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Thread: [Chit Chat] X-Overd Daily News

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    lol a classic nutaku...
    btw do you guys know whether cookies and tarts have an effect on compartment 6? i did a few tries and couldn't notice any difference but could as well just be rng ^^'
    Cookies are a flat 1-5 extra drops based on cookie rarity. Tarts affect the rng so it's harder to quantify their value but there's no reason to think they're not working.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nitty View Post
    Looks like they revived the old forbidden treasure dungeon to fill the gap until a new event. Time to farm shards.
    Only 2 events into the game and already a revival(I don't count the xmas maps as an event). Future of this game is starting to look grim already.

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    The treasure box gets revived a few times as the token filler event. And its usage here is fine since it's about shifting event maintenance back to Tuesdays. (extending an event by 4 days like what BGR did should be considered an abnormal generosity)

    The garbage xmas non-event is an example of when trying to stick to the seasons too much is a bad idea. They probably didn't want to port an event for a 11 month old game to a 1 month old environment, but they should've skipped the holiday idea entirely and stick to the original event order.

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    Oh this is nice; we finally got our own Forum section for the game.

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    Event Dovan and Roche are the only jobs I have left in the mancha. It took 30x 10-pulls to get a single evolution. The refunds and maxed jobs need to go away.

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