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Thread: Fake Lay

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    If you memory suck like me go download Auto-Clicker By Polar 2.0. It allow you to set multiple position saved as click so you just have to remember and actually only do the first round yourself. Let's say it ask you Left Boob, Right Boob, Hair. You do it, once done before starting the second round you set up the auto-clicker.

    1: Number of repeat should be set at 1 so than it does each series of click once.

    2: Time to sleep (.ms) shouldn't be lower than 200 (200 = 1 click every 0.2 sec) Set it too fast and it may cause skip. It's not a problem when you ask it to only click on one spot but when asking multiple position it can cause skip. Just to say i finished the 10 for cherry with 11 secondes to spare so yeah ... if you lag a little you got room to set it highter xD like 500.

    3: Options, it's to see/choose what hotkey you want to start the auto-clicker. I personnally choose Spacebar, if you do like me make sure to close the clicker afterwards unless you want the auto-clicker to start his series of click everytime you press spacebar xD you can set it something you don't usually touch like F4, of the Numpad or whatever.

    Now for my example of L Boob, R Boob, Hair, you do 'Pick' (to choose where you want the clicker to ... click ...)

    So ... Pick -> click on L Boob -> Add position
    Pick -> Click on R Boob -> Add positon
    Pick -> Click on Hair -> Add position

    So right now with your 1 repeat it will click once on L Boob, R Boob and hair (after you start the auto-click) You may want to start the clicker just to confirm everything go smoothly. Don't move up/down the window.

    Now than it's done, you begin the next round, it show the 3 you already know and one more (Let's say left arm), when your timer start, you click on the hotkey to start the clicker once the 3 click are done you click on the left arm manualy.

    So ... Pick -> L Arm -> Add position. (now it will click on those 4 spot)
    Begin the round -> Start the auto-click after your timer start (obviously ...) click manually on the 5th once the clicker is done.
    Add the thing 5 to the clicker -> start the round -> start the auto-clicker click on the 6th thing manualy and so on.

    basically it mean as long you always set the last thing showed to click in the auto clicker then the next round you only have to click/rememer the last thing showed.

    If it ask you to click on the same thing 2 times one after the other, Like Left Arm and again Left Arm you just do like usual, Pick -> Click on thing -> Add position. So add the same position twice.

    I'm not english so by trying to explain correctly i may have over-explained which could actually backfire ... hahaha ... If someone want to make a cleaned version feel free to go xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by archmag View Post
    Writing down won't help much as you waste a valuable time
    You have to klick Begin for each round, or not? So you have time to write it down. The icons on the left and right you can call 1-5 and 6-10 or l1-5. Or write it on the left and right side.

    Quote Originally Posted by dimster View Post
    thank god I can pay 40 crystal to skip memory game. All I care about is my Main which is Victoria, I will pay 40 crystal on her, I have 29 at this moment. will get 10 more in 2 days and 10 hours, hope for a daily quest that give me 1 crystal soon
    Save your diamonds. You have 14 days of trys, if you did not achieve your main till then, you can still skip the mini-game

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    Quote Originally Posted by dimster View Post
    will get 10 more in 2 days and 10 hours
    I hate you! What is your secret? Constant resetting? Humungous stats?

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    Finally got Maggie to work out. I fail lots on 9 and 10 for some reason. By then I get spastic and click on the wrong thing. It's easier when you consider the side items as numbers 1-10, or something similar, as one of the previous posters suggested. I figured this out early on as there's no way, without a photographic memory, you can remember all those separate icons by their names in such little time.

    Maggie: Bra (+30% to 3rd stat), Panties (+20% to 2nd stat), Shoes (+30% to 1st stat)

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    Is only me or he game of memory become buggy always when go to do the last move freeze and need lots the time for what again load. For luck he have autosave. And later continue when he left. But still become hard this mode get correct the 12/12. I do the 12 move in less the 8 sec. For luck i am good in memory games always play that when are little boy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by qti View Post
    Is only me or he game of memory become buggy always when go to do the last move freeze and need lots the time for what again load.
    The game takes much ressources. On mobile device it is slow as hell, even in the same Wlan as my Desktop. Maybe memory game takes even more ressources.

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    Finished remaining three girls.
    Cherry: Lingerie (+30% to all stats)
    Lola: Bra (+30% to all stats), Panties (+20% to all stats), Boots (+40% to 3rd stat)
    Sanshi: Bra (+15% to all stats), Panties&Stockings (+30% to 2nd stat), Boots (+15% to all stats)

    Well, that was an easy event. I usually have a bad memory but this event somehow clicked very well and it was easy to remember things by giving them simple names.

    I figured this out early on as there's no way, without a photographic memory, you can remember all those separate icons by their names in such little time.
    I certainly don't have a photographic memory. And there is no need to remember each icon by name, only those that light up and you have a lot of repetitions to remember them. You can give them any names that pop up in your head at the moment when they light up, it does not need to be correct or full name. For example, I called some of them in my native language, while others in English.

    Also remembering a relative position helps sometimes, if they form some easy pattern. For example, in my last mission Wine and Candle that are on the table were active after each other, so it was easy to remember that you just need to select two items on the table. In the previous run there was a part where I had to select lower icon in the left column, central in the left column, central in the right column, upper in the right column, so that movement was also easy to remember. Sometimes they are forming a spiral - center of the screen (hand), 2nd from the bottom in the left column, the lowest in the right column, the upper one in the right column, top of the screen (hair), that is also easy to remember. Combining remembered easy names and relative positions it was easy to repeat. And I tried to repeat the sequence not 10 times, but all 19 times. Each time they show you next sequence you start a little earlier and move mouse and repeat those names before they blink.

    I don't know how to explain it so that it helped someone else, I guess each person need to find his own way that works better for him.

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    ingles - google translate

    I do the following: I give a name to each icon, jewelry, macarao, whisper, wink, candle, wine, hair ...

    and I write the sequence (in Word) after answering, I leave the split screen

    Word / Fake lay

    leg, jewelry, candle
    I remember the sequence (so 3) and click
    then write in Word, (leg, jewelry, candle)
    leg, jewelry, candle, hair
    I click and write in Word (hair)

    to ensure I repeat the sequence

    , leg, jewelry, candle, hair, wine, shoe, ...

    so I'm already + or - ready to remember, I see the last one, I answer and put it on the


    Português Brasil - original

    eu faço o seguinte: dou um nome a cada icone , joia, macarao,sussuro, pisca,vela, vinho, cabelo ...

    e escrevo a sequencia(no Word) depois de responder , deixo a tela dividida

    Word / Fake lay

    perna, joia, vela
    lembro a sequencia (so 3) e clico
    depois escrevo no Word, (perna , joia, vela)
    perna , joia, vela , cabelo
    clico e escrevo no Word (cabelo)

    para garantir eu repito a sequencia

    , perna, joia, vela,cabelo, vinho, sapato, ...

    assim ja estou + ou - pronto para lembrar , vejo o ultimo , respondo e coloco na lista.


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    Daily quests

    What are the wine bottles for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    What are the wine bottles for?
    And how do I get to them? I can’t find them

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