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In Corps, you can produce and edit your units.

Unit production

You need units to make a sortie for a battle. You select a heroine and decide the number of the units to produce in "Unit production". Then, units are produced when the allocated time has elapsed. The higher a heroines’ level, the more time it takes to produce the heroine's units.

Edit unit

You can set in heroines under the upper limit of unit organization cost.
By leveling up Barracks in Dominion, the upper limit of unit organization cost increases and possible unit placement numbers may also increase.
When the number of units increases by leveling up Barracks, it will make it possible to use Swap Corps with the arrow buttons.
When you deploy heroines who have more than one unit in the defence corps, they deploy and join defense battle interceptions. There are great opportunities to obtain heroines' sealed stones in defence battles, so let's deploy a defence corps if you have enough resources.

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  1. Is NO.1 CORP, NO.2 CORP, & DEFENSE CORP the max of formations a player can posses?
    [Dead Account]
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    Nope, there are items which are only obtained by by Nutaku gold that allows you to expand the number of teams you may have. I believe it's marked that maximum 3 can be used, so a total of 5 formations and 1 defense. I think the most efficient is probably 3 teams so you can complete all daily quests in one sweep (Team 1: Soldier, samurai, witch, artillery, knight; team 2: automata, archer, artillery, knight; team 3: dargon maid, artillery, knight). Artillery, knights, and witches are relatively easy to obtain, automata and dragon maid can come with Story mode, for those who missed the Hiiragi event or do not have Rosine team 1 might be weaker.
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    How do you get more troops out cuz I can only have 10 soldiers is there a way to increase it?

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