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    This DPP event is pretty bad

    Halloween's DPP event was awesome because for 9 DPP you could get a fever gacha ticket. I got a small amount of gold hoping the Christmas one would be better.

    Nothing in this DPP event rates even close to that. Looks like I saved my gold for nothing.

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    I think the value of this DPP event will be in how common DPP are dropped in the event. In theory, one, two or three DPP can drop as rare rewards from the event bosses. Mind you, I've had nothing drop at all yet.

    I've noticed on the Xmas event that every reinforcement request lasts seconds only. I'm wondering why that is - are there more dedicated players online than for previous events, have Nutaku upgraded the servers and set faster response times, or are there people doing something automated to send out reinforcement attacks the moment they are available? Seems I see 5 or 6 reinforcement requests, respond to one, and the others are gone before I get back, even if I don't wait for the attack animation to complete. When I send a reinforcement request myself, I can't chain because I get 10 reinforcement attacks back in under 5 seconds.

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    Also - who knows how the DPP will change next week?

    So far, I have 8 (Eight) bonus DPP. I think the drop rate for 1, 2 and 3 DPP is each equal to the drop rate of Holy Gratica, and SSR drop from rare raid bosses in the last few events. If so, expect to get around 6 times DPP points as you have previously got SSRs to drop. I think it is about 0.124%

    So far, the exterminators battle has gone pretty well for me. I will probably miss the 5th Rudolf Reindeer SR, as I will be just outside the top 100 first round damage as I have few quality light element cards. I miss the Fever gacha from the last DPP event, but maybe it will turn up next week? Happy xmas people.
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