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  1. Best way to lvlup is doing invasions; exp/oil ratio seems to be almost the same across all maps, so if you want to lvlup easy i suggest running Crusaders-1 or The White North-1 maps as there are no mines/turrets.

    Also i wanna share the New Player Tank Guide made by Decoy1 from AB official discord. It gives you general overview including pros and cons of tanks and their possible builds/usage.

    And last but not least:

    Hello Generals! The game will be down tomorrow, February 7th from 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM EST. Be sure to recall your scouts!

    Valentine event is coming with new (old) tank - Valentine MK X

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    Oh. Thanks, I find Crusader I an easy grinding. Should I really consume all the oils?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myrdin View Post
    Unless of course you are that type of person who doesnt like wasting and are ok with swapping some of your maxed out tanks for low level ones to make them stronger while maintaining your main teams core.
    For example since 5* take forever to lvl up, in the meantime I maxed two of my 4* TD, as such I swapped over 2 new low lvl ones, since I dont want to "waste the exp" on those two character slots thus I replaced those two L50 with new ones.
    Its not "wasting" per say, rather its a matter of perception - why not lvl up other tanks if you can and it doesnt affect your team performance in any way ? (for hard Event maps, I will swap those two back in)
    He's new and probably doesn't have any tanks that he should consider keeping in his main platoon maxed, if any at all. Certainly once you get tanks maxed you should consider grinding up XP on others, but once you reach that point you're probably not asking for help on the forum.

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    Looks like it will be a flat and potentially wholesome valentine.

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    Any info on the stats of Emblem of Delight?

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    Is it me or Armor Blitz loading is taking so long?

  7. Patch notes

    according to patch notes, we're gonna have some sort of collaboration event with Attack on Moe, starting on feb 14th. Usually collab event you have to complete certain milestones in one game to get rewards in other, and vice versa (like recent KH x DP). It could be smth else since there's no details, but you better check AoM anyway so you can prepare for whatever is coming.

    you're already know this one

    event 5* - improved version of SU-152

    Now to the event:

    same old system - 225.000 points total, letters = 1 point, pink choco = 300 points; also there's random green choco drops (like infamous cornucopia) but it's only for exchange shop and not needed to elite 5*;
    event exclusive emblem - Emblem of Delight - according to wiki it gives +% Damage Bonus, +15 cap at 18.24%;
    16 tiles, first - comm level -10, last comm level +5, each tile give 4 pinks, 64 total for cycle;
    event tiles reset every 2 days;
    lvl 50 invasions give 237 letters/1422 total per day;

    maps and drops notes:

    pairs of tile share the same layout (1 and 2 ; 3 and 4 etc.), total 8 layouts;
    the first 8 tiles can be cleaned with rush strategy (all hail satan!), the bosses there are weak;
    tiles #9-14 have destroyer boss, just use push strategy on either top or botton line, shouldn't be much problems there; tho tiles #13-14 can spawn katyusha or 4 myrmidons in a row so be careful;
    tiles #15-16 have giant hand boss (aka faphand) and spawns event 5* in addition to others; there're lots of mines there but you still can use top/bottom push strat there; it shouldn't cause much troubles for those who can clear ~#30 stage PoC;
    overall i lost only 1 tank (satan) in the last tile;
    got a total of 6 green chocos, not bad i guess; the rest were t1-t3 emblems and t1-t2 tanks;

    first impression is this event is easier than the last one, map layouts don't have any crappy turrets/crystals;

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    Good info, thanks!

    Additionally, with the level 50 numbers provided, it looks as if you can easily complete the main portion of the event if you can finish all event tiles each 2-day cycle, run all invasion tiles each day, and gain 4560 extra letters (should be easily gained just by doing PoC throughout the event, but the vast majority of us already do additional XP farming as well). Agreed on the relaxed atmosphere on this event...seems pretty chill.

    And if you're not lvl 50 and still struggling with a widening commander level gap...well, it'll get better. Sorry, we all had to go through it.

  9. Actually the gap shouldn't be that much of an issue since they increased lieutenant lvl scaling from 3* equivalent to 4* in one of the recent patches.

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    I'm at level 28 right now so... Can't?

    Also, how long do I have to wait? The loading screen is so long!!!

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