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Thread: Fake Lay

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    I can't get to the next level of Mistlehoe because I don't have the required item from the spinwheel. Is it worth putting my energy into the yellow bar? Is that bug fixed that will let me purchase the item rather then spin for it?
    I haven't had any issues with it. I had to do it both for Molly and Mistlehoe on their first items because I didn't have them.

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    it's been fixed

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    I've given up on Carol. Black Friday girl and Mistlehoe were possible in their respective time limits, but I've just unlocked Carol's 3rd picture, and her 4th picture requires 25,000 points. If you don't have the 4 santa hats also required for that stage, that adds another 24,000 points. Because I've focused on getting all the time limited girls unlocked, I still havn't unlocked Indira's last 2 pictures, so I don't know if her income gets alot more generous. Hoping the next girl they add isn't yet time limited.

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    Honestly I don't know how you'd get her without spending diamonds for the items required. Those items just require way too much excitement.

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    So we have 2 new additions. Cake outfits, using that system where you have to bid periods of time in exchange for cakes, which can then be exchanged for outfits of the girls covered in cakes. No way to get them all in time as per usual, doesn't bother me much since I don't play the game for the outfits, just want one for Mena so she can get her 70% bonus.

    The other addition, is the ability to buy past events. I mean, wow, this feels like a new low. It makes me wonder that with this system in place, do they plan on never rerunning events again? They actually have never rerun the Russian football event since mid 2018, and now it is on sale for £20. Good lord.

    It seems the new cam is also incoming, with it saying it is coming soon. Presumably it will be for Sanshi. Wonder if they'll ever impliment that ability to swap the girls in the cams like they teased when Lola was added.

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