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  1. New player wanting to know important info ahead of time

    Good evening everyone, well stumbled upon this game from PPS, and decided that I like it a lot. I picked the fighter class, and so, been researching all over the net and havent found any good guides, especially for beginners, and was wondering if it is possible any of you vets/experienced could shed light on what to invest in( cards, and ability point wise ), and just all around things that are good to know. I would greatly appreciate this, hell, even better if someone took me on as an apprentice lol. Ill put money into the game if needed down the line, but again, I know this would help many just like me to increase the player base, and make this game flourish like its similar counterparts.

    Ill start with what i learned. Little but it really helps to understand how to play DP on the net.

    In order to play: Must download google chrome( till they release it on mobile touch screen phones, tablets, etc )

    " My lower half of the game screen is cut off?": Yes, in order to scroll down on the game and not the entire page itself, YOU MUST use the directionsl arrow keys( important note, make sure you click on the game screen to scroll down so you don't end up just moving the entire page.
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    Hello, the game is quite simple you build 2 decks: a conquest deck and a raid deck. The conquest deck is the only one that has a limit in organization cost. In this deck you want to have SR or more card (because they usually have 3 skills), the cards of higher rarity tend to have more useful skill, but this isn't always the case.
    In this game you are always in a guild even if you choose to not join one, you'll have to create one. That said you can change guild anytime you want.

    In tern of ability I think maxing all the LV Ability is a good beginning, if you need more organization cost you can go for the "Organization Cost" 1 or 2. After that the "Ap Up" 1, 2 and 3 are really good because you'll have more Ap to use with each potion and level up.

    For the Raid Ability I think it's up to you but I'll go for "Phys. DEF Up" 1 & 2 => "Mag. DEF Up" 1 & 2 => "Mag. ATK Up" 1 & 2 => "Phys. ATK Up" 1 & 2.

    Job gives buff after being level up that will stay even if you choose another Job. They also unlock mysteries that are use in Conquest Battle, each of these mysteries can only be used once in the battle. Each guild has their own time to use mysteries.

    Base job's mysteries are more useful than boss job's mysteries, so maxing base job first is a given. (Each time you do an action in Conquest Battle or Revival Battle you gain xp in the job you are currently using)

    Let's talk about Revival Battle: you can only do it once a day (even helping someone of your guild count). In this revival battle you choose a Boss to fight and fight it, anyone of your guild that hasn’t already done a Revival this day can come to help. The reward depend of the numbers of stars you choose, the main reward is 1-5 cups of the chosen boss. These unlock the boss job, gives some cards and others goodies.

    Well I'll stop here for today fell free to ask anything you want to know.
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    Any bells you get save for AP pot 50%'s dont waste them on the 30k gacha cards, you'll get those eventually through farming the levels. Go for AP pots. maybe a BP pot every now and then but those 50% ap come in handy when doing conquest battles and you need to go farm more tp.

    After your AP + levels look into AP recovery, if your doing conquests a lot, I think it has proved useful, then possibly tp+. You get tp recovered +40 from doing quests but you start at 100, so if you deplete it youll get +40 +40, +20 (loose 20 tp) so to avoid that just go back into conquest and spend your 80 then go back to questing to replenish it again.

    I'm sitting at
    Elementary -> Ultimate Ability Maxed
    AP+ 1->2 Maxed
    TP+ 1->2 Maxed
    Org+ 1->2 Maxed (Semi wasteful im at ~ 337/386, So you may not use all the points in this I did until you need them, this is with I believe 1 LR, 4SR, Rest SSR for the full 20 cards)
    AP Recovery 1 Maxed
    ApRecovery 2 - In progress

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    Guide to DP:

    What abilities should I level first? I recommend maxing intermediate LV ability and then getting AP UP/AP UP 2 then Advanced LV then AP recovery 1 and 2.
    After lvl 50 AP is the essentially the limiter on how quickly you level and get new skills. Having a larger starting pool is potentially more TP in Conquest Battle and makes AP potions more powerful. Also Advanced LV gives you enough Organization cost to cover your deck for a good while. Recovery AP is basically just free xp over time ( rank 2 should be 75 x3/day). Afterwards consider more AP/AP recovery, ultimate LV ability more card Space(when needed), Organization cost up(when needed), or Max TP . I would avoid CB HP up and BP up.

    What about Raid Levels? For raid I recommend Phys atk 1-2 and Mag attack 1-2. then go back for the defenses ... I don't see much advantage in diving too deep the diminishing returns are real.

    How does ATK up work for raid? Basically take your Atk power and divide it by 7 and each of your cards gains that much (still divide by 7 even if you have fewer cards).

    How do i get raid xp ? Reinforcements never show up and disappear too fast! Every ~15 min go to "My Page" and then the raid page and new reinforcements should appear for like 30 seconds. The main trick to getting reinforcement xp is to return to the raid reinforcement screen as soon you see it say loading after you click attack. no need to watch any of the animations or even wait for them to load. On a side note if you use a 3x BP attack you get ~65 xp for a raid boss rather than 25. this is especially useful at low levels when you get your BP filled constantly.

    Raid exp just depend on BP spend so 5x 20 BP attacks give same Raid exp as 2x 50 BP attacks.
    Job expend on TP spend.

    If you check you skill you can see how many exp to level.

    All my SSrare cards have low skill ranks! Use normal cards w/skills and duplicate rares/SRs after they are limit maxed to boost skills. Some reminders skills of the same name give 50% more xp when enhanced (this is why limit break gives such good skill xp) and skills of the same element give 10% more, and obviously skills improve skills of the row/role as they are. I.e. front skills boosts front skill.

    Any reason to Limit Break/Limit MAX my Normal Cards? You gain new-ish H scenes as you limit break cards even normals. And if you LimitMAX you get a skill enhancer card. Limit MAX is Max lvl+ limit broke 4 times. You can only get the Limit max bonus 1x per card. Ultimately when just starting out there's no reason not combine them 4x , but I wouldn't worry about Limit MAX ( except for maybe SR Tartarus)

    What should I Spend my Bells on I personally recommend AP potions. They are the better return on the long term and do help you earn those SR Gryphons/Harpies etc albeit slowly. AP potions also are much more useful in CB once you have a solid deck essentially converting into TP, XP, and the occasional beast gatcha.

    What about spending medals? Rare gacha tickets are a safe bet. Obviously buy the cheap ones first. the Normal gatcha are okay for filling out your collection or completing the Ose mission board but I do not recommend them. You shouldn't need to need to change your ability/skills at this point. even if you made some "wrong choices" odds are you can just correct yourself moving forward now and be totally fine, and the difference in cost between the first and second respec is INSANE, so do not buy it randomly.

    Class P? Class P is earned based on the number of guild members participating in a Conquest Battle. Spend it opening chests from the guild page. Doing so rewards medals/skill potions etc and levels up the guild chest for everyone.

    At the skill menu you can see how many exp you need to next level. If you divide the exp you need for next level with 1.3 you know aprox the number of AP you need to level. I use this to see if I should drink 2x 30% AP potion or just 50% AP potion.
    I made a list with what potion to use given exp to level so I know what to use in CB.

    When you have BP always spend them as they give Rage Exp.
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    ...We really should make an FAQ here eventually, huh? I mean, with the wiki still under construction, anyone trying to find out about the game ends up finding like...nothing...

    @Opalia I think you know more about the game than I do but your technical explanations are, due to the misspelling, incredibly difficult to interpret...like beyond my ability to decipher.

    ...I'll get to compiling an easy guide...eventually...at some point...honestly more of an editor than a writer but w/e...

    Oh, also, I disagree on the bit on normal cards. N cards don't have H-scenes, only R and up (that or they just don't appear in my harem page, which would be very strange...). That being said, Limit Maxing (Max limit break and max level) does provide bronze-type skill development materials and when it comes to skill development, any bit helps (plus if you're a completionist, there's the added bonus of seeing maxed out N cards in your collection album.)

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    Stars on card

    I see that some cards have stars next to the limit break diamonds how does one light these stars up, are they to increase the cards base rarity? Or is it possible to do that

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    The stars only represent the rarity of the card I believe:

    GR - 6 stars
    LR - 5 stars (weird because they are way harder to get, and stronger too)
    SSR - 4 stars
    SR - 3 stars
    R - 2 Stars
    N -1 Star

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    Do you know any tutorial video that I could watch to discover the game?
    I've been trying to understand how to play for hours and I can't get it... sorry I sincerely tried after reading your topic, but I'm wasting too much time clicking on wrong pages.
    I see this game being very popular on Nutaku and as a game developer I'd love to understand fully what Nutaku's community like so we can improve our game... please help

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    Some things I understand, having played daily for only about a month or so:

    Rarity of cards affects stats and max level, Limit Break raises level but you need an extra copy of the card. Harem scenes unlock at initial, ++ and Max

    Leveling up via quests lets you spend points in a variety of areas to improve yourself, and killing RBs gives points in a separate leveling system that only applies to Raid Bosses, Revival Bosses and Conquest Bosses.

    Your maximum AP (quest stamina) only increases if you unlock increases in the level up system. Same with RP (Raid Points for RB fighting) and TP (for Conquest and Revival)

    Edit Deck: Your RB team will basically be your 7 strongest cards. Your CQ/Revival team can be I think 20 but each card has a cost and your total cost can't be more than a maximum determined by a base amount plus bonuses from level point spending.

    CQ/Revival battles are weird. Each girl in your team can use her skills a certain number of times, and I'm not even sure about all the factors. I know pretty much every skill goes up in power if you've leveled it (usually by Enhancing with cards with the same skill), but some girls can use their skills multiple times, most only once. Each basic attack (physical or magical) or self heal costs 10 TP, the skills depend on the skill. Some girls have different skills depending on whether you're in Front Line, Rear or Support (requires guildmates to use this, otherwise you're always FL). You hit the enemy's parts and try to "Break" them. CQ goes on infinitely as far as I can tell, Revival you can actually kill them it seems.

    RBs you get a free hit at normal power, then normal power attacks cost 20 BP while x3 costs 50. You can call for allies (read: anyone currently on, it seems) to help you, and can hit allies' RBs (always hit as many allied RBs with the free hit as possible to get more rewards including Raid level XP and gacha tickets).

    All of the story quests have 9 parts, and every 3rd part you fight the quest's signature boss. There's a chance at each one of these fights to get a gacha ticket that is the only way to get that boss' R and SR versions (usually you get other stuff though, as you'd expect from gacha system)

    that's all for now, feel free to ask more questions and I'll try to answer based on my playing experiences.

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    About Nutaku gold

    I know only way to get better card it from the unfair pay to win system. But is there other way to get LR?

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