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Thread: Tales of Crafting

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    Gae Bolg +3 is done. Back to Klara CW I guess.

    There are 3 +3 weapons in this screencap. Can you point all of them out? :P Gae is one, of course.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schverika View Post
    I'm running low on CW to +3, I'll have to get some 3* bows (low priority given I have both Jicha sisters at +3 CW). Just got Monique's. Next up: Elmi.
    Oh look, Elmi's CW +3. Uh... mages! Let's farm some mage hammers!

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    OMG... Finally my first Laby Axe +3 (with an useless bonus, but I will deal with it) !

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    @Zenithale If you are looking for an AoE warrior weapon solution, Ultimate Axe +3 is your best bet right now. It has the highest offensive stats among axes with the Grand Down skill. And Grand Down as a skill is already better at dealing damage compared to Dimension. (x0.7*2 > x0.8*1)

    Quote Originally Posted by hentaisupreme View Post
    thx for the great suggestion, i never knew ultimate axe +3 had grand down. got this after about 50 casual crafts. very happy

    Attachment 893

    i think i will keep casual crafting it to get better bonuses and to burn resources.

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    Thanks for the suggestion, but I fact I wanted Dimension, for the day I won't use Grand Down anymore. For now I am playing often with 3 Warriors with Grand Down, but I hope to get Anna's CW +3 soon, and my beloved Teresia deserved a good weapon with a rare Skill. I will continue to use Grand Down on Battlefield or during farming, but I will use Dimension for Main Quests (the day new ones will be added).

    Anyway, sure, 0.7*2 > 0.8*1, but that Laby Axe has a better Phys Atk value (and Coef, and Hit, and Crit), which make it really better against high Phys Def opponents who are often an issue for my Warriors, and the Paralyze Skill is the icing and the cake.

    Fun fact, I didn't have the Ultimate Axe recipe yet (but I knew it from the Wiki), so I just played the 1-6-1 Quest once, and get it ^^.

    Now I will focus on Anna's CW +3 and, above all, Warrior Armors.

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    Speaking of which, the laby belt is still eluding me. It's one of the cases where the +3 laby equip is wholy better than the R7 variant as well. :v

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    Well, in under less than 20 attempts out comes Monique's CW +3

    But I am still trying to get the Marica, Klara and Ann CWs up to +3. Have a +2 of each with good bonuses.

    So far:

    Ann CW: 60 attempts
    Marica CW: 69 Attempts
    Klara CW: 64 Attempts

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    After needing more than 500 attempts for each of Lelia, Klara and Rin CWs. Getting this on the 6th try is very refreshing.
    Tales of Crafting-hymmnos.png
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    Finally a good weapon for my Sytry Level 81.

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    I'm over 500 crafts into trying to get Rei's CW+3, and ~100ish into Holly's (and a massive but unknown number for Rose's, I wasn't counting at first), with nothing to show for either. Starting to feel a bit Unlimited Blade Works here, "Have withstood pain to create many weapons" indeed.

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