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  1. Newbie Tips and FAQ
  2. Complete Classes and Units Guide
  3. Challenge of the Holy Warrior Event
  4. I don't even know
  5. 3 Unit Dragon Hunting!
  6. [WIP!!!]Beginner's guide to 3 star story mission maps (long load time warning)
  7. Millennium War Aigis - Bride Under the Moonlight [Light Novel Series]
  8. Account Trading Thread
  9. Class and Army Guide (Updated: 12/1/2015)
  10. Frequently Asked Questions
  11. How to effectively use your SC as a free player
  12. Experience and Platinum Armor tables.
  13. Regarding potentially skipped events
  14. Vampire's Bride event guide
  15. Do free SC expire?
  16. New characters incoming!
  17. Late game start? (and game's requirements)
  18. Auto Complete
  19. Crisis of the fairy village guide
  20. Mystic Sorcery
  21. Mystic Sorcery Guide
  22. The best feature Nutaku could bring into MW Aigis?
  23. Old Event Guides
  24. @Nordland @NutakuDev
  25. Need a bit of advice.
  26. aigis update from nordland
  27. Good News everyone! We have a date!
  28. Want some advice
  29. Cuterie Effect
  30. New Level Presents?
  31. Potential next event
  32. Demon Crystal Use?
  33. Oni Summoning Sorceress Guide
  34. 100 2k summons
  35. Sybilla Bunkobon Contest
  36. Auto-complete maps feature and other updates (October 2015)
  37. Suggestion.... again? xD
  38. Potential upcoming events (Updated: 7/6/2016)
  39. This forum is so helpful
  40. Heir to the Strategist guide
  41. Trading Post
  42. New Bronze Unit?
  43. Suggestions ? :3
  44. Future Decision
  45. Characters obtained from the shrine.
  46. Monk Training Grounds Guide
  47. Lafate's unit ranking list
  48. Question for you Aigis guys/girls
  49. The Summon Beast in the Earth Guide
  50. Team Help
  51. Imprisoned Magic Swordswoman Guide
  52. What time does aigis follow?
  53. Pride of the Beastwoman Guide
  54. The developers want your input guys.
  55. Time to be nosy
  56. Swordswoman of the Boiling Sand Guide
  57. reduce unit cost
  58. Question about Star Rush Events
  59. Awakening
  60. Lucky Pull
  61. Giving away my sub account.
  62. Confession Booth
  63. What do you prefer?
  64. Ancient Automata Guide
  65. Need your advice on Lyla
  66. Looking for opinions on my new roster list.
  67. Question for DMM users
  68. Units are done on the Wiki
  69. Trade
  70. Current team
  71. error help
  72. 1 or 2 question about Awakening
  73. So the gods have listened
  74. Gold Rush 1 Guide
  75. Which unit is worth skill up using rainbow spirit
  76. Does anyone have a Pallis with 446 attack?
  77. Samurai AW Skill
  78. Guide to all things Awakening
  79. Balance Patch happen on DMM. Some things we can look forward to for what we have....
  80. Aigis levels
  81. free account
  82. My Mage Dilemma
  83. Advice to my army
  84. A growing number of questions
  85. Quick question for DMM players
  86. Ninja Army of Darkness Guide
  87. Casual Player for Suggestions
  88. what guides need to be done
  89. Goddess Tenhou's Shrine
  90. Awakening Preparation and Google Sheet Template
  91. Shaman Skill AW
  92. At this point, I am no longer surprised
  93. What are spirits used for?
  94. A warning to spenders
  95. Fallen Angel Sophie
  96. Need some advice
  97. What to do with my team?
  98. Help
  99. The Treacherous Pirate Guide
  100. No Idea how to Progress with working on my team
  101. Looking for some advice
  102. This is my team. I appreciate advice/suggestions.
  103. Hey there is the game down for anyone else?
  104. Some help please with unit setups
  105. Random Video Guide Sharing
  106. First year DMM vs First year Nutaku
  107. Meh im about to just give up this is stupid....
  108. How to save money in the initial stage of the game.
  109. Need some advice
  110. Challenge Quest help plz
  111. About Spirits...
  112. Look for some advice
  113. Substitute For a princess
  114. What exactly is the class of Anna??
  115. Will anyone buy an account with black units?
  116. Dancer AW Skills
  117. Heroine scenes videos / HCG
  118. Team help,who should I evolve and what should I be doing,im kinda stuck atm
  119. A way to test out your Team w/o using up stam/charisma
  120. A way to test your team without using resources!!!
  121. Some questions
  122. Free and Good Giveaways!!!
  123. You are now Anna's Valentine
  124. About this break
  125. To the Goddess Tenhou I devote my body and soul
  126. Trading post questions...
  127. Alchemist AW Skill
  128. How important is Spica?
  129. Provenance's Beginner's Unit Tier List
  130. Confusion...CC problem
  131. Sword of the Dragon Slayer Guide
  132. You may want to protect your dragons.
  133. New, already recorded, and WANTED list of videos
  134. Looting
  135. Massive class changes on DMM
  136. Dragon Rider AW Skills
  137. Combining Black Units
  138. Feedback on my starting out strat
  139. Nutaku Facebook Contests
  140. Nutaku Game Ranking List
  141. Anti Zerg , Call for reinforcement and mages (questions..)
  142. Witch AW Skill has finally arrived
  143. Sennen Sensou Aigis - Eiyuu no Kizuna
  144. Desert and Gem Mission guide
  145. Skill lvl ups
  146. Nutaku maintenance
  147. 2 questions
  148. What to lvl next.
  149. Curse User AW Skill
  150. How to use AW Betty (because apparently Gold Get use needs to be taught as well)
  151. DMM Sensen Sensou Aigis (Gift Box filled with Sacred Crystals)
  152. War of Magic
  153. Natuku or dmn
  154. Plat armors
  155. Oni-Possessed Swordswoman Guide
  156. combining units gold or higher
  157. Weird/Broken Black Unit from Shrine
  158. Princess Awakening
  159. Units/Enimies Strength and weaknesses
  160. Best all round unit
  161. Deine or Gellius for tanking?
  162. Archers and Vampire Hunters
  163. Need suggestions
  164. new account farming for black/plats
  165. Which Things Still Remain to come to nutaku aigis.
  166. what does my team comp need
  167. Advice and Suggestion Needed
  168. Zola any good?
  169. Event units
  170. Nosy time with Fate-kun: Today's topic... what is your planned army?
  171. units with increased item drop chances
  172. princess's
  173. RNG is so wack at times.
  174. need help once again. awakening info please
  175. Rainbow Fairies
  176. Awakening gems
  177. Skill lvl up
  178. What's the next event?
  179. multipliers
  181. another noob asking for advice
  182. General of a Ruined Land Guide
  183. black unit lvling
  184. How would you rate these black/prem units?
  185. failing a mission you always pass
  186. aisha
  187. Tried to RNG Aisha, and instead...
  188. Youka AW Skills have arrived!
  189. Skills and fairy's
  190. Feng Shui User AW Skill
  191. why do summons hate me
  192. Evolving too soon. Is there a way to fix?
  193. The Rookies questions collection
  194. Multiple golds
  195. Beginner Guide to Leveling up your team
  196. plat units = to blacks
  197. It's question time again
  198. Defense, how does it work.
  199. god damned time fairys watson
  200. Worst Units
  201. NEW! Advice wanted, Questions within, help with plan, ect. :D
  202. The middle man
  203. AigisLeaks
  204. D:
  205. very urgent question
  206. Team building advice (Not completely new)
  207. sorry about the break guys
  208. Question on Aisha
  209. Dwarfs n Giants
  210. Master Druid and Death Avenger AW Skills
  211. How to make use of AW Betty's Gold GET
  212. Shadow Sniper Guide
  213. when you finally have something to do with your plat fairies xD
  214. TFW...
  215. Where to from here?
  216. Another one needs a piece of advice :p
  217. How are your har... erm.. Armies coming along?
  218. MWA Wiki needs you!
  219. A lot of new stuff for Nutaku Aigis... potentially new classes as well...
  220. HELP! Advice wanted, Questions within, help with plan, ect. :D
  221. New Level 50 Reward!
  222. Wich Units should i use?
  223. Technical Difficulties With Input and Performance
  224. What the Wiki is missing.
  225. Skill Awakening (SAW) questions
  226. shao is better than you
  227. Excess Charisma
  228. The Princess, The Bandits, and The Capital of Evil Spirits Guide
  229. Chounin(AW Ninja) AW Skill
  230. Awakening Wishlists and Second Opinions
  231. Great Video Walkthrough For Beginner
  232. The Princess, The Bandits, and The Capital of Evil Spirits - Running the Numbers
  233. Looking for some advice
  234. How to Spend Demon Crystals on a new account
  235. More major changes to expect with Aigis
  236. Could this be princess awakening :D also march event incoming
  237. Spectral March Guide
  238. Need advice with team
  239. Advice for a concrete plan to work towards?
  240. Help with Wednesday Awakening mission.
  241. Archmage AW Skill
  242. Would like some input.
  243. Should I lvl an unit just for a story mission?
  244. LF MWA Video Content
  245. Question
  246. need advice for long term strategy
  247. just some noob stuff
  248. Whats your perfect team?
  249. Dance of Shadows Guide
  250. Help Request: Team