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    Saving old booster that i got while try luck in gacha from other events with the hope to use it, in revival event BUT PAYTAKU AND HIS GREEDY WAYS
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    I still have ticket left but without fortune stuff around, it is time to kill all my storage box full of useless old booster and pray to RNG

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    There's a very good reason why they did this
    You're probably not the only one who saved up booster mons
    There's also people who have drawn booster mons in the past when they were not boosters

    Guess what happens if they retained booster status once event is repeated
    Everyone and their mother having boosters would mean older players get to dominate top500 event rankings on day 1 leaving newer players behind, sad, blue and dissapointed, thus leaving game - which is very bad

    So they configured the game to only give booster status to booster mons obtained from gacha during event to make it fair for everyone, old and new
    Older players still actually have an advantage - reunion tickets will also yield boosters if rolled during event if they have obtained them before, though still subject to RNGesus' mercy (or lack thereof)

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    old player don´t get any advantages because nutaku don´t give any time to farm gems for tickets, an event over and next start the next day without pause, if u want farm gems, you must skip the event , there the fortune thing that give ticket but the # of fortunes is affect for the booster
    ONLY the paying user can get into top 500 and maybe some guys with so much luck to pull a 200 booster because since that nutaku begin to sell
    guaranteed booster, anybody with a 50% get pushed out of ranking very fast
    the game already dead in dmm, nutaku is only milking whales hard with new girl only to top 300

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