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  1. So I just tested and for skill-up and CR fellow silvers, leveling them up 11 (502~560 exp) would be more or less result in a smaller loss (in gold) while obtaining equal or more exp (using 3 fairies).

    I'd assume that would apply to all but I've not gone that deeply into the calculations yet, but for my silver here's what I did:

    lvl 1 silver provides 300 exp, lvl 11 provides 370 exp,

    lvling a silver from lvl 1 to 11 requires 502 exp (refer to EXP table, can be found on Aigis Wikia if not here).

    Difference = 70 x 8 (from 3 fairies) = 560 exp.

    so as long as you spend between 502-560 exp to level up the silver fodder, you should be able to break even, exp-wise (and I havent brought the cost-savings into calculation yet)

    Edit: forgot to mention that the silver I used in particular for reference is Bernard, male silver HA. females provide less exp
  2. can we put up the new event running right now?
  3. I tried to add current event image in spoiler. Should I chance into the "event" button to look like the game interface itself?
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    can you help me on how i can play aigis on dmm r18?
    im from philippines and it says not available on your area

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