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Thread: Fap CEO

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    Logged in after letting an 8 hour epic mission finish offline, only to find that the mission was gone, and there was no reward. Good luck finishing anything with this buggy mess.

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    I have experienced the two situations. One time a finished the mission offline and claimed later with no problem. Then i started another mission and thought it was ok to finish offline.... but when i logged it was gone. So yeah its strangely buggy.

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    So far no problem on my side with the missions

    Hi all,
    I read the mixed comments about the issue so I deliberately tried out claiming missions late.
    I claimed an 1 hr mission 6hrs later and it worked fine, and also I claimed an 8hr mission after an overnight sleep and it also worked for me.
    In both cases I wasn't online. (even the browser wasn't open)

    The mission you do is listed at the very bottom of that window with the 'finish' button changing into a 'claim' button.

    So I think the bug must come from somewhere else. (i was thinking on a mission reset sometime during the day, but that's not it, the other missions were swapped)
    So as far as I know there is no need to force yourself to stay online (but that doesn't mean i discredit others bad experience, other bugs might cause you lose the progress)

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    it might be a case of leaving the game right after accepting the mission instead of waiting a minute. i've had many times where i've left right after making any change (leveling a girl, buying/selling stock, etc) where it would revert me to just before those changes. im guessing it saves every 15-30 seconds or so as i've had no problems when i've waited a minute ish (about one song loop).

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    I always press F5 to force the game to sync before quitting. That still didn't help, my mission was removed with no rewards.

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    Someone can tell me what is the max level for all decos?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    Someone can tell me what is the max level for all decos?
    Most of them cap at 26.

    Stock Market caps at 6.

    Company Multiplier, Starting Money, Prestige Power, Shares, and the nine new ones that boost girls with specific attributes have no cap as far as I've seen.

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    How to get shares?

    Currently lv 133, have a 2k multiplier I use for my 11th that allows me to get a level done in just a couple minutes. Only thing I need now is to finish buying decorations which cost a ton of shares. Can someone explain how shares are calculated so i can maximize my shares i get. Also, what does company multiplier, prestige power actually do?

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    I have the Android version and I am unable to open the app. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling and restarting my phone. Does anyone have a solution?

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    Does anyone know how girls get multipliers? I see some of them do have a multiplier of 2.00 and some just 1.00. Is there a way to increase multiplier manually and if not, what is its change or value based on?

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