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    To do well in CB players need lots of AP potions. AP potions can be bougth for real money (1$) or 20000 bells.
    F2P have to kill tons of raid boss / assist other players on raid kill to get enogth bells for AP potions.

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    Join a strong Guild that do Revival together - then players dont need to spend any AP potions on revival so they all have more potions for Conquest.

    Debuff are total useless when playing much weaker and stronger guilds because who will win is given from battle start so only total damage matters.
    Check ranking list match before match starts - If one team have done more than 3 times the damage in this week outcome will almost cetaintly be given so deuff are just waist of TP.

    Top guild spend the first half of the fighting time boosting the team. Rotate the people who who boost and save your most powerfull boost untill your skill have been boosted a lot.

    To get to the top a guild need to have 25 members and 20+ members to show up for each match.

    Comunication is key to getting a guild to the top. Everyone have to pool at same time to get you guild to top.
    Make a plan before match start about who do what.

    Help new guild members build a good deck and teach them what to do.

    Only way to know if a skill is good or not is to test it and read battel report after batte to see how good it really is.

    Some weeks have better rewards than other weeks - cut down in AP potion use in weeks with poor rewards.
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    ...Welp...lost my motivation for this game...and subsequently lost my motivation to work on the guide...plus I'm not of the mindset to make comprehensive guides for people, especially on a game that I'm not particularly devoted to. Between people throwing in opinionated stuff and them not answering the debatable things or following up on things that need explanation...yeah, can't really make a guide for something like this when I'm not getting my own questions answered properly.

    I'm headed off on vacation starting tomorrow. It would be nice if someone else could pick up where I left off, though I doubt we'll be able to get much good out of it unless/until we start getting players to talk a bit more over the forums, not just in their own in-game chat systems.

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    One mistake I made when I started out was selling rare cards that I had collected. For example, I received alot of Sin cards. I already had a Sin card that I had maxed out it level so I didn't see the need to have about 20 of them so I sold them. It was only later that I realized that this was a bad move because I could have used them to enhance the skills of that one card. Lesson learned so now everytime I get same card I use it to enhance my cards skill.

  5. always try to get raid boss to appear but don't attack it or waste any BP on it.
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    i am kind of noob in Conquest so i want to ask this

    how to reuse abilities? i use all of it all is left is 10 TP attack/magic how to get it abilities back?

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    I disagree with needing a lot of AP potions. Beyond spending all the TP you need to use every ability in both the front and back row, you don't really need to spend more. Using the basic attack and magic isn't going to really move the needle when it comes to damage.

    Conquest Battle is all about being a part of the right guild. As long as everyone participates you should do well. If even a handful participate you should rank in at least the top 20 every time, which gets you enough of the rewards. In my guild, we only have 4-5 sparse participants, and we almost always land in the top 10 even though more powerful guilds regularly annihilate us with their exponential powers.

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