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Thread: Fake Lay

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    Does anyone know how to claim the outfits in the new game?
    I've maxed out one of my girls skills, and it hasn't triggered getting the outfit + animation progression.

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    Hmm, so seems that it didn't trigger the first time I met all the conditions. But after my girl had one of her skills broken overnight, restoring it triggered furthering the event and getting the outfit. Weird that it didn't happen the first time though.

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    Dildo master

    Has anyone been able to switch girls? Figured it was like past games where you can switch anytime - can you only switch when a girl is maxed?

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    Energy Cans not working

    The energy cans that i get from the daily spins arent working due to the green box not showing up for some reason on the steam version. It takes up spots that i need for event specific checkpoints and idk what to do. Can anyone help?

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    Soda Cans

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    On the spin wheel, what's the deal with the soda cans with lightbulbs on them? They have an expiration of 1 hour but I see no way to spend them in the pick up line section. What on earth do they do and how do I spend them within the hour?
    To use the soda cans on the energy bar you will see a green box with a "+". Click on that and your can appears there and it will add whatever amount of energy the can contains.

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    Cherry's spy cam

    Has anyone noticed that Cherry's spy cam seems to have increased rates if you click through everything as soon as it shows up as an option to click? I had just been sitting for over a week since resetting her cam and it told me I'd only increase 1.5% with a reset. I also couldn't even reach the second level when before the last time I reset I was at the 4th level. Then I reset even though I was only getting 1.5% increase, clicked everything quickly and am already going at 4 times the rate I was going before reset after only an hour since doing the reset. (My reset rate increase is already at 1.5% too!) The only way I can explain it is that I clicked quicker when on all the upgrades etc... quicker.

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