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Thread: Arcana maximium

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    Arcana maximium

    I have reached 500 cards owned, have no idea how to increase that as there's no more skill ups to gain,do just delete my old ones I really don't want too...

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    Why you need 500 cards for? They are mostly trash , you can't delete them , you have to sell them .

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    Someone have collect habit, dude. I'm also have 496 card in my box and hundred unclaimed cards in the gift box.
    This maybe late already, but for what I know, in Japanese version they already expanse the maximum limited to 750 cards already, and you also have storage room to store up 400 cards. So the nutaku will also update in future. The only problem is I'm worry that nutaku staff so lazy and didn't care to update at all, as you know nutaku version contain many bugs and they didn't even fixed it, the raid boss are Leraje and Demeter stay like forever I'm really bored with them, in Japanese they change raid boss every month (though right now they rerun the old bosses).
    So just keep waiting and hope, you can also sell (or fuse to level up skill of other SSR/LR cards) common R cards like Juturna, Nightmare, Dark Elf...because you will get bunch of them and can collect them again later.

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