site again manually. This is usually the result of exiting your browser whilst Kanpani Girls is
    running and restarting the next day.

    Q. I have a black loading screen. It refuses to load!
    A. Wait a bit, it takes a while sometimes. Maybe even up to 1 hour if you have a bad net connection/download.

    Q. My loading is taking longer to load than usual!
    A. The game does patch from time to time. You are most likely updating.

    Q. My Quest Reward screen has frozen. I did not get my employee. What has happened? Do i miss out on them?
    A. Simply Refresh. You do not lose the potential employee. They will show up under your employee list.

    Q. How do you increase Gold Chest / Recipe Drop Rate?
    A. You dont. Its all luck.

    Q. Does Mailbox affect Fairy Envelope / Quest Character Drop?
    A. No.

    Q. Does PR affect Fairy Envelope?
    A. Yes, but slightly.

    Q. Can 5* drop from Quests?
    A. No, only from resume draws or as events.

    Q. Should I awaken a 1* unit/x unit?
    A. Generally no, not unless you are using them. Awakening costs money and for starting players, money is hard to get.

    Q. Why are single hit skills better than multi hit skills against armored targets?
    A. Let us say, a enemy tank had 700PDEF. Your multi hit skill does 0.6x damage, lets make this a simple 600 damage. It gets reduced to 1s. A single hit skill might be 1.1x, lets say it will deal 1100 damage. It gets reduced to 400 damage. Due to multi hit skills possessing generally low hits, it often gets reduced to 1s compared to single hit skills. Well at least that's the theory.

    Q. How do I remove my equipment?
    A. Go to Employee Screen. Click the employee. Click their equipment. Manually search for -Equipped Gear- click to toggle on/off. Only WEAPONS must be equipped on employees at all times, so replace with a dummy weapon to remove the currently equipped weapon.

    Q. How do I do the Mission: Make the Transferee your comrade?
    A. By completing story content. Just use this for future inquiries about missions link

    Q. What is Nutaku Gold for in this game?
    A. To convert into Employee Stones. 100 Nutaku Gold= 2 Employee Stones

    Q. What are the Blue Coins? What is Battle Coins? Where can I use it?
    A. Separate Currency you can earn from doing Battlefield. Battlefield Unlocks once you finish chapter 3 I
    think. You can use these at the Shop. Look to the top of your CEO Home Screen. Once in Shop, click Exchange
    Center (Blue tab) at the left.

    Q. What should I buy with battle coins?
    A. I suggest Party Limit +1. Then Fairy Envelopes. Only purchase the 3* Employees if you are a collector.

    Q. How do I set my Secretary?
    A. Your Secretary is selected by whomever is your leader in Party 1. If you do not use your favored Secretary,
    a neat trick is to move your main team to Party 2 and place your favored Secretary alone in Party 1.

    Q. How do I get more Employee Stones?
    A. By doing new missions. A lot of these are in Event Tab.

    Q. I cannot pass X map. What do I do?
    A. Either you use the CEO Abuse Tactic or you go level up your team and gear them appropriately. Also choosing blue route helps if you picked red a lot on earlier chapters.

    Q. Should I replace X unit with a higher star unit?
    A. Unless its a 4/5* I will not bother. If you are indeed following this guide, then your party is already fine
    as is. Just clear the Story first so you can unlock Part 2. Part 2 has some of the best maps to level new

    Q. Where do you get Judita so easily? Everyone has them! You have six of them!
    A. Judita was handed out in a Facebook Event which ended on the 23/12/2015 for clearing the story. I have six
    of them because I cleared the game on six different accounts and used all the codes on my main account. I even
    confirmed with the Staff if this was allowed.

    Q. Is CEO Abuse Legal?
    A. The Staff has allowed it, long as you wait for the CEO Timer like normal.

    Q. CEO Abuse is cheating! You are all cheaters! Why are you all cheaters?
    A. Its allowed by the Staff and legal. If you want to play the game without aid of CEO Abuse, then do so.

    Q. Is multiple accounts allowed?
    A. It is allowed as Kanpani Girls is for the most part, a singleplayer game. As the staff has said.

    Q. How do you multi-client so easily? You have 90!
    A. The surface method is to use different browsers. They have their own cache, cookies. So you can login two
    accounts at the same time and not kick yourself out. There is a deeper method but I will only reveal if it is

    Q. How do I contact Nutaku Staff?
    A. Go here http://kanpanigirls.chatango.com/. First make your inquiry to the public, it might be a simple
    question. If I am there, I will provide you a link to the Staff Private Messaging. You may also additionally
    issue a support ticket via the main site.

    Q. Do you Photoshop your units? Is that how you have so many rare units? Do you somehow trade your units from
    other accounts?

    A. No, I have no need to fake anything. There is no way to trade in this game as of yet.

    Q. I heard you have spare accounts with rare units on it? How do I go about getting one?
    A. Each user whom has made mass accounts have their own terms and rules. Havenclaw and myself in chatango have
    mass accounts. My primary rule is to show signs that you are active enough to love and care for 5* accounts, as
    well as also sharing your password and email so I can check up on your account in case I lost a specific
    character bio data or if you are inactive for over a month. If you should question trust, well, I think I own
    the best account I could ever wish for, I have no need for anything else when I have 90 accounts. I have also
    given six accounts total as of 1/01/2016.

    Q. Your guide is wrong! You are wrong!
    A. Please post the issue. I am only human. Humans do make mistakes. Be constructive however. Also keep in mind
    this is a Biased guide that has collected all there needs to be known about the game.

    Q. Where did you get your information from?
    A. Sources are listed in the Credit section. Credit goes to them. Other information has come from gaming

    Q. Where can I find Unique Sprites of 5* Employees?
    A. Here

    Q. What does Party Limit +1 do?
    A. It expands the number of parties you can have, not the number of members! You start off with two parties initially, you can add more. You can get more teams via employee stone purchase in the Headquarters menu under facilities, or you can purchase one for 40,000 battle coins in the Shop>Exchange Center. Extra parties add more turns in Battlefield. Employees in these parties gain exp from clearing Battlefield, regardless if they are already dead or did not participate in battle directly in Battlefield ONLY.

    Q. What is promotion?
    A. Promotion is JP only. The gist of it? Disgaea Reincarnation. Something like that. Do not think too much of it, I will release a guide on it when it comes to EN.
    (Credit: Altrius88)

    Q. How can I have a party of six (6) ?
    A. You cannot get 6. The final slot is so that you can place your 5 Employees strategically. E.g. Make use of group heal or to spread out and avoid group damage.

    Q. Can I stack the effects of two hammers?
    A. No you cannot as of now. Using one hammer will disable the use of other hammers until the effect has finished.

    Q. Why do you have so much SALT here?!
    A. I give both my love and salt.

    Q. Where can I find the music for this game?
    A. Here by MiqDoloran. Instrumental OP found here.

    15. Credit and Sources
    Banana Phone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5C6X9vOEkU. Had this looped for 13 Hours to keep my sanity
    whilst typing this guide.
    Excelence. Re: [Kanpani] Awakening. http://www.himeuta.net/f47-kanpani-g...ning-8854.html
    Folseus. Labyrinth Guide. http://www.himeuta.net/f47-kanpani-g...sion-5570.html
    havenclaw. Kanpani Girls Chatango. Stats from JP DMM.
    Illogic. Strongest vs Weakest: How Ranks Work. http://www.himeuta.net/f47-kanpani-g...anks-8649.html
    MiqDoloran. Kanpani Girls Ost. https://soundcloud.com/user-24150066...pani-girls-ost
    JP DMM Wiki. https://translate.google.com/transla...ki.jp/kanpani/
    Ookamiriin. Kanpani Girls Chatango. General Inquiries.
    risingstar3110. Himeuta. Distracting but good Avatar.
    RoderickPrimus. http://the-aria.org/kct/
    Soranokira. General Tips and Tricks Guides. http://harem-battle.club/kanpani-gir...ks-guides.html
    Zeenoa. [Kanpani] Equipment Drop List. http://www.himeuta.net/f47-kanpani-g...list-7953.html

    Special Thanks
    (Esprit Orgue)
    (Credit: bamboo3250)

    - - - Updated - - -

    Now if only I got paid for compiling data about kawaii girls.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Kanpani Girls Resource and Details Guide-standard-formation.jpg   Kanpani Girls Resource and Details Guide-0fb6e3dc97.jpg  
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    Raises party attack power by 150% (1.5x).
    Slightly ambiguous. Better worded as "raises party attack power to 150%" or just "+50% party attack power (x1.5)"

    Unless you meant +150% (x2.5)

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    Not enough Monique hate found, disliked. (Bad joke, sorry)

    Great guide, looks solid for the most part. Thanks for all the effort.

    ...You still sane?

    And as a note, at the end of the extra notes of section 3,
    "You may refresh the game at this point to reset the draw for different Employees as many times as you like," gave me a misconception for a moment.

    You may want to phrase it like,
    "While still in the immediate post-tutorial phase of the game, you may refresh the game at this point to reset the draw for different Employees as many times as you like."

    Just a thought.

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    This thread deserves a sticky.

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    Holy mother of RNGesus!! Someone give this man a trophy.

    I only skimmed through, but it looks like a great source of knowledge for the beginners out there. Much of the stuff we learned here on the forum is spread over dozens of pages and it'd be hard for new people to find it. I second for a sticky

    On the labyrinth section, correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe you have to "take the transparent path" to drop labyrinth armor

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    Nov 2015
    Amazing work !
    To add some things...

    There is a small typo when you speak of archers stuff : the text in red for the royal plate should be for the bow of futility ^^

    The map of the Lab is not really accurate, there are some choices missing (where you can access to advanced lab + boss rush). And there is a route (the one in red in your map) only available if you have a rogue in your party (and she must be alive !)

    For event quests : Monday -> Soldiers + Mages
    Tuesday -> Fighters + Warriors
    Wednesday -> Clerics + Rogues
    Hard mode for Saturday's recipe quest is available after clearing chapter 10, dun remember for intermediate.

    But congrats for this guide !

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    Bare with the translation. Fight to the tekito(death?) is probably aim for low rank.
    Just saw this. "Tekitou" means "random", so that would be the tactic "Just Go Get 'Em!".

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    kudos for the effort, but I must agree that it's too long, xD

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    Perhaps it should be called Reference instead of Guide. That hopefully will put people in the mindset of "I must search, not read"

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    The spell caster class that uses mostly Int. Very straightforward here. They may have lower offensive
    capabilities but they will ALWAYS hit. They are most notable for their area damage spells as well as one of the
    only classes to combat banshee-type enemies. They however, do weak damage against dragon and some mimic type
    enemies. Recommend Necklace. Chatango User Hide2703 suggests using Ring of Resounding Quake for Critical.
    Class Skill- The mage focuses their magical power, taking their turn last in order to inflict huge damage(x2
    modifier?) when they cast.
    Just tried this with a +2 Ring of Resounding Quake on a level 73 Hilde against Ronins in 2-1-7. The result was sublime and I didn't notice any particular increase in her crit rate, if I didn't know she was wearing an RoRQ I would never have guessed. When she did crit she was still doing only ~235 damage.

    Not worth the time I think when the ring can be better used by someone else, better to just go for better base damage with Rumbling/Holy Pendant.

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