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    Password policy - "a" should not be acceptable

    Why is "a" an acceptable password...?

    I tried it during sign-up just to see if I could, since I didn't see any requirements. It was accepted. (Yes, I have of course changed my password since then.)

    I'm not suggesting something like a 20-character minimum (even though that would be a great minimum; randomized passwords from password managers are your friends, people!), but a 1-character minimum is slightly crazy.

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    That is probably because they expect us to have brain and make a strong password by ourselves without crazy restricting rules, considering we are (should be xD) 18+ adults

    Then again, let's say if i was to hack your account, what good would i have from it? I don't think it is possible to send gold as gift from one account to another. And playing your account, well, i'd rather experience game from start
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    OP means the passwords here, not the passwords for Nutaku.

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    I was not able to find any option within the forum software to be able to say what the password requirements should be.

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    Both are fair enough. Sorry, I didn't get an email about this thread updating. Either that or I deleted it without realizing. Anyway, it really is fair enough. The system assumes the people with important accounts (mods, etc) know what they're doing.

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