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06-09-2015, 08:18 PM
This is a fan-forum. Therefore, it needs to look like one.
I need a talented artist that can make a suitable background image. I believe no artist is a better choice than one who is also a fan. Please contact me if interested so we can discusss any details/requirements/compensation.
This need may even expand into custom graphics for things like smilies (for those familiar with LAH forum - they have an awesome custom set), or even to replace the common default images such as 18 when budget allows.

With that said, I have now also integrated a way to embed artwork straight from Pixiv into forum posts. Because this embedding is made to adhere to Pixiv's sharing rules, you do not need to own the art itself to embed it here. If the embedding script is made available for an image, then the artist has provided consent to follow Pixiv's sharing rules and it may be shared here. That said, I may still remove artwork if the original author expresses a strong desire for it not to appear here.

Here is how to use the Pixiv code:

1. Locate the "share" box next to the comments for an image. If it is not there, the artist may have this option disabled.
2. From the "Embed this artwork" box, locate the value that looks like this:

3. Paste the entire string in between [pixiv] BBcode, or use the Pixiv button in the editor's toolbar. Example:


The result will be an embedded image, 600px wide.

Content Rating

While this forum is intended to be SFW for various reasons, I will be making exceptions for fan artworks. However, threads that contain nudity must be prefixed with the "Sensitive" tag to serve as a warning. Unfortunately, this will not allow guests to view the thread, but it should at least help keep me from getting into trouble with any current and future networks. For now, "Newbies" will remain allowed to access these threads, but this will change if this forum begins to gain considerable traffic - at which point "Member" (20 posts) or higher status will be required.

In addition to the above content rating requirement, the below rules should also be followed for this forum.

Minimum 4 images before adding a new post with additional images
The above rule only applies when there would be two or more consecutive posts from the thread's author
Please only one thread per artist. And one artist per thread.