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Thread: DMM Thread (Spoiler Warning)

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    DMM Thread (Spoiler Warning)-capture.png

    Didn't know they could do this. Saw this in Discord

    Quote Originally Posted by maotd View Post
    Got my last login campain reward with a salticket. I got a gold with it:

    She is False Daphne another pierce, another skill activation girl.
    Skill activation girls are just raining on DMM for me. Pierce girl too.

    This campaing give me 2 gold. I'm happy. I'm lucky. I'm not even salty with my salt roll from yesterday. I love DMM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShadwNinjaX View Post
    Sounds about right with regard to Nutaku if true. I never really mentioned it, but I did notice that is seemed some of the girls were packing more of a punch when I started DMM than what I knew from Nutaku.

    As usual, my salt lies with these 3* tickets. Out of all the ones I've had over the past few months, just 1 4* silver. Never gold. *sigh* Oh well, I'll still taken better 11-pulls if that is the case then.

    In addition, am I reading it right that the blooming hearts ARE limited in number in the store that you can get? Because admittedly, I have only got 1 from all the girls I've maxed out affection and evolved over the past few months and the only other one was a gift from DMM. Wondering if this is reason to be very careful in my future selection of whom receives it?
    Hearts get refilled after a month, either get it with life crystal or whale ship medal. Some girls get incredible skill when bloomed like Chickweed while some are pretty much the same like Lycaste.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HungryHunter View Post
    DMM Thread (Spoiler Warning)-capture.png

    Didn't know they could do this. Saw this in Discord
    Not surprised that Forget-Me-Not has an alternate position like that if you know her past:

    In the past, she used to be a very capable flower knight. However, one day, she lost someone important to her in a war against pest. She becomes weaker ever since due to the trauma she suffered.
    According to the wikia, she's best friends with Tatarian Aster (forgot what they named her on Nutaku).

    Also, they really need to spellcheck some of those pages on the wikia...
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