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Thread: Nutaku-tan

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    What about a game featuring/adding to a game Nutaku-tan?

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    Not surprising that no one would want the uninteresting mascot in a game, specially since the only game that would probably add her is Harem Heroes since the developers do come to this forum.

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    I think the problem wouldn't be the mascot, it would be the content quality/quantity for Nutaku's other games.
    A whole plethora of games just got their chopping block notice. The last thing we need is the development of something half-baked taking up their time. They should just continue focusing on improving their service, communication with the players and content quantity/polishing the quality of the content we already have (TRANSLATIONS) before turning their attention to less important matters.

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    Crush Crush has their own version of her... that's the best you'll get

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