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    Unable to Join Conquest Battle since change of timing.

    Hi, I'm from Singapore, so my conquest battles used to be at 8pm (5am) and 12 midnight (9am). Ever since the time changed, the conquest battles now occur at 9pm (5am) and 1am (9am). However, around 8pm here(or 4am wherever you are), the conquest battle time states next battle at 9am(or 1am here). Same for at midnight. What's the problem? Do I need to register for the battle? There wasn't a problem before the time change?

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    Same thing happened to me, so I put in a ticket, not much else I can do

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    It is a bug, happened to me when I first created a guild and sent a ticked that went unanswered (support doesn't seem to be that great really). In the end the solution was to create a new guild and ask all members to transfer there. If the guild is a new one or not yours I suggest you just switch to another guild, if not insist a little bit more with the support tickets, maybe you are lucky.

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    It solved itself after a few days. Might be because a new event popped up.

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