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  1. Kamihime Project R Preregistration
  2. Kamihime Project R Level Break Question
  3. KamiPro - Rerolling guide
  4. Kamihime General Discussion + Q&A
  5. Kamihime Project SP Quest bug
  6. KamiPro - Game Guide/FAQ Thread
  7. Limit Break/Enhanment Confusion
  8. [Advent Event] Eidolon from another world - Advent battle vs. Apocalypse
  9. SSR weapon vs Heroic Soul
  10. Just how much netorae is in this game?
  11. My quest wont continue in after Electrified Relic in Kamihime nutaku version
  12. Lil problem with avast
  13. Raid bosses
  14. Notes to self
  15. Kamihime Project R - Union Recruitment Thread
  16. Weapon Management
  17. Kamihime Discord Channel
  18. Will they ever get rid of eidolon aura only working for friends
  19. KamiPro - Friend ID Thread
  20. Spading Snatch
  21. Weapon Skill Multiplier
  22. Kamihime Project Moments/Battles/Raids
  23. Apocalypse event ExpertSP now exist
  24. SR Premium Ticket only gave an R?
  25. Harem Scene Video Compilation
  26. Oliver encounter story bugged
  27. Gather them all
  28. Bug causing support partner to switch after entering battle.
  29. What does the grimoires do?
  30. Question on Break Limit-mechanic
  31. Kamihime Project R has had rape content censored in the Nutaku release
  32. Anyway to get clean images and sprites of the characters?
  33. Where do they announce/update Maintenance Periods?
  34. [Event02] Advent Battle against Phoenix
  35. Need Union Members, Union Name: Kamihime
  36. Where to Farm Materials for Half Elixir?
  37. Spending Jewels
  38. Listing of Sunday special SP Quest times
  39. Which Legendary Spirit is the best?
  40. Best storyline farming areas
  41. Theorycrafting: The likelihood of drawing SR and SSR kamihime in Gatcha
  42. How effective is the eidolon effect "Item drop rate up"?
  43. Soul P takes too long to get
  44. Advent Battle "Exchange" What are the Grimoire Materials?
  45. how can i found weapon / eidolon with + icon in them
  46. Prision of Wind.
  47. advent battle question?
  48. Phoenix event - Standard vs Expert
  49. Solomon's Ring damage is affected by Eidolon bonuses
  50. Phoenix or SSR Bow
  51. Should i use my jewels on Gacha now or later?
  52. Preparing for a Wind advent!
  53. Blackscreen when opening "meet the zestians" mission
  54. GACHA | Rate up
  55. [Event 03] Advent Battle vs Garuda
  56. Amaterasu top tier? draw or no draw~
  57. Kamihime Project R Veterans Please respond
  58. Planning for SR-Tier Teams
  59. Having black screen every time at 2nd stage of battle,need help.
  60. What is the best time to do a 10 chain JEWEL gacha roll ?
  61. Best SR-Tier Team Compilations
  62. Advice for future events
  63. Garuda EX Bugged
  64. Premium Gacha Ticket
  65. Garuda Ultimate battle summed up in one image.
  66. Kamihime Fan Fix
  67. SR and SSR Kamihime tier List
  68. Eidolon H_scene
  69. [Event 04] Advent Battle vs Typhon
  70. Level not showing up
  71. AP complaint
  72. Best use of AP in between events
  73. Rare Gatcha Kamihime content/update?
  74. [Advent Event 04] Eidolon from another world - Advent battle vs. Typhon
  75. How can I defeat Event Ultimate?
  76. Advent difficulty worth it?
  77. List of friends using Thunder Eidolon (or anything that boost Thunder Kami)
  78. Let's talk about snatch
  79. Typhon Reward Choice
  80. Are the H scenes in this game of poor taste?
  81. Little Red Circular Potion In Battle
  82. Wicked Emperor of the Abyss: An Overview of the first Raid Event
  83. Account giveaway
  86. 4 star SR Kami advice
  87. Calendar of events for Water users
  88. 4-Star break limit SSR advice
  89. Easter Gacha
  90. Preferred Eidolon Buffs (DMG calculator included)
  91. Water eidolon friend thread
  92. Vortex's brief opinion guide to each SSR kamihime in the game.
  93. The value of stacking Def DWN (with damage calculator)
  94. Asking for advice
  95. Limit Break Eidolon Friend Thread
  96. [Event 06] Advent Battle vs Medusa
  97. New account gives 6K JEWELS
  98. Competition: Propose the best realistic team
  99. Is Auto Ability New?
  100. 2 New Souls up and Medusa: No... Just. Fucking. No.
  101. Event and priorities
  102. Upcoming SSR Kamihime/Eidolon discussion
  103. Useless feature
  104. Kamihime Project CG
  105. Can you obtain the raid eidolons? And if, how?
  106. Holy Grail Question
  107. Can someone explain this to me?
  108. Explanation of each item
  109. [Event 07] Lightning Clockwork Angel Raid Event
  110. Thank you for grinding the advent bosses!
  111. New SSR Kamihime Gacha
  112. Maximum Weapon Skill Level?
  113. Does snatch actually work?
  114. [Event 08] Advent Battle vs Rahab
  116. Sooo Awkward team question
  117. [Explanation] How is the damage calculated.
  118. Party Setups
  119. Favorite Kamihime
  120. Rahab Excnage!
  121. Kami Pro on MOBILE
  122. What has been the worst luck you ve had while fighting?
  123. Android APK?
  124. What Soul to Unlock?
  125. Sanahtlig's Kamihime Project Toolbox
  126. Thunder rate up Gacha?
  127. revival event
  128. What is this?
  129. What is your Favorite Harem
  130. Future Soul Question
  131. [Event 09] Raging Fury of the Inferno Dragon Raid Event
  132. Best way to farm Quest Materials
  133. Share Your Fortune/Misfortune
  134. Crom Cruch Strategies
  135. Raid Boss Issue
  136. lost much harem scene
  137. Simple guide to make you stronger "Version 2.0"
  138. Help me build an ultimate team
  139. Sp quest items
  140. item keeper....
  141. How to use arcane/ chalice?
  142. Is there a List of Best kamihime for each Element?
  143. Gems and what to use them for?
  144. Wind KH and Eidolons
  145. [Event 10] Advent Battle vs Ixion
  146. Diabolos to be sacrificed or not
  147. NO SSR kamihimes problems and the next event
  148. Does break limit on enhance materials matter?
  149. Kamihime gacha weapon
  150. What is the Evolved Grimiore/ Grimiore of apothesis for?
  151. The loots difference betwen difficulty
  152. The best debuff and buff combination
  153. [SPOILERS] Your loli waifu has awakened
  154. Newbie acc which should i pick
  155. The value of Grails and are they worth Demonic Cores
  156. Disaster Raids Question
  157. What do the grimoires do?
  158. Gem gacha kamihime refresh
  159. i'm noob help me
  160. Annoying glitches?
  161. Kamihime & Eidolon Album?
  162. Collecting Rarer Eidolons
  163. How important is it to have a mono-element team? (noob questions)
  164. When we can expect another jewel bonanza
  165. The "Next" button is unclickable after auto combat bug ??
  166. [Event 11] Curse of the Sacred Wine Quetzalcoat Raid Event
  167. Damage calculator
  168. Ignited dragoon effect
  169. MLB Weapons and Eidolons
  170. collecting from raid is not good idea?
  171. Opinions on my next legendary soul unlock
  172. A crossover is coming
  173. Will Kamipro be canceled?
  174. Att up and hp up weapons
  175. where is the idol war z migration gift?
  176. A Question About Sub Weapon Choices
  177. Crossover missions in DP
  178. Spare SSR weapons
  179. Would previous events come back?
  180. Quest bug #22
  181. [Event 12] Apocalypse & Phoenix Rematch
  182. How to get new Kamihime?
  183. Friend Eidolons: A Guide to being a Good Friend
  184. i only get one "10 chain gacha ticket" even thou i finished all DP mission
  185. Becareful, there is expiration date for the 10 chain gacha ticket u received
  186. Can't enter Kamihime Project
  187. No IWZ migration tickets will be distributed
  188. Newbie need some explanation
  189. Are the SSR guaranteed ticket affected by the current "Pull rate increased" element?
  190. Best way to get new Summer Kamihimes
  191. One Piece of Godzilla's Eyelashes!!!! (wtf?)
  192. Serial Number thingy
  193. WebGL it a snag (mobile version)
  194. List of Future Event SSR Eidolon/Wep
  195. [Event 13] The World Tree's Seed of Despair Raid Event
  196. ap and bp doesnt recover
  197. AP usage during Raid Events?
  198. Million player celebrations
  199. Andromeda bug?
  200. harem episode
  201. How does the union event work?
  202. SSR weapon skill upgrade strategy question
  203. Team composition bug, sort of
  204. antique gem and robotic relic - what do these do?
  205. 3x SR Ramiel Codes
  206. noob questions
  207. +x on weapons/eidolons
  208. weapon vs eidolon trade-in item
  209. Ramiel codes
  210. Love scenes collecting
  211. This is the end of the main quest?
  212. best daily for lithographs?
  213. Disbanding Union
  214. [Event 14] Crucible of Combat vs The Demon Pride Union Event
  215. Ultimate raid battle bug? Can't "give up"
  216. Ultimate raid battle bug? Can't "give up"
  217. CPU Usage
  218. weapon questions
  219. Crowley initial unlock harem scene having issues?
  220. SR vs rare weapons
  221. How to Obtain Holy Souls to get Arcane type Souls ?
  222. Beginner needs help
  223. Quest #24 from the "Flowing Lava Relic" won't appear
  224. Super low SSR drop rate
  225. Really really need explanation guys :/
  226. I can finally post links :D
  227. choosing a team for yata gass
  228. Questions about Weapon skill math vs Stats
  229. Weapon effect stats + eidolon question
  230. Looking for Hime Active Union
  231. Can't play on mobile
  232. Union Fuctions bugged
  233. Trading thread removed?
  234. Looking for active player to join our union [Valkyries].
  235. Is the gacha too greedy?
  236. Pending raid/quest bug
  237. Decisions decisions decisions :D
  238. Healing mechanism question
  239. What happens in Asmund and Arthur's Harem Scenes?
  240. Yatagarasu's SSR Weapon
  241. Question about Soul Point and future events regarding it
  242. how to abuse 'raid rewards' into gift list?
  243. [Event 15] Advent Battle vs Yatagarasu
  244. Intermediate tips?
  245. Value of defender skill for heal/sustain comp?
  246. blitz weapon, eidolon, or both?
  247. How do you intend to deal with Vuritra? [Upcoming Ragna Advent]
  248. Account
  249. Vessel of Sorcery (arcane grail skill)
  250. This is a rant thread on the Newest DMM SSR awakening