View Full Version : Free Player's Guide for tanking the Completed Mithril Golem

12-23-2015, 01:36 PM
This is an early guide, but it is something people should want to prepare for since there are a lack of options as a free player that can challenge the Mithril Golem outside of Token spam with Necromancers. Stats are from the DMM version and there is one event where the completed Mithril Golem has appeared prior to the buffs made to Bandits. The Completed Mithril Golem's attack deals 5,200 damage when it is blocked. When a Curse User is in range, then the Golem's damage is reduced by 10% (4,680 damage).

First Option:

Requirements: AW Len, AW90 Waltz w/Lvl10 Skill, AW90 Imelia w/Skill AW, Curse User

AW90 Waltz
Max Stats: 374 ATK, 334 DEF
w/Prince (20%): 448 ATK, 400 DEF
Stat Bonus: 44 ATK, 40 DEF

Units within Waltz's range will have 10% of her stats added to their stats as a flat damage bonus. When she uses her skill, units within her range will receive 100% of her stats. Her stats can not be buffed by other units.

AW90 Imelia
Max Stats: 3,596 HP, 808 ATK, 328 DEF
w/Buffs (Perks/Abilities/Passives): 3,955 HP, 969 +44 ATK, 412 +40 DEF; 4,407 EHP
w/Buffs and Self-Skill: 3,955 HP, 2,228 +44 ATK, 947 +40 DEF; 4,942 EHP for 45 seconds
w/Buffs and Waltz's Skill: 3,955 HP, 969 +448 ATK, 412 +400 DEF; 4,767 EHP for 25 seconds

If you use Waltz's skill first, then you will have 95 seconds to tank the Completed Mithril Golem. Len is needed to reduce the cooldown of Waltz's skill by 30% (down to 42 seconds), which will let you use it a second time after Imelia's skill is over.

Second Option:

Requirements: AW90 Maribelle w/Skill AW, AW Katie, AW Len, Curse User

AW90 Maribelle:
Max Stats: 3,267 HP, 324 ATK, 443 DEF
w/Buffs (Perks/Abilities/Passives): 3,267 HP, 388 ATK, 568 DEF
w/Buffs and Self-Skill: 3,267 HP, 970 ATK, 1,420 DEF; 4,687 EHP for 70 seconds

You have 70 seconds so make it count.