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  1. This is Hornyg4mer,

    I have taken it upon myself to start and maybe maintain this wiki for the good of all the "Nutaku" community members. Not sure if there is new content in the works or if the game is now "complete"

    I want to mention that there is a wikia here:

    Everything i post on this wiki was collected from my own playthroughs, and i didnt use any info from that other site. Any similarities are coincidental.

    I am a bit rusty on how to make images the buttons to the pages that i make, but bare with me as i play around with it all

    Contributions are welcome, but through PM to me, or a comment here. Any editing of actual pages should be left to a selected few. That means me for the time being. Thank you for understanding.
  2. I tried to make the images/buttons flowing. but i guess some spaces got in the way.

    I will redo this later, or if anyone wants to try, then post it above my buttons. I do however want it to look like it is in the game. if cannot, then maybe 4 top and 4 below that?

    I know there isnt a faq button in the game, but i edited one. If you want to change that image, go ahead. Again i want it to look as if it was originally there in game

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