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Thread: Fake Lay

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    It is rather amazing how unlikable they've made the Fake Lay guy as in these little stories. He forces a woman to self isolate with him for 3 weeks? Fucking hell, what an utter bastard.

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    New event is up and it is fucking terrible

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    Hate this ice cream event. Its either hard or not intuitive. I cant unlock any outfits easily. Worse, its grindy and not fun.

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    agree... game keeps getting worse and worse... the game devs are just so clueless...

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    So there's a new sale on, and I'm getting to the endgame girls I guess (had Maggie, and just did a reset to gain +50%).

    However, my multiplier is a bit weird, it's currently at 65.54k bonus. So I can only purchase a 2x or 2.75 multiplier due to the limit being 180k atm, but the 2.75x multiplier seems like it's costed as if it's a 4x multiplier (87 vs 163 diamonds in the current sale).
    Does anyone know if I'm actually just buying a 4x multipler, so if the limit actually increases in future (say when the next girl is available) my multiplier will adjust itself?

    Just don't really want to spend basically double diamonds for an extra 75%.

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    you don't get adjustment to multiplier when cap increases with new girl and there will be full price to buy next one (like cost of 4x) , but it will give 1.5x or lower speed bonus. that happened 2 time already

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    I bought the starter pack, something I wanted to do for a while. bought it now so I could get the Golden Week Sanshi's outfit. It's a cute outfit. It comes with a "scene", which I foolishly thought was going to be a sex scene or something, but all it is Sanshi siting on the grass in her outfit. Saying that though, the outfit does come with a face mask, which gives +15% VS, which can be worn with her regular +70% VS outfits, meaning you can get up to +85% VS.

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    Soda cans with lightbulbs?

    On the spin wheel, what's the deal with the soda cans with lightbulbs on them? They have an expiration of 1 hour but I see no way to spend them in the pick up line section. What on earth do they do and how do I spend them within the hour?

  9. The diamond button next to the stamina bar should change to a plus when you have an energy drink, click that and select which one to use. Bear in mind that if the tab gets refreshed all drinks are erased even if you just got them.
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    Can t access the site

    Anyone got a bad gareway502 Message when trying to access the website?

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