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Thread: Nightmare duchy battlefield records

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    Quote Originally Posted by LZS View Post
    this is my 2-3* team. 1st team for killing mobs, 2nd > Silver Mimic and/or pestering mobs (enemy team consist of lots of evasion girl)
    3rd > Boss kill or weaken boss. 4th is for leech

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    Wow, some nice employes you have here. You can make improved version of my 2nd team and free 3rd team for exp leechers. With 150 turns it even may become the only team you need for full bf clear.

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    I have long stopped doing Nightmare Duchy, got 6 5* employees at lvl 99 and 30 4*/3* lvl 90 employees. Don't feel like wasting exp so I'm training weaker employees that can't run Nightmare Duchy.

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    Now I have finally unlocked my 5th Team (against 100 ES), I played today in Nightmare, with my standard Teams. That was easy, but very slow as expected.
    My Main Team is the 4th, with 2 Sytry, Elmina, Rose (CW +3) and Holly (her CW +3 is imba). The 3rd Team is really efficient against Tanks with 3 Ronins (Judita, Rei and Azimino have their CW +3, and Rui a W +4), they also can kill a whole Team in one turn.
    The 3 other Teams are just here to get XP.

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    Alright in all seiousness though, I too have 5 teams. Started out with 175 rounds and cleared it today with 22 rounds left which is about my average. The first 3 teams are the main team with team. Note all of my team members have not reached their maximum level as I do not like to waste exp on fully lvled girls.
    Nightmare duchy battlefield records-untitled-1.jpg

    - - - Updated - - -

    Alright, finished it today with 50 rounds left.

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    This time with 61 rounds left! No golden treasure or silver treasure enemies encountered though.

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