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Thread: Ability points

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    Ability points


    What are best abilities to max first? I maxed AP UP 1-3 , organize cost 1-2 an now working on MAX TP UP.
    Are HP UP, bonus bells, BP UP, and AP recovery(CB) worth it or should I go for AP4 and TP 2-3 first?

    For raid abilities is it better to keep balanced all four trees or to pick one and fully develop it?

    Also is there a way to turn off attack animations for some girls? Or could I reload battle a start of animation? Does attack register if I skip animation that way?

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    AP allow you for everything, at cost of a slow HP growing. Critical if you start at support for conquest (avoid front) and spam combos. TP up isn't a big deal unless you are spending a lot of AP and heavy combos (each refill via exploring is 40TP and rates are good unlike BP), but BP is a bit more useful due to rates (give only 20 via exploring, harder to refill and more benefit from bottles).

    I recommend to focus on gathering before battles (AP/bells/recovery), until you're geared enough to change stats.

    About raids i started with defense because weak decks doesn't bring the complete combo at certain levels. Again, change stats when you're geared.
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