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09-16-2019, 08:55 AM


Android Hentai Game Uncensored
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Story : The Goddess of Genesis, Vanessa, is fast asleep, in the village of Alta Milan, far from the Realms of Elements, or so goes the legend. The Elements have been touched by Darkness, and there are monsters crowding around, ready to attack the Realms. A trio of travellers from Alta Milan have been whisked to Sky Island, home to the Elves and Dragon Rider. Take this crazy trip with them and get to know new sexy heroes, and help them to rescue the Realms, which are seriously endangered!

Features :
Some uncensored Hentai Visual Novels with your characters.
Unveil the most taboo fantasies of your heroines by unblocking all their secret bonuses.

Immersive Experience
More than 100 original seductive characters with hentai mode !

Dynamic Combo
Bring together different combinations of the heroes’ skills to stop the destruction!

Colossal Bosses in Chronos Battle
Get your hot heroes together to face up to the bosses in battle!
Pick whether you want to attack or to shield when you go up against other players!

Hand-pick and create your Team
You can choose from elves, dwarves, mermaids, hellhounds, robots, and many others to make up your own perfect team!
All the ultra-sexy characters can be upgraded, and they all have their own specific skills to bring to the battle!

Link :https://erogames.com/en/games/craving-quest?tc1=hbc (disabled Adblock if you don't see the link)