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Thread: So what killed Idol Wars Z (figuratively)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mimea View Post
    Unfortunately, no. All DMM games that I'm aware of are Japanese-only (and in fact there are some games I can't play without a VPN since I'm a silly foreigner). My Japanese reading skills happen to be just good enough with backup from a dictionary that I can at least muddle through the basics.

    Thank you for the answer
    Unfortunately, i do not know japanese at all. Experience of playing IW on Nutaku seems to be more or less enough for the basic playing on DMM (I really liked the game, so i want to continue playing after it will be deleted from Nutaku).

    I will try to make smth at least with the interface using the Stylish plugin for Firefox, maybe it will do some good...

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    For me -while having a bit more than basic japanese reading- a reason not to migrate to DMM: the mosaics.

    I played Z and I know what happens with H games: we start playing because of the girls, we stay because of the gameplay. But if gameplay was all about, I would be playing mainstream anime games. There must be no greater un-boner in the world than clicking on a hentai thumbnail and seeing a squary mass of pixels instead of a pussy. No wonderful F2P enviroment is going to make me fap looking at a blurred genitalia pic :P

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    Such an extrange behavior has this forum for guest management. Update on previous was a reply from me.

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    Probably cause they just slapped a new skin on dragon providence. The game was great otherwise and had alot more h variety than dragon providence but you may as well have been playing DP otherwise.
    It just simply couldn't compete with the more developed sister

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