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Thread: Fap CEO

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    So about the new empowering mechanins.. i'm getting some rewards as ''new email thread'' but nothing happens with any girl.. why that?

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    I think they just rehashed some old event rewards. You also get Dita the Model costume early on, but I already had that from an event.

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    When are these gains weeks, usually?
    I have no CEO items and with the last change to income and needing to reach level 10k to sell, I'm in a bad way since I don't have all the skill trees maxed out, or all the decorations at high enough levels (missing 3 as well, sadly one of them is the base cost one). I was just spamming sells at 7k~ to get shares to try and finish getting all the decos, but now I'm stuck at level 83 and I think my skill points are allocated poorly too.

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    Level up chairs as much as you can, they will give you a large boost, and if you're well along, all they really cost is time.

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    Well with the tournament up it looks like 30k is indeed the new threshold for the best reward...which gives fewer gems than the old best reward. On the bright side empowered chairs seem to improve exponentially as you level them, so that 30k might not be as impossible as it sounds.

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    Does anyone know the max total levels that each chair can gain now?

    I was upgrading chair 11 and at some point it turned from bronze to silver, but I really wasn't paying attention at which point it changed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShadowFTL View Post
    Game become more and more like p2w. If 30k tournament gives only 250 gems, so at 15k it will gives 125, its twice less then before. Chairs nerfed and shares too.

    All progress i did before now get pushed back by this changes. We must progress to stay at one point with such updates.

    And events becomes much harder. Etc etc. Looks like game will be dead for me soon with some similar patches.
    They say they re-balanced the chair multiplier but no.#11 chair gives almost 90% income still now......just the leveling #11 became harder it gives less level for higher money upgrade needed. They made it easy for other chairs to level up so it somewhat balance out each other but the income reduced significantly .[before with in 2 mins 18500 was like child's play but now 17000+ takes like 5 mins and to level up 18000 takes around 2 to 3 hrs play or 1 day of offline time]

    Shares decreased but not much after upgrading chairs it may reach higher than expected in few days so do the total level up .

    But one thing that concerns that is the scraps that recycled is limited now i'm at lvl 22 chair but scraps needed is in 1000s so in long run everyone will stuck if they don't farm the keys ...

    Keys drop rate increased but not much almost similar droppings after upgrading may be little faster but not much still takes few hours to get max. keys.

    It was expected to get Nerfed after some time but it nerfed too much in tournaments for 1 or 2 weeks after that everyone will get more levels after upgrading chairs so some will lose few rubies for few tournaments .

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    You're all FIRED. Guest

    Angry They f***ed it.

    This is awful!

    Before the update I could get 14K levels in a tournament fairly easily, netting 200 rubies a week. Now I can't even get half that.
    This seems like it's getting out of hand. Making good progress after months of grinding and finally getting near the top level rewards only to be pushed back. Absolute dog s**t.

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    Sigh, 30K for fewer rewards it is. That's busted. Spending 50 boosters, I could just barely push to 20K. The chair multiplier helps, I've pushed to chairs to lv27 so far, but 30K in tournament is very, very far off.

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    Don't forget that keys = gems and the tournament rewards give a lot more keys now

    Just level up the chair for a little while and you'll get better numbers than before

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