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Thread: X-Overd Friend ID Thread

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    Unregistered Guest

    Need Friends

    ID 139261. Need friends for shards and stuff )

    - - - Updated - - -

    ID: 989783
    Current Unit is Laticia.
    No friends yet will accept anyone up to my max limit

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    Will accept you if add me now, actively updating friendlist!

    48 hours inactive removal for friends =D

    Talking to an unregistered, is like talking to a constant fart of air.
    It stinks and you don't even know if its the same person.

    So at least give yourself a name.

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    Not very active but play sometime

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    Looking for friends atm for achieves and stuff.


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    Add reacers, will always have SSR Shien, SSR Saya or SSR Meifan as Helper Unit.


    Currently 24/24. Thanks everyone.
    Last edited by reacers; 12-05-2016 at 09:36 AM.

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    At the moment i'm rank 12 and my helper is SSR Saya
    Osawari Island LV:96 Mobile Code: FUFB94NVST
    PeroPero Seduction LV:51 SED: ~990k ID:398275
    Duel Squad LV:70 (RIP)
    Girls Kingdom LV:70 Castle LV:10 (Quit)
    Flower Knight Girl LV:90 Power:330k ID:514096129
    Dragon Providence Total LV:233 CBP:1103411

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    ID 1301568

    Currently helper is SSR Souffle (Earth/wood element).

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    Unregistered Guest

    My ID is 2272456

    My helper is Saya SSR ( of course) LV 14 and job LV 23

    Thank in advance.

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    Just trying it for nw, but might as well add my ID too:


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    am i thinking that it is becoming like facebook games...... why mission requires a friend.............

    not a active player but still.......: 4977277


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