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    Too many Unregistered.

    Why this forum allows to write as unregistered? I think it's a bit stupid. I want to know who I'm talking to and if it's the same person.

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    I would agree with this on most forums, but R18+ erotic stuff is quite a delicate topic in current-day society, so I understand why some people would prefer to go by as unregistered here. It can get really confusing though.

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    This place was originally made as an extension of an anonymous board. Until the time comes where I have no choice but to disable it, then guest posting will be allowed.

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    Anons on an 18+ board - I thought making an account counts to help protect your privacy

    Well, shit Im not making any sense. I know one site has way more anons - Aigis Wikia (the Engl version)
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