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    Nope you are not missing anything. Dupes beyond limit max are just enhancement fodder (Good for getting the Spell levels to 20)
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    Quote Originally Posted by KaAnor View Post
    Hello, the game is quite simple you build 2 decks: a conquest deck and a raid deck. The conquest deck is the only one that has a limit in organization cost. In this deck you want to have SR or more card (because they usually have 3 skills), the cards of higher rarity tend to have more useful skill, but this isn't always the case.
    In this game you are always in a guild even if you choose to not join one, you'll have to create one. That said you can change guild anytime you want.

    In tern of ability I think maxing all the LV Ability is a good beginning, if you need more organization cost you can go for the "Organization Cost" 1 or 2. After that the "Ap Up" 1, 2 and 3 are really good because you'll have more Ap to use with each potion and level up.

    For the Raid Ability I think it's up to you but I'll go for "Phys. DEF Up" 1 & 2 => "Mag. DEF Up" 1 & 2 => "Mag. ATK Up" 1 & 2 => "Phys. ATK Up" 1 & 2.

    Job gives buff after being level up that will stay even if you choose another Job. They also unlock mysteries that are use in Conquest Battle, each of these mysteries can only be used once in the battle. Each guild has their own time to use mysteries.

    Base job's mysteries are more useful than boss job's mysteries, so maxing base job first is a given. (Each time you do an action in Conquest Battle or Revival Battle you gain xp in the job you are currently using)

    Let's talk about Revival Battle: you can only do it once a day (even helping someone of your guild count). In this revival battle you choose a Boss to fight and fight it, anyone of your guild that hasn’t already done a Revival this day can come to help. The reward depend of the numbers of stars you choose, the main reward is 1-5 cups of the chosen boss. These unlock the boss job, gives some cards and others goodies.

    Well I'll stop here for today fell free to ask anything you want to know.
    So....how do u unlock all the H scenes of the character???

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    How to use N gold in game

    So every time I try to use n gold for something the game doesn’t load and I don’t know why?

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