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Thread: X-Overd Guide

  1. X-Overd Character and Bossing Guide

    Margaret Best Girl

    Because game is closing down, it will be lonely.
    Sad Panda Link to the CG Gallery
    Here is all the CG taken (NSFW Warning) and will *probably* get updated. Girls are in alphabetical order. Contains most of the CG except a few ones like New Year Nonno, Mary and all of Sterlitzia. Credit to the folks in the DMM server.

    Since its Sad Panda, you might have to look up the methods online if you dont use this site. Something to do with copyright and lolicon tag moved it from g-e to ex

    If you want to continue playing X-Overd on DMM, join this discord group though I myself have quit the game since it beat me senseless


    1. Notes
    2. Characters
    3. Bosses
    4. Trade

    Official discord channel

    1. Notes
    Spoiler Character Release Timeline (Use this to check if the unit on sale is available for free later)
    The purpose of this list is to allow players to double check if a free event SSR has been changed to pay or has been released as pay early, use this list to save your wallet. Spoils of course.


    SSR Event Pay list

    Star Margaret, Laticia, Mian, Salome, Hermes, Souffle
    Summer Salome, Celine, Sephira
    Sports Margaret, Midori
    Halloween Freesia, Kupika
    Yukata Sephira, Nene, April
    Culture Salome, Nonno, Laticia
    Xmas Margaret, Tyril, Sephira, Ichi

    Individuals: Grand Festa (Ryoko & Faril), Navi (one-time exclusive)

    Free SSR event list (excluding males)
    Sakura Veronica, Laticia
    Easter Meifan, Karue, Sephira
    Star Tyril, Nonno, Lune, Celine
    Summer Marina, Ferris (drop)
    Exotics Cattleya, Freesia, Veronica, Margaret, Lily
    Sport Hermes, Mian (drop)
    Halloween Leitia (drop)
    Yukata Luo (drop)
    Xmas April (drop)

    Individuals: Kureha, Hariko

    Default characters


    25/02~15/03 Sakura festival
    SSr: Veronica, Laticia
    SR: Cattleya, Kupika, Ferris, Freesia, Lily
    R: Karue, Saya, Souffle, Meifan, Lune

    Male: SSR Schwartz, SR ROche, R Dovan


    5/04~17/04 Easter festival
    SSR: Karue, Meifan, Sephira
    SR: Saya, Ferris, Laticia, Lily, Lily, Veronica, Cattleya, Lapis
    R: Kupika, Souffle, Lune

    Male: SSR Mikoto, SR Shiedle, R Taro

    Hermes (entire R free)

    Marina (entire R free)
    Kureha (entire R, SR, SSR free)

    17/05 Star festival
    Part 1

    SSR Pay: Margaret
    SSR: Tyril
    SR: Kupika, Mikoto
    R: Veronica

    Part 2
    SSR Pay: Laticia
    SSR: Nonno
    SR: Sephira, Enzo
    R: Lapis

    Part 3
    SSR Pay: Salome, Mian
    SSR: Lune
    SR: Beretta, Maple, Leitia, Shien

    Part 4
    SSR Pay: Hermes, Souffle
    SSR: Celine
    SR: Midori, Meifan, Lily, Elio

    Celine (entire R free)

    Midori (entire R free)

    12/07 Summer festival
    Part 1
    SSR Pay: Salome Celine (1 copy free for all players)
    SR: Nonno, Taro, Tyril

    Part 2
    SSR pay: Sephira, Ruu (1 copy free for all players)
    SSR: Marina
    SR: Laticia, Mikoto, Lapis

    Part 3
    SSR: Ferris (drop)

    Exotic Gacha Update
    SSR: Cattleya, Freesia, Veronica, Margaret, Lily

    SSR: Shiedle, Elio, Dovan

    Winry (entire R free, 1x SR free, 1x SSR free)

    Patty (entire R free)

    Aliciel (entire R free, 1x SR free, 1x SSR free)

    April (entire R free, 1x SR free, 1x SSR free, 2x Char weapon free)

    Nene (entire R free, 1x SR free, 1x SSR free)

    Navi (1 SSR free)

    Luo (entire R free, 1x SR free, 1x SSR free, 3 Char weapon free)

    20/09~4/10 Sports festival
    SSR Pay: Margaret, Midori
    SSR: Hermes, Mian (drop)
    SR: Miranda, Dovan

    30/09~4/10 Grand Festa
    Ryoko (Entire R free, Entire SR free, 20 Rainbow tickets)
    10 tickets= Ryoko (technically 1 free SSR)
    8 tickets= All SSR girls and character weapons

    Ako (Entire R free, 1x SR free, 1x SSR free, 3 char weapon free)

    18/10 Halloween Festival
    SSR pay: Freesia, Kupika
    SSR: Leitia (drop)
    SR: Bruunhilde, Beretta, Herschel

    1/11 Yukata festival
    SSR pay: Sephira, Nene, April
    SSR: Luo (drop)
    SR: Aria, Jennifer

    15/11 Culture festival
    SSR pay: Salome, Nonno, Laticia
    SR: Aliciel, Uzawi, Patty (drop)

    Hariko (entire R, SR and SSR free)

    29/11 Grand Festival
    Faril (entire R free, entire SR free, 10 rainbow tickets)

    29/11 Xmas
    SSR Pay: Margaret, Tyril, Sephira, Ichi
    SSR: April (drop)
    SR: Veronica, Freesia, Cattleya
    R: Lily, Dovan

    Pretty much this is a guide to characters and bossing only, If you want game information or have any questions, check out the discord FAQ section and game guide below the game.

    -Added Trade Section
    -Updated Character List for one full year worth
    -Updated Daily Boss Section Sunday (Light)
    -Added Character Release Timeline
    -Changed Daily Boss Section to include Tuesday (Fire)
    -Updated Daily Boss Section (Thursday (Wood))
    -Guide became characters and bossing only. Totes not because of laziness.
    -Guide was half-made

    What is X-Overd?

    X-Overd is a game that suffers from power creep. Nutaku version has a shaky direction as well. Will it last with whales still playing the game? Who knows but the power creep nature of the game demands free players to befriend whales in order to easily clear content.

    2. Characters

    Keep in mind that these are my opinions as a free player after playing 1 year in DMM X-overd.

    Character Map Summary

    Strong-----------Not Used
    White Marking means, either needs cash/planned crystals to be strong.

    Units are ranked by number in their respective groups. E.g. 1 is top
    Attacker: Group A (Single target attackers), Group B (Mages), Group C (AoE), Group D (Status)
    Supporter: Group A (MP healers), Group B (Buffers), Group C (Attack Hybrid)
    Defender: Needs None
    Healer: Needs None

    Individual Look
    Alphabetical Order
    Red= You will probably just level this unit purely to level.
    Yellow= Situational
    Blue= You may use a lot.






    -Grand Fest Units require pay to fully evolve, unless you somehow last 5 grand fest units without spending.

    -Free Dungeon units Momiji and Hariko are fully evolvable for free, provided you clear their content.

    -Navi is unlikely to come to Nutaku version, due to LoW closing down, so awkward if collboration event is tacked on. Nutaku might bring Navi though, may even mark up her prices to be higher.







    3. Bosses
    Boring strategies used to steamroll the bosses, I will release them on the day they are released and you can check here if you need help with forming a tactic to beat them.

    Some good bossing characters but not necessarily grinding characters: Freesia for prolonged fights and Meifan for the first boss. Will release more upon new char releases.

    There is a certain character that makes the Forbidden bosses easy, just wait. It is possible to do now, just that at this point in time I would recommend saving the stamina to become powerful enough to dps race the boss.

    Disclaimer: I will only release wood boss for now. Solely because until treasure dungeon is finished, it is not worth the stamina-exp ratio. Unless you want to ofc use L/XL eggs with the highest base exp possible.


    Copy this team. Keep in mind Shiedle is the leecher slot. Use Meat if you want to hasten the process. Use L/XL egg if you want to live life dangerously, up to 144k char exp with XL egg, Shien needs about 1000hp after egg reduction to live a small physical hit though. At least run a test run to see if you can do it before using eggs.

    With a XL egg, you get this result. Note: My leecher was Schwartz. Tbh I still dont know why some units get much more (see Frezia) than others. Perhaps someone can tell me.

    It is suggested all males have max evolution on all jobs possible to ensure max MP. MP is a huge concern when attempting bosses.
    Also both Crimson and Wood boss both share the same attack pattern, just differing elements.

    Attacker: SSR Shien/SSR Schwartz to do up to 99k damage, Shien with his Scarlet Flaming Air Daikatana lvl74 skill, Schwartz with his Ground Breaking lvl74 skill. Aguni weapon advised for Shien, Valentine Katana for Schwartz. Shien is better against Wood, Schwartz is general all-purpose due to doing neutral damage against all elements.
    Leecher: Any, you can place anyone here, if you want, you can go another Nuker but dont heal their mp. Leechers still have to contribute in some way, like Dim Shield, Self-mp heal etc. If you want, you can go SR Shiedle and alternate between Mikoto and Shiedle silence skills to manage mp.
    Silencer: SR Mikoto at level 64 learns Soul of Truth (180mp) which ensures silence for 3 turns. Important to shut down the daily kin bosses. He also has access to Swift Heart. With boots, he still cannot outspeed the daily kin bosses, but if he casts Swift Heart twice during the waves before the boss, he can. This is why he is a better option compared to Shiedle.
    Buffer: SR Elio to constantly use Boost Brave. You can try to save Meifan by stacking shell but with the amount of turn leeway, you can afford to just cast brave on Shien to speed things up. You can go Nonno here but if you are f2p, she probably has a low mana pool at low evolution count.
    MP Healer: SR Frezia for the mp heal. MP heal is based on character level and not job level. MP heals around 375 max for ballad III. R will not cut it.

    SSR Meifan to be the sacrificial doll. Can be 0/6 if you want. Generally should be collaborated assist with a person you can talk to so you know which accessories they have. Assume your tank will die. Have her constantly use the Mighty aggro skill (40mp) and then when you are about to receive a physical hit, use her Lv74 skill to reduce the damage taken by -50%. If the meifan is slower than the boss (no boots) use it on the turn before.

    Alternative: Once you become more relaxed, can do this comfortably, equipped Shien with Aguni 2H sword 2*/ Schwartz with Valentine Katana 2*, then you may consider leechers (any person whom is there just to absorb exp), if not, additional damage like Roche or dim/dimini shield user.

    Alternative 2: If you do not have a relatively hard hitting Shien/Schwartz, you can contact a person whom has one if you have a SSR Meifan of your own that has a reasonable mp pool to last roughly 6 turns of 40mp use.


    Because mp is tight between Shien, Freesia and Mikoto.

    Shien: MP ring + attack bracelet/crit jewel
    Roche/Leecher: MP ring + any
    Mikoto: MP ring + Boots (Winged Boots from completing Baldor trade mission 3)
    Elio: Boots (needed to outspeed Shien) + MP ring
    Freesia: MP ring

    Because the bosses have three distinct attacking patterns, I have separated them for you.

    Tuesday (Fire) / Thursday (Wood)

    The Method (Fire and Wood Only)

    When I refer 240 or 135, it refer to their skill based on mp cost. Shien Daikatana (240), Mikoto Soul of Truth (180)

    -Get to boss wave, does not matter for prep work. You can if you want, stall and have Mikoto cast Swift Heart twice so you can silence the boss first on turn 1 and avoid the attack down debuff.
    -Mikoto uses his silence, if you miss here, failed run. Actually if you miss at any point it might be gg.
    -Then use these skills until the large attack turn (physical). Shien (Fighting Spirit - 240 - 240), Roche (Spam Dim shield), Mikoto (Spam 180 or space it out 180-defend-180), Elio (Spam Boost Brave on Shien) and Freesia (Spam MP heal. Priority order: Freesia-Mikoto-Shien. Shien can use Fighting Spirit if he is out of mp). Assist Meifan spams 40 Aggro skill to ensure she is the target of the physical attack.
    -The turn with large attack single physical comes and does 6k dmg to Meifan (and possibly dies).
    -The next physical does 300dmg (wood) on Shien
    -Repeat rotation except its game over the next time the large physical attack comes.

    Reference table from JP wiki (USE THIS!! Monitor your turns) Crimson is exactly the same attack pattern! Just fire element.

    Credit: EDACRA (Meifan), Carfal (Meifan). The DMM X-overd community for the strategy discussions.

    Proof Page (for those that doubt)

    and no crystal usage

    Light (Sunday) / Water (Wednesday)

    The Method (Fire and Wood Only)

    Like the above, you need to prepare well. The major difference in comparison to Fire and Wood is the boss attacking pattern.

    Reference table from JP wiki (USE THIS!! Monitor your turns) Water is exactly the same attack pattern! Just water element.

    At first you notice that the boss will attack immediately on the first turn and this is the major difference. To get through this, you need a SR Mikoto at 70/70, due to speed bonus, equipped with boots (winged boots) and a mp ring. He still does not have enough speed to out speed the boss, but with Swift Heart, he can.

    -When entering the dungeon, the first three waves are occupied by fodder mobs. Stall for one turn and have Mikoto cast Swift Heart, you may choose to have two people attack the two mobs if you can guage your damage well, or just have Meifan pull aggro. Do not risk a overkill chain!
    -On the second turn, again have Mikoto cast Swift heart but this time, plan a overkill chain to meet the boss.
    -Enter the boss, Have Mikoto cast his 180mp skill and if it lands, you are set. The rest is pretty much the same as Fire and Wood strategy except the flag for meifan to use her 240 skill to reduce damage taken by -50% is when the boss heals himself for 2500hp, thats the flag to use that skill.


    Fire Ichiroh

    Attack Pattern
    T1= Turn 1

    T1= Single Light Hit
    T2= Fire AoE
    T3= Single Light Hit

    Repeat T1,T2,T3 cycle one time

    T7= Miss
    T8= Lethal Single Hit
    T9= Lethal AoE Hit



    Meifan Solo strategy: If you cannot use eggs, use a relatively high char level SSR Meifan 0/6 minimum. Basically just alternate between [Wild Hit Guard] and [Chakra Recover]. On T7 use [Wild Hit Guard] and then for T8 + T9 use [Chakra Recover]
    DPS Race: Basically apply blindness (Mikoto) and burst it down before T2/T5 and T8/9 before you get AoEd.
    Absolute Nuke: When we finally get multi-hit single target nukers with pile storage, Summer Ferris SSR is one, just use first turn Pile Storage then nuke with 240 to almost one-shot it.

    This boss is the easiest and ideal to use eggs, especially when you have assist friends that can carry.
    Example Team: Mikoto, Nonno, Attacker, Leecher, Leecher, Assist Attacker

    Lightning Ichiroh

    Attack Pattern

    T1= Status single target
    T2= Single target nuke
    T3= Banish to the shadow realm
    T4= I did not get this far.


    Kupika: Basically spam [Take That ♪]. If you do not have that skill, find someone with an assist that does. Kupika must also have boots on, mp ring helps. MP healer is a requirement because of this slow chipping progress. Magic can also damage this boss without waking it up. Physical hits will wake up sleeping enemies. As long as the enemy is asleep, the next hit is guaranteed to hit. If you always wake the enemy, you are playing with RNG. For maximum ez mode, just set everyone except Kupika + MP healer to use cheap self buffs or self-mp heal.

    SSR Bruno: He is slower but accessible to free players. Spam his 240 instead. Because he is slower, you either need a Healer/Tank to cover this weakness up. Tank will receive the status attack. A Healer that can remove paralysis on Bruno regardless if it hits him or not. Once the enemy is asleep, pretty much guaranteed to kill if hes the only attacker with the aid of a MP healer.

    DPS Race: Just throw everything you got at it and play with RNG.

    Example Team: Kupika, Freesia, Nonno, leecher, leecher Assist Kupika/Freesia/Nonno (increase your leecher count)

    Holy Ichiroh

    Attack Pattern

    T1: AoE Silence
    T2: Single Magic Hit
    T3: Single Physical Hit
    T4: Decrease Attack Power AoE
    T5: Lethal AoE Physical
    T6: AoE Silence
    T7: Lethal AoE Magical


    Mikoto: Use SR Mikoto /w boots for this one. T1 use 180, T2 use 135. Alternate from there. If you miss first turn, you might be screwed. May need Freesia.

    DPS Race:
    Just use a op Xmas April or Xmas Marina to banish this boss to the shadow realm.

    Example Team: Mikoto, Freesia, Nonno, attacker, debuffer/attacker. Assist Attacker.

    Water Ichiroh

    Attack Pattern

    T1= Self attack buff
    T2= Triple hit single with blindness
    T3= Seven hit single with blindness
    T4= Five hit single with blindness
    T5= Lethal AoE that banishes you to the shadow realm

    None *gasp*

    DPS Race + Use a tank: Basically use a tank to aggro pull and use self-defence buffs to last until turn 5. Just DPS by T5 and you should be good.

    Example team: Nonno, Jennifer/Aria, Dimini Wall user, attacker/leecher, attacker/leecher Assist whale attacker that can nuke it to oblivion.

    4. Trade

    Silver foreign coin= x3 per exotic weapon roll for a chance at ancient gold coin
    Ancient gold coin= needed to exchange for Gold coin, need 10 to exchange for 1 gold coin.
    Gold coin= Need 3 to do one roll of exotic gacha

    So 30 total ancient gold coins for the free player. its a system that allowed whales to put their maxed SSR girls to use with superior trade power whilst at least giving free players a chance at this gacha.

    What you should be looking for whilst trading

    I would say stockpile at least 50 crimson orbs, maybe 100. 50 man drake salads and 50 ice dragon egg saute.

    Crimson orb route= Erestia 1 > Grandstar 2. You also get decent number of Ceres doing this.
    Man Drake Salad route= Baldor 1 > Erestia 3
    Ice dragon= Baldor 2 > Baldor 4

    Stockpile these until we get the character Ebragish whose SSR job allows f2p players to easily break 120k trading power so you can do these missions that require crimson orb, mandrake salad, ice dragon for a high chance at ancient coin. Eventually you will memorize the order so it isnt too bad.

    Future Stuff [In order of appearance]

    All 6th missions drop male chars.
    All 7th missions require a female-only team so until you get International Sports Carnival (ISC) SSR Mian, you cannot really do this unless youve been blessed with ssr rng. These missions mainly reward ancient coins and gold coins.

    Baldor 6= Grandstar 2 > Baldor 3. Grandstar 2 gives you the R Ceres book you need to do Baldor 3 for winged boots. This trade may give shiedle SSR.
    Baldor 7= Baldor 5 [Ice dragon route] drops the SSR gun necessary for this trade.

    Grandstar 6= Erestia 5. Exchange the HP accessory u get from cerberus to do this and stockpile the SSR Ceres u get from Erestia 5. This trade may give Elio SSR
    Grandstar 7= You get momo special from doing Grand Star 5 [crimson orb route]

    Erestia 6=
    Erestia 5 [mandrake salad route] may drop the SR Ceres you need to do this trade. This trade may give Doban SSR.
    Erestia 7= Erestia 5 [mandrake salad route] may drop the SSR sword you need to do this trade.

    Trade Members

    Tbh dont go out of your way to spend crystal for these units. Trade is supposed to be passive.

    Ebragish is the free male trader, his ssr job boosts the trade power of the team.
    SSR Marina base is a raw trade unit with around 40k trade power
    SSR ISC Mian boosts the trade power of water element units.
    SSR Exotic Lily has nice trade power + water + reduces trade time by like 10%
    SSR Lune is nice
    SSR Exotic cattleya has nice trade power
    SSR Kupika is nice if ur not using her
    SSR Maple is decent

    For more details, scroll all the way to the bottom for a full list of prominent trade units in dmm wiki.

    Trade power increases with the more evolution you have for that job, the list displays their maximum individual trade score before trade abilities kick in.

    An example team setup

    Eventually you have to train units so be prepared to substitute a few times, perhaps use said time to do low missions that dont require much trade power.

    Extras and Trivia

    -Roche 135 and 240 skills appear as 3% instead of 30%. I am not sure if this was intentional or a typo.

    -When I look at Shien, this plays in my head. (Hence my personal edit on the title image, them glowing eyes)

    -When I look at Schwartz, One Winged Angel plays. Must be that album image pose + katana. Schwartz also dislikes romance and prefers meeting military texts. I am sure he would love to talk strategy with men in the public baths LOL.

    -When looking at names. Someone correct me on this but Freesia made more sense as a name compared to Frezia because it is the name of a flower. Also Shien, considering his theme it might be Xien, idk asian names. Ferris looks like Phyllis to me.

    -The two other girls in the title image are Nonno and Sephira.


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    "Male Gacha side, weapon gacha contains UC and R girls, I highly recommend culling the pool as much as you can before spending crystals on Female gacha."
    what do you mean by this? i should use alot of free gacha before doing the female gacha?

    also thanks for the heads up about the thunderblade i just got it and was confused as to why it didnt completed the mission.

    currently im at 2.4k shards, dont know if i should go for gentlemen or free gacha

    about the setting the skill, its annoying that i have people with regular attack on auto

  3. Female Gacha Pool contains R girls. If you already get all the Rs in the male weapon gacha pool, they will not appear in the female gacha pool. Which means your rolls will be more likely to be SR/SSR since female gacha does not include already gained units. The same applies to male gacha.

    This however does not apply to weapon gacha but you will still get refunds....but they will still be in the pool. It can take perhaps 100,000 purple shards to cull the Rs enough.

    I also forgot to include that UC Dovan, Shielde and Elio are gained as raid drops. You can play however you want though, the game isnt that punishing.
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    Mind if I link this on ULMF? I'm too lazy to make a proper opening post and you've got some pretty nice info here.

  5. Sure, go ahead. Still not finished though.

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    Thanks, I'll go ahead and cross-link then.

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    From that ulmf thread:
    Quote Originally Posted by Keyen
    The guide is good, but I can add few things:

    -Basically, there is two type of characters. "Story characters" start at UC, have a unlockable R and SR class, but don't have SSR class until events. They unlock their second accessory when their UC class is lvl 50 (Important). Other characters starts at R, have SR and SSR unlockable classes. Between them, you can divide again between male and female characters.
    -Story male characters UC classes are unlockable from the gatekeepers, but also from the male free gacha (also known as "Mancha").
    -Story female UC classes are upgradable from the free gacha, which also have every R female classes, but also C and UC items.
    -The premium gacha has R/SR/SSR.
    -To max a class, you need 20 UC/ 1+16 R/ 1+12 SR/ 1+6 SSR.

    Since a gacha (both free and premium) refund when you draw a class you have already maxed, the optimized route is:
    1) Max the UC male from the gatekeepers
    2a) Then only after that, draw from the mancha (~32000 shards)
    2b) Draw from the free gacha until you got every female UC/R (You can max UC quickly, but maxing R require a freaking huge amount of shards)
    3) Only then, draw from the premium gacha. Each R you remove by the free gacha is one R you will not encounter in the premium gacha (and thus, it's 5 crystal spared each time, so it's REALLY worth it)

    The obvious disavantage of this strat the fact you will draw nothing from the premium gacha for a very long time. However, you can manage with the Mancha and its poweful units (Schwartz, etc).
    Also, you will encounter new characters only from R draws of the free gacha, meaning you can miss a character for a very long time. Your call.
    I used three 10 +1, and got 3 SSR, 15 SR and 15 R. I regret a bit, since these 15 R are lost in a way (75 crystals...). On the other hand, I was able to get at least one class of every character, so it's not so bad, I can start leveling them now.

    About the low stamina pool. The reason comes from the fact the player level is caped to 500 (So, even with 1 per level, you can have 9H+ stacked). So, in the early game, you want to farm player level as much as you can. For that:

    Limited dungeon: Forbidden Treasure Chest:
    -Compartiment 3 is best for player exp (3000 for 8 stamina). Do that as much as you can!
    -Compartiment 8 is best for character exp (8000 for 23 stamina, use an egg and a strong helper, be careful of the boss, he can aoe)
    -Compartiment 9 drops Egg (M/L/XL, use a cookie)
    -Compartiment 6 drops bonus shards.
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    one day, I too will be able to play this game.

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    Hi, thanks for the guide, it's really useful.
    I received a Mankiller Yiu Le Dao R++ but I'm not sure how strong it is compared to a max level weapon evolved. Since it's lvl 10, is it equal to 3 lvl10 weapons evolved?

    PS. I've been playing it for 4 days but I read that it's not actually open, what's going on? x)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Abel6 View Post
    PS. I've been playing it for 4 days but I read that it's not actually open, what's going on? x)
    Canada has early access.
    Kamihime (IGN: Aidoru / ID: 5083653) ★
    Friend Support Eidolons:
    • Light: Phoenix Lv100 [+13]
    • Dark: Apocalypse Lv100 [+15]
    • Fire: Crom Cruach Lv100 [+0]
    • Water: Jormungand Lv100 [+30]
    • Thunder: Yggdrasil Lv100 [+10]
    • Wind: Quetzalcoatl Lv100 [+2]

    Brave Girl Ravens (IGN: Eros / Server: Claire) ★

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