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Thanks to this event, I finally got to elite my chieftan and AMX (started at 10% boost for each) for the "low" cost of 1.5k cores (and a bunch of level 30 arties and light tanks that will now sit in the reserves). I've been whaling the gacha for so long trying to elite those two (and ended up with a lot of other 20% boost 5* tanks that I never had before in the process). Whew.
Nice... but a bit pricey. For myself I didn't reset the event and thus ended with something like 8 or 9 Pvt. Hans which allow me to get Lowe at 10% and Julie at 8%. Both of them had allready a bit of boost and I choose to only give 1% upgrade to tanks under 10% in fear of getting a copy when I would be just under 20% and kind of losing 9 Hans.